Stuart, Fiona

Fiona Stuart Songs For Mona Lisa

Fiona Stuart, originally with the group Mosaic, releases her solo cd.

Mosaic A Little Company

very rare cd

Fiona Stuart and Jerry Ellins, a Nanaimo based musical duo, combining melodious harmony with guitar, djembe drum and flute. The pair played together for about 5 years and performed at folk venues in Nanaimo, Gabriola Island, Protection Island, Duncan, Courtney, and Victoria. From the diversity of Toronto's Yorkville scene to Nagana, Japan, Fiona and Jerry combine to bring the audience a 'mosaic'.

        Known for their resonating harmony, Fiona's voice is as strong as that of Joan Baez and as sweet as Judy Collins, while Jerry's is reminiscent of Stephen Stills and Valdy. Both are songwriters and you'll want to sit up and listen to this cd.


Yiddenes Nice Jewish Girls On The Main

"Montreal's Yiddish Girl-group"
Founding members Tziporah Rivke (Fiona Stuart), and Tsibele (Carolyn Shaffer) met at the jewish Public Library's Yiddish Cafe night in 2004 and were joined by violinst Yidl/Bobby Jo (Ingrid Wissink) in 2006. The Yiddenes play traditional Ashkenazi (Eastern European Jewish) folk songs as well as American Yiddish show tunes from the early to mid 20th century. In and around "Meyn Strit" (St. Laurent street in Montreal), the band finds strong Jewish roots from which to draw inspiration. Much is now in the realm of memory-- Simcha's pickles, Warshaw's, and some historical spots still remain "The Main" rib and steak restaurant, the popular shwartzes and the Bagg Shul (synagogue) are still holding down the fort. Meanwhile the Yiddenes answer Carolyn's grandmother's question: "What's a nice Jewish girl doing living on the main?" with a song and a twinkle in the eye.

Fiona Stuart: vocals, guitar,accordion, has been singing in Yiddish from a young age. Her other recordings include: Mosaic's turning Points, and Solo C.D.s "Songs for Mona Lisa", and "The Secret voice of Mona Lisa"

Carolyn Shaffer: back vocals, accordion. Grew up in Ottawa, she also plays with the klezmer band Balebuste in Montreal.

Ingrid Wissink: violin, back-vocals. Grew up in Moncton, New Brunswick and studies violin in Quebec City. Now living in Montreal, she plays in orchestras, and with the group Wet Nose Hero.