Winter Harp

Winter Harp is a candlelight concert of words and music celebrating the winter and Christmas seasons. Dozens of candles light the stage as musicians in medieval attire play harps, flutes, drums, bells and an assortment of rare 12th century instruments. Hand drums, tambourines and temple bells provide the back drop for both traditional and well-loved carols.

The group’s focus is the unique and hauntingly-beautiful integration of the world’s three oldest instruments (harps, flutes and percussion) with rare medieval instruments, poetry and song.

Unique instruments include the ethereal-sounding bass psaltery (the only one in the world), and the medieval organistrum and nyckelharpas.

Winter Harp features poet Alan Woodland, classical harpist Jill Whitman, Celtic harpist and singer Lori Pappajohn, medieval instrumentalist Joaquin Ayala, percussionist Lauri Lyster, flutist Kenichi Ueda and child performers Emilie Whitman and Shylo Sharity.

Last year, many of the ensemble’s concerts sold out. It is suggested you buy your tickets early to avoid disappointment.

Said The Province newspaper about Winter Harp:
"It’s an enrapturing event that plucks at your heart strings."

CBC Radio's Jurgen Gothe said:
"Winter Harp’s annual Christmas concerts are a treat."


Winter Harp

Described as "a journey into the heart of winter" the CD features well-known Christmas music as well as rare and beautiful medieval carols. From the haunting sounds of the organistrum and psaltery to dynamic, rhythmic carols featuring the whole ensemble, this is a CD not to be missed. Celtic, Spanish and classical harps, flutes, cello, medieval instruments, percussion and voice.

This CD was named one of the top 10 CDs of Christmas 1999 by The Georgia Straight newspaper.

Winter Harp
Harp Dance

Nominated for a prestigious Westcoast Music award, Harp Dance features some of Winter Harp's most popular pieces including the rhythmic desert piece Caravan, and the fiery Baroque Flamenco.

On this CD, Celtic dances mix with music from afar to create an exotic and upbeat collection. Superbly produced, Harp Dance features breath-takingly beautiful arrangements and evocative performances. From the ethereal sounds of the medieval instruments to the exotic mixtures of tabla and Celtic harps, the album will transport listeners to other times and places. Features harps, percussion, bass, voice and medieval instruments.

Winter Harp
Words and Music

1 used cd in (near new) condition

A recording of some of Winter Harp's best-loved stories, poems and songs, featuring narrator Alan Woodland. Curl up by the fire and let this CD bring you the warmth of the Christmas spirit.

Winter Harp
Christmas Night

Winter Harp members spent considerable time researching music for this album -- to find beautiful, rarely-heard carols which they recorded intermingled with well-loved favorites. The album opens with a haunting Celtic ballad. The spirited song relates the legend of three mysterious ships that appear on the sea on Christmas Day. The album closes with a centuries-old Gaelic melody about a magical star-lit Christmas night. Throughout the album, medieval, Spanish and Celtic carols mix with all-time favorites such as God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, The Huron Carol and What Child is This? From dance-like Basque carols, to haunting lullabies, this is Yuletide music at its best.