Jolene White
Broken Down Angel

Jolene White's debut CD is beautifully real. Filled with the ups and downs we all experience with relationships. Masterfully produced by Zak Cohen of The Woodworking Recording Studio. Jolene's CD easily places near the top of Vancouver Island releases. A regular performer at the Island Folk Festival, Jolene White has a show well worth catching. Did I mention she's related to Diamond Joe and Penny White. For Diamond Joe fans, Jolene offers a treat covering her Dad's song "Let Go of Me" with Joe singing backup. We look forward to more recordings from this talented singer-songwriter.

Kelly Burk
Perfect Windy Day

Released: 2000
Producer: Dave Davies
Recorded: GSC Records
Label: GSC Records Inc.


Kevin Mitchell All The Way

2006 marks the year Kevin's music and debut album "ALL THE WAY" hits the road across B.C. and Canada. Prairie born and raised, the acoustic roots music of Kevin Mitchell is now coming out on the west coast of Canada. Kevin writes, sings, and performs with guitar, mandolin, and harmonicas, in the vein of Alt Country meets Roots. Combine that with a strong sense of the blues and you get fast driving, fence-smashing rhythms that can stop on a dime, with a finger-picking style that plays like the band. Call it Canadian Alt-Country, Roots, or Folk - one thing is sure, it's unique, addictive, and quite different than anything you've heard before. "Rhythm is my mantra, it is like flying to me, and it has never let me down yet!" Kevin's contemporary brand of original Alt-Country is infectious and inspiring, and is catching the attention of music lovers wherever he plays. From the bingo halls of Moose-Jaw to the west coast clear-cuts, his songs inspire reflection and paint a unique Canadian perspective. Kevin gets your attention and keeps it, with a bold and commanding style that gets down to the roots!
It began on the bald headed prairies, when at the age of 12 he was given an ancient guitar and was booked in for lessons at Sigs Guitar Studio in Regina, Sask. The decision to take music seriously began later in life, when a move to northern Saskatchewan immersed him into the local folk scene, where live music was a daily ritual, and large musical circles went far into the night. He mentored under the many talented musicians in the area, like Humphrey & The Dumptrucks and Crooked Creek, discovering the gift of acoustic dynamics and performance.
After years of fronting various dance bands on Denman island B.C, Kevin has taken some time to launch his solo career. Now as a solo artist, Kevin has taken these gifts to a new level, communicating passionately with his own voice and style. He plays a variety of venues on Vancouver Island, and is in the process of booking B.C tours and festivals. hoping to get wider exposure with music fans and the music industry. His early musical influences include Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, Muddy Waters, and The Rolling Stones, among others. His sound lies somewhere between Fred J Eaglesmith, John Hiatt, Lyle Lovett and Jack Johnson. He communicates his music confidently, with humor and passion, on the highest caliber of handcrafted instruments, and with the help of his 'Boss Loop Station', Kevin is able
to feature his lead playing in his solo performance, giving it a full multi-dimensional flavour.
It is just a matter of time before his new CD, "ALL THE WAY" lands in your CD player, and it may be hard to get them out of your head once you hear them! But hey, music speaks louder than words, so check out the free music samples and more on this website and hear for yourself!

Kevin Mitchell - Guitars, Mandolin, Harmonica, Vocals Ken Clark - Bass Bob Grant - Drums Riki Gee - Fiddle Larry Hale - Sax Michelle Keir - BG Vocals PRODUCED BY Kevin Mitchell & Doug Biggs Recorded at The Jam Shack, DenmanIsland, B.C. Recorded and mixed by Doug Biggs Mastered by Richard Dolmat at DigitalSoundMagic, Surrey, B.C. All songs © 2005 Socan.

Linda Mcrae Cryin out loud

Leaving Spirit of the West may have been a hard decision, but as it turns out, it was a good one. Linda McRae continues to stretch her wings and is developing into a helluva performer. It ain't just the pipes, which have always been impressive, but slowly it becomes clear that McRae has a knack for writing deliciously memorable rockin' twang. Surrounded by a crackerjack band that bring the material to life, McRae ups the excellent ante that the Sadies have started with their line of exceptional Canadiana. I am now standing, hand over heart, belting out the anthem!

© 2002 - John Sekerka

Nathan Tinkham
The Loom

"Over the past 20 years guitarist, writer and singer Nathan Tinkham has built himself a reputation as one of the finest country music collaborators in the west," wrote Peter North in the Edmonton Journal.

Since the early 70s, he has been known for his songs and inventive guitar playing with Ian Tyson, The Great Western Orchestra, Cindy Church and Quartette. Raised on the west coast, he was drawn to the cowboy ways of Alberta, and as it turned out, Alberta was drawn to him. The western guitarist of choice, Nathan has shared the careers of many of Canada's finest in his role as guitar man, all the while listening, learning and writing. He has had songs covered by Cindy Church, Quartette, Bill and Bonnie Hearne, Melanie, the Pointer Brothers, the Sheep River Rounders and others.

When you hear a Nathan Tinkham song, you may be meeting remarkable people, hearing the dark inside of a breaking heart, feeling the dusty heat of the desert, or listening to the courage of honesty. It takes all kinds of people and places to make the world go 'round, and Nathan has woven the lives he's encountered and the places he's been into small, but powerful stories in song.

