Dennis Lakusta

Dennis Lakusta Suusa's Room

Dennis' fourth C.D., entitled " Suusa's Room ", was released in the fall of 2000.

Dennis Lakusta Journeyman

recorded at Magic Lab Studios in Surrey, BC.

Dennis Lakusta Crow-child

rare and hard to find CD
"Crowchild" is Dennis's third recording and its emphasis is on the celebration of this country's distinct aboriginal culture, which includes the first nations, the Inuit and the Metis. The world as seen through the eyes of a child, is a theme that pervades much of Dennis's work. The title track from "Crowchild" best represents the spirit of this album. Included on this CD are some of Canada's top folk musicians. From Edmonton: Chris Smith, Shannon Johnson, Luann Kowaluk and Casey Peden. From Calgary: John Hyde and Dwayne Neufeld. From Vancouver Island: Ken Hamm, Tammy Fassaert and Nancy Taylor and from Ottawa: Ron Bankley.

Dennis Lakusta Zeitgeist 2012

 (Native American: Métis, Cree, Blackfoot)

Dennis Lakusta is a songwriter and folk guitarist from Alberta, Canada. Dennis, who likes to call himself a "gypsy", also draws from his Aboriginal / First Nations heritage, being a Métis man with Cree and Blackfoot ancestry, as well as French, Mexican and Ukrainian. He favours a 'Nomadic' lifestyle, and has been travelling the world. A prolific artist, Lakusta draws from his experience and his philosophies, celebrating such influences as: Native American Indian culture, ecology, childhood, trains (reflecting his years working for the Canadian Railway), portraits of friends, and social issues that he feels strongly about. The world as seen through the eyes of a child is also a theme that pervades much of Dennis's work. A good number of his songs weave in some First Nation (Amerindian) chanting. His concerts are laced with his caustic wit and earthy sense of humor. He credits his Cree ancestry, Monty Python and Jonathan Swift for his somewhat irreverent take on North American culture. Lakusta delights in lampooning the lunacy he witnesses, both in himself and in the crazy world around him. Whatever the theme, his laid-back style, relaxing voice and cosy guitar make his albums feel as comforting as a bowl of succotash by the fireside. Zeitgeist, 2012, was released in 2013.