Lisa Atkinson
A Few Words From Lisa: " I go into each performance expecting to have fun. I learn something from each audience. The more they want to participate the more fun we have. I started writing music for kids when I found out I was going to have my first baby, fifteen years ago. Too many in our society overlook the importance of children. Music is my gift to them. I want children to experience the joy of singing. I want to share songs to make them laugh, cry, think and remember."

Lisa Atkinson The Elephant In Aisle Four

Winner of 4 Awards
The Elephant In Aisle Four

Parent's Guide To Children's Media Award
Children's Web Award
Selected as Outstanding by The Parent Council
Film Advisory Board Award Of Excellence

Light hearted, playful songs about animals interwoven with themes of family and community. Song titles include: Puppy Kisses, Turn Off The TV, Katie The Kangaroo,  Something To Sing About, Wonderful Wiggly Worms, Butterfly and more.

Lisa Atkinson The One And Only Me

The One And Only Me
Selected as Outstanding by Parent Council®
A Gentle Wind Customers "Kids' Pick" Award

Here is lively, bouncy music to let YOUR "one and only me" kids know just how important they are.  Lisa uses her imagination to turn grocery stores and bathtub chores into cheerful family time. Ages 3-8
Includes: One More Try, The Clothesline Hop, Families Are Made Of Love, Myrtle The Turtle, The Grocery Store and more.

Lisa Atkinson I Wanna Tickle The Fish

I Wanna Tickle The Fish
Parents' Chioce Award
Abracadabra! There’s music in your day. These playful, bouncy songs are great for bath-time, "fish-tickling" or a musical march around the house. The sleepytime grand finale is perfect for snuggling down to rest with a smile and a song. Ages 2-6. Includes: You Can Be A Giant, The Marching Song, The Growing Song, and more.