Nathan Tinkham is an Alberta-bred singer and songwriter who has toiled for years behind the scenes, first as a member of Great Western Orchestra (where his popular Curly Bob story song originated); as well as working with Ian Tyson, and Cindy Church (including song input towards her progression into the Canadian group Quartette); and now has forged his way front and centre with his own solo album.
The Loom is a collection of 14 songs written or co-written by Tinkham - two songs (Alison Lives by the Big Bend and Hobo Girl) will be familiar to some as being previously recorded by Quartette.
Nathan Tinkham covers a wide range with his material - oldtime country, folk and country/blues are the prime sounds, a lot of it being an extension of sorts to the theme and concept of Ian Tyson's Cowboyography music. Several tracks stand out, none better than the story song South to Whitehorse, the gospel flavoured Get Thee Behind Me, and the picturesque title track, The Loom. The closest to a hardcore country hurtin' tune comes in Tonight, I Would Hold You. Tinkham also adds a bit of the Australian Outback feel in his instrumental arrangement of Red Haired Boy - the piece is introduced by a Didjeridoo...an instrument that may have just made its first appearance on a Cancountry album !!
Larry Delaney, Country Music News

Randy Bachman Any Road

Release Date: Sep 06, 1994
Record Label: Guitar Recordings
Contributing artists:Margo Timmins, Neil Young
Producer: Chris Waldman, Randy Bachman
Distributor: RED Distribution
Personnel: Randy Bachman, Neil Young (guitar, vocals); Margo Timmins, Callianne Bachman (vocals); Denise McCann (harmonica, background vocals); Jason Sniderman (keyboards); Richard Cochrane (bass, background vocals); Billy Rea "Crash" Chapman (drums, background vocals); Allan Wiebe, Lovie Eli (background vocals).
Recorded at Crosstown Studios, North Vancouver, Canada; Redwood Digital Studios, Redwood City, California; Vancouver Studios, Burnaby, Canada.

Sean Hogan

Accolades & Results from the first album SEAN HOGAN

1998 Ray Mcauley Memorial Horizon Award Winner of the BCCMA.

1997 Canadian Country Music Association's (CCMA) FIRST RECIPIENT OF the Independent Male Artist of the Year Award.

1997 Best Country Album nominee of the Pacific Music Industry Association's Awards '97

1997 Internationally acknowledged by Country Music News as one of the top 12 albums of 1996, making the #7 spot in Delaney's Dozen

1996 Winner of Best Male Vocalist and Best Original Composition in the BCCMA's "Talent on Tape Contest"


Some Comments from First album's MEDIA RESPONSE

"Gutsy", "Well produced", "Strong new country album"
Martin Melhuish, The Record

"Vocally powerful", "Aggressive approach to country makes this release radio friendly", "Real life approach to both writing and communicating his material", "Has a cutting edge that doesn't hide his vocal warmth"
Walt Grealis, RPM

"It simply jumped out of my disc player as one of the class debuts of the year!", "Sean Hogan has come on the Canadian country music scene with an amazing impact"
Larry Delaney, Country Music News

Shirley Rainone
Prairie Blue

Some Guy & a Newfie
Carry Me Home

Ed Anderson & Guy Massey







Vancouver Island's own Some Guy & a Newfie blend country, pop, and world music to create a unique flair of west coast folk. Their easy listening style of original music appeals to a variety of audiences. They enjoy playing in festivals, coffee houses, pubs and cafes. Guy Massey, who is originally from Vancouver, and Ed Anderson, who is originally from Newfoundland, bring their personal musical influences and their love of the coast to create a sound that is distinctly their own.

Steve Palmer From Here To Nashville

With more than 35 years experience as a working musician, you could call Steve Palmer a “road-survivor”. If so, he’s a thriving one- still playing live, still touring, and now starting on a new career as a songwriter with his first original CD , “From Here To Nashville”.
“The longer I keep doing this, the more I enjoy it. I’m like the Charlton Heston of folk singers -they’ll have to pry my guitar from my dead fingers. Still smoking, I hope”.
The CD (recorded in Edmonton) contains 8 catchy originals, probably best classified as Roots or Alt-Country. Backed by old friends and past members of various bands, the album has been getting airplay on university and alternate radio stations.
Sometimes compared to Hoyt Axton, Leonard Cohen, or John Prine, Steve lists Doc Watson, Mississippi John Hurt, and Fats Waller as major influences. “But I’m always listening to new stuff, Celtic (Dervish), Bluegrass (Jerusalem Ridge, John Reischman), or Jazz. I’ve got an album by an old friend, Nanaimo guitarist Pat Coleman, that totally amazes me.”
Originally set on a career as a guitarist, Steve suddenly became a singing guitarist when their teenage front man passed out in their first set at a frat party. “I discovered I had a memory for lyrics which has continued to this day. I know literally 100’s of songs, which has saved my life on more than one occasion.”
With summer tours planned for Western Canada and the Yukon, Steve has already appeared at several folk clubs in BC and Alberta as a warm up and as a feature performer, backing himself on 6 and 12 string guitars.