Chisholm, John
Over the past fifteen years John has been a staple on the mid-island music scene, working primarily as an engineer/producer, multi-instrumentalist sideman and general aid to the songwriter or performer. Along the way he created and taught a songwriting course with Malaspina University Community Education and with his Meatshop Productions, has lent his abilities as a golden-eared mix engineer and all-round studio whiz to the task of recording many local artists. As a player (guitar, vocals, drums/percussion, bass, keys) he has gigged with diverse bands and solos; e.g. Island, Kelly Crowe, Wild Card, Working Stiffs, Myu & Swann, David Brown, Freewheelin Frank.

John's own c.d. releases offer a combination of groove-oriented funky, trippy, rockers and hits of pure sonic lusciousness that take the form of the c.d. beyond just a collection of songs or a 'concept' to the status of a novella or perhaps an alternate world. Waking Up Foreign deals with self-image and transformation and Looking For An Author is John's Canadiana album and tells a tale permeated with romantic and historical confusion.

John Chisolm
Waking Up Foreign

John Chisholm
Looking For An Author