Tinkham, Nathan

Nathan Tinkham
The Loom

"Over the past 20 years guitarist, writer and singer Nathan Tinkham has built himself a reputation as one of the finest country music collaborators in the west," wrote Peter North in the Edmonton Journal.

Since the early 70s, he has been known for his songs and inventive guitar playing with Ian Tyson, The Great Western Orchestra, Cindy Church and Quartette. Raised on the west coast, he was drawn to the cowboy ways of Alberta, and as it turned out, Alberta was drawn to him. The western guitarist of choice, Nathan has shared the careers of many of Canada's finest in his role as guitar man, all the while listening, learning and writing. He has had songs covered by Cindy Church, Quartette, Bill and Bonnie Hearne, Melanie, the Pointer Brothers, the Sheep River Rounders and others.

When you hear a Nathan Tinkham song, you may be meeting remarkable people, hearing the dark inside of a breaking heart, feeling the dusty heat of the desert, or listening to the courage of honesty. It takes all kinds of people and places to make the world go 'round, and Nathan has woven the lives he's encountered and the places he's been into small, but powerful stories in song.

Nathan Tinkham is an Alberta-bred singer and songwriter who has toiled for years behind the scenes, first as a member of Great Western Orchestra (where his popular Curly Bob story song originated); as well as working with Ian Tyson, and Cindy Church (including song input towards her progression into the Canadian group Quartette); and now has forged his way front and centre with his own solo album.
The Loom is a collection of 14 songs written or co-written by Tinkham - two songs (Alison Lives by the Big Bend and Hobo Girl) will be familiar to some as being previously recorded by Quartette.
Nathan Tinkham covers a wide range with his material - oldtime country, folk and country/blues are the prime sounds, a lot of it being an extension of sorts to the theme and concept of Ian Tyson's Cowboyography music. Several tracks stand out, none better than the story song South to Whitehorse, the gospel flavoured Get Thee Behind Me, and the picturesque title track, The Loom. The closest to a hardcore country hurtin' tune comes in Tonight, I Would Hold You. Tinkham also adds a bit of the Australian Outback feel in his instrumental arrangement of Red Haired Boy - the piece is introduced by a Didjeridoo...an instrument that may have just made its first appearