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Christine Evans
Take Me Home (single)

"Take Me Home" is a sensitive narrative about feeling alone and isolated. It is driven by a powerful melody and Christine's heartfelt vocal. "Time For Me" has an even more addictive pop hook launching another insightful lyric about being free and independent. As Evans explains, the song's strong messege is I can make it without some guy. Includes Bonus DVD and French version of the Single

Kristine Oudot
Texada Tides

Beautiful harmonies blended together, carry you into scenes of life on a small coastal island in British Columbia, Canada. Kristine Oudot is a folk singer-songwriter living with her family on Texada Island, BC where she has fallen in love with the Coast and composed 12 beautiful songs for her first CD. Songs such as the Call Of The Loon set at a pristine lake, Wings To Fly, a song of hope, Journey Of Joy for her children and the title song Texada Tides, for the rhythm of the ocean at her doorstep are examples of this recording of beauty and joy. This collection of original songs is beautiful folk music from the West Coast of BC. ….. "Texada Tides contains local gems of wisdom but also feelings of a wider world. Deeply rooted to the island, Kristine's lyrics and music reflect the calmness and peace which she has absorbed by living here. She writes about what she knows, Love, people, nature, beauty and God. Folk music or easy listening, her music defies categorization. Songwriting is therapy, release for her creativity and imagination. Like all good artists, she has a lot to give." …… Brin Wilson, 'Arts Scene', "Powell River News"

Linda Mcrae Cryin out loud

Leaving Spirit of the West may have been a hard decision, but as it turns out, it was a good one. Linda McRae continues to stretch her wings and is developing into a helluva performer. It ain't just the pipes, which have always been impressive, but slowly it becomes clear that McRae has a knack for writing deliciously memorable rockin' twang. Surrounded by a crackerjack band that bring the material to life, McRae ups the excellent ante that the Sadies have started with their line of exceptional Canadiana. I am now standing, hand over heart, belting out the anthem!

© 2002 - John Sekerka

Mae Moore Funny

CD (April 23, 2002)
Original Release Date April 23, 2002

Marcelle Nokony
No Strings Attached

Style: Classical
Released: 2000
Producers: Marcelle Nokony & Dave Davies
Recorded: GSC Records, Salt Spring Island & Magiclab, Surrey, B.C.

Label: GSC Records Inc.







Marcelle Nokony has played on stages across the United States, Canada, and Europe. She has played in symphony Orchestras, and at foot-stompin', kick-ass hoe-downs.

From a Lullaby to "Orange Blossom Special", Marcelle sizzles when she plays! The versatility of this extremely talented musician has to be heard to be believed. The image on the CD cover, in which the fiddle player is reflected in the mirror as a symphony violin player, is a perfect analogy of Marcelle's huge range of talents.

As a special treat, Valdy wrote and sings on Marcelle's arrangement of "Pachelbel's Canon"! This all-time favorite has been recorded dozens of times, but this is the first time it's ever been recorded with words!

For the purist, there's an instrumental version of this classic as well. There's something for everyone on this CD.

Melanie Hebert
moments to arise

Melanie Jane Hebert visits and performs on Vancouver Island annually. 2 of her songs " Tofino " and " Georgia Street Bus " were inspired by the beauty of the island and its people. Track 7 " Stumble " is dedicated to Ric Lafontaine. 

Melisa Devost







Melisa Devost is a singer/songwriter from Hornby Island BC. Her songs include soft fingerstyle ballads, fast acoustic grooves and straight up blues and gospel. Alone or with a rhythm section, when she sings it is powerful, genuine, and comes from someplace deep.

Click is Melisa Devost's debut album. Released in August of 2002, Click consists of six tracks, two of which were recorded live in Nanaimo and feature Ken Whiteley.

Overall, Melisa demonstrates the diversity of her talent and the evolution of her writing on this album.

Melisa began singing at a young age and was performing in musicals by the age of 8. She honed her skill studying classical voice in her teens. Soon after, she began exploring a variety of music to unlearn her classical training.

"I grew up listening to everything from cheesy pop to folk to punk to blues and jazz and I like it all. When I started singing the blues it felt like I had come home."
Living in Ireland, Melisa became interested in traditional Irish music and sang at many music sessions in pubs. It was around this time that she began to play guitar and write her own material.

She studied jazz at Malaspina College in Nanaimo where she was taught by Pat Coleman and Myron Makepeace. Melisa has also learned from people like Marc Atkinson, Ken Whiteley and Rick Fines. Despite all this, she still considers herself to be mostly self taught.

Melissa Hill
Across and Back

A Vancouver born musician with a Bachelor of music from U.B.C., witha major in piano performance, Melissa is a consummate professional with a style all her own. Already with one successful EP to her credit, and a full length album of original music, she is poised to take the Canadian music scene by storm.
Her music is a blend of standards and originals, largely influenced by the earlier styles of composers such as Gershwin, Porter, Ravel, Evans, Tyner and Hancock, all given a unique modern twist. Her vocal influences range from Holly Cole, to Cassandra Wilson, to Liz Wright, and Sarah McLachlan. She seamlessly weaves old and new to create her distinct sound.
A seasoned performer Melissa has entertained audiences across the globe with her unique blend of Jazz and Pop.
Her seasoned quintet consists of four Montr? based musicians with extensive experience in the music industry. From composing, to arranging, to producing, and with performances at major festivals around Canada, Europe, and Asia, these musicians have done it all. Her new album, "Across and Back" is truly a Pan-Canadian album, reflecting the wonderful diversity of this great nation.
Melissa Hill is a rising talent in the Canadian music scene. A woman destined for greatness, her music can be gentle or powerful, simple or complex, but no matter what, it is always unforgettable.

Merisa Donoghue
Finally Come Home

Michelle Ross
HeartBody & Soul
Healing, Meditation & Sound

I recorded this CD with the intention of helping people take charge of their healing and growth,  to provide a useful ‘tool’ for experiencing more of what you want, i.e. health, wellness, peace, harmony, joy, & love.  Teaching others how to feel good,  sharing some of what I’ve learned along the way and increasing my own experiences of well-being in the process.

Change and wellness come from within.  I am the source of all that I think, feel and experience,  whether I judge it to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’.   In other words,  I am the source of everything that shows up in my life, (good & bad.)  Everything and everyone else is a mirror, (for me anyways), of what is going on inside of me, (what I am vibrating, i.e. love or fear.)  The best way I know to help make a difference in the world and what I am experiencing, is to get busy ‘feeling good’.  It is through my ‘feeling good’ that I create more of the same around me, rippling ‘feeling good’ out into the world.  It is my desire that everyone who listens to my CD ‘feel good’.  I hope you do too.


With love & gratitude,

Michelle Dianne Ross

Reiki Master –Teacher

HeartBody & Soul Healing Centre


email: heartbody@shaw.ca