Myles Morrison
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Spontaneous Combustion
Made in Ucluelet

Myles Morrison  

                Guitar and Vocals. Born 1952, Montreal.

Myles toured Quebec with bands such as The Urge, Toff, Oz., Saratoga Reef and the Myles Morrison Band. He formed High Roads with Shawn McConnell on Vancouver Island. This band evolved into Spontaneous Combustion. Myles has played with, for, or the band backed up Big Moose Walker, Lefty Diz, Detroit Junior, Pauline Julienne, Tim Hazel, Hank Snow, Tom Waits, Michelle Pagliaro and John Lee Hooker.

            Movie sound track credits include Crossroads, Metcalfe X, and Reintegration One and Two.

            Influences; BB King, Freddie King, Johnny Winter, Peter Green, Otis Rush, Jimi Hendrix, E Clapton, J Beck, P Townsend, Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Ray Charles, Muddy Waters, Paul Butterfield, L Kotke, D Watson, M Haggard, Django Rheinhardt…

            Quote; “Music is a universal language”.



Paul Alexander

            Drums. Born 1974, Vancouver.

Paul toured Europe, Japan and North America with Terror of Tiny Town based in Vancouver.

            Paul has done recording session work on many albums including three with Tiny Town and one with Spontaneous Combustion. He also toured and recorded with Hissy Fit and Volty.

            Influences; Animal, Foo Fighters, Steve Gad, Buddie Rich, My Mother…

            Quote; “I like to hit the drums hard.



Shawn McConnell

            Bass. Born 1960, Salmon Arm.

Shawn played mostly keyboards before taking up bass with High Roads and Spontaneous Combustion.

            Shawn made his first electric instrument out of the familys’ “spare” radio.

            Influences; Jerome Jemmot, Bethoven, Freight Trains with a thousand cars…

            Quote, “The whole can be equal to more than the sum of its parts if it grooves”.



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Spontaneous Combustion


Made in Ucluelet




Clean Lyrics  100%

Singer/Songwriter – Myles Morrison



Single Release - 


“Eviserator”  - inspired by employment at a west coast fishing plant due to vehicle being stuck in first gear…




Soft Rock -    


“Peace In Our Time” - originally National Steel Guitar lap steel folk piece.


“You’re Gone”  - first girlfriend break up thing long ago in Montreal.


“Carry On” - six kids, wife and big dog on Vancouver Island…


“In The Morning Light”, –we made it, this is where we want to be.



Blues –


“Blues Rat” – written while performing as alter ego “Rat Johnson” in Montreal blues bars.


“What You Tryin To Do” – gotta move… west I guess.



Rock –


“Made In Ucluelet” – here we is.


“Higher” – bouncy.


“I’m Bad” – don’t forget I have six kids.


Available for Interviews –

Funny Big Moose Walker and Detroit Junior stories… Live studio play with band, parts of or solo.