Gary Fjellgaard Believe In Forever

Gary Fjellgaard - 'Believe In Forever'. From the intimate theatre to the outdoor stage, Gary Fjellgaard effortlessly bridges the gap between country and folk, drawing his audience in with the magic of lyrical imagery. Stories and songs of wind swept prairies, rushing rivers, the working man, cowboy heroes and romance insinuate themselves in listener's hearts and minds with their sheer honesty and warmth all ringing true as the man himself. Uniquely Canadian, this prairie-raised west coast balladeer is a champion of vanishing values and frontier spirit. Gary's songs about lone horsemen riding through verdant valleys and along moonlit mountainside trails are not fabricated solely from his imagination. He keeps in touch with his roots riding in the Annual Kamloops Cattle Drive, and has entertained at Cowboy gatherings from Calgary to Tucson. After 25 years as a professional musician, with seven of his songs being picked as Song of the Year, Gary Fjellgaard looks back on hundreds of towns and cities, thousands of gigs, and hundreds of thousands of listeners who have been touched profoundly by his music. "He is a poet of the extravagantly good side of human spirit; breathtakingly sane and compassionate.

George Armishaw - Lonely


Gordon Carter
Rivers & Roads

Gordon’s debut CD "Rivers & Roads" has been a long time coming. The CD, produced by Doug Cox, was released in July 2005, and contains 13 self-penned tracks . It features some of BC’s finest musicians such as Daniel Lapp, Diamond Joe White, Tammy Fassaert and Sue Pyper.

Gordon Carter is a rare breed in this world. He writes from the heart and writes about his local heritage and homeland. He is the kind of songwriter that defies time. In this day of mass-produced music, his work stands up against the classic songwriters of our day. If we had a 2005 Woodstock, Gordon Carter would be there.

Haley Breedlove
This is me !



As a five year old, Haley Breedlove was in love with the sound of country music.                                                                           

Now, this beautiful young lady is well on her way, establishing her own style and passionately developing her talents.

Haley continues to study music with voice, songwriting, piano and guitar playing her main passions.

This passion and her talent and energy in entertaining her audience are evident every time she performs.

As a performer, Haley’s comfortable stage presence and voice have been recognized by Bill Buckingham, one of BC’s biggest country record producers. Haley’s debut album was released September 1st, 2006. The album ‘This Is Me’ has created quite a stir from those in the country music industry. You can download Haley’s tunes through ‘I Tunes’.

A caring and giving personality at a very young age, many charities have enjoyed Haley’s performances.  Her greatest personal commitment though is to impoverished children throughout the world and she sponsors a little girl from Mali, Africa through World Vision and plans to do a lot more for as many children as she possibly can.


 “Check out my website, listen to a song or two! Send me an email with your thoughts and suggestions, I would love to hear from you”.   luv haley




Bookings: 250.927.2445


Henry Locke
Edge of a Dream







BC born singer/songwriter Henry Locke first began strumming the guitar at age six. His first attempt at songwriting came at age 9 when he changed to words to Anne Murray’s hit song ‘Snow Bird’. In high school Henry played lead guitar in his first band, ‘Alter Ego'. Since then he has toured with bands such as Split Second, UROK2, and JC Freeway, winners of the 1982 BC Central Interior Battle of the Bands competition (held in Prince George BC). Henry currently performs live throughout Western Canada both as a solo act and with his band, 'Foul Play'.

Henry’s debut CD, EDGE OF A DREAM (released July 2002) has attracted the attention of listeners in Australia, Netherlands, Illinois, Hawaii, and throughout his home country of Canada. His song 'Rockin' On the Redline' received regular airplay in Illinois on Springfield's #1 talk radio station WTAX 1240 AM morning 'drivetime' show hosted by Don Jackson, aka;'One-Eyed Jack'. EDGE OF A DREAM reached the #2 spot on the CHLY 101.7 FM TOP 50 in August 2002.

Some of Henry's songwriting influences include Don Mclean (American Pie), Eric Clapton, Jim Croce, Van Morrison, Mark Knofler, Valdy, and Glen Fry.

Irene Jackson

"When we approached Dave to do the artwork, we had been messing around with a few ideas already as to how to approach the front cover...'Catnip', how the heck were we going to create THAT???

"We thought of the classic animated 'cat on a fence howling at the moon' idea, we took a zillion pictures of our cat, Picard, thinking maybe we'd get some ideas from that. But ultimately, we wanted something that would be upbeat to represent the feel of the title cut.

"What you always hear in discussions about album cover art is that they should reflect what's inside...well DUH! But it's true that you can't always judge a CD by its cover :-) Keeping this in mind, people have often described my music as a throwback to the 60's and 70's singer/songwriter styles of James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and others of that era. That's when the idea of giving the cover a 60's look came up. Dave went to the library and got a feel for colours and designs used in that time period from 'Life Magazine'. We also knew we wanted him to design a cat character...Dave has received many awards for his television animations over the years. If you live in the Vancouver/Victoria area, you'll often see his CHEK Television animations on station ID's!

And what's with the martini? Why, that's the 'people's catnip' :-) Doesn't music give YOU a buzz??"

Jeremy Walsh
Self-Titled Debut

A talented entertainer and songwriter in the tradition of Paxton and Guthrie, Jeremy Walsh draws from many different traditions of folk music including Celtic, Appalacian, French Canadian, Bluegrass, Irish, Maritime and Newfoundland. Produced by High McMillan of "Spirit of the West", "Self Titled Debut" follows Jeremy's successful stint as a key performer, vocalist and writer in the Canadian band "Scruj MacDuhk." While his music ranges from lilting celtic to furious folk rock, all is delivered with passion and a highly infectious energy. It's no wonder he has shared stages with Eileen Ivers, Lunasa, James Keelaghan, Dervish, The Paperboys and Great Big Sea.

Jerry Paquette
walkin' slow

a saltwater cowboy and sea farin' man....owner, operator of Raincoast Studio in Nanaimo, BC

Joe Charron Train Wreck on the Dance Floor

very rare only 2 left in stock

This Valley tunesmith applies the same passion, commitment and artistry to his music that he does to that finely hewn willow furniture that he fashions in his spare time. Strong vivid lyrics. Sturdy melodies. A robust voice to keep away the rain. They're more than just a good place to visit. Joe Charron builds songs you can live in.

"Joe Charron is a gifted story-teller with a strong clear voice and a worldly-wise view of human nature..."Times Colonist, Victoria B.C.
"...a novelist's eye for detail and the soul of a honky-tonk poet" Country Wave Magazine "Joe Charron show at he Opera House was mesmerizing...the line up for his CD was longer than the one at the bar" The Times, Gravenhurst Ontario
The Somenoes Sessions: Vol.1, 1997
Born in Winter, 1996
Train Wreck on the Dance Floor, 1994

Joe Stanton There You Go

Joe's debut CD "There You Go" features 14 original songs blending contemporary folk and country with instrumental guitar. Producer Geoff Gibbons assembled some of the finest musicians in Vancouver for this world class recording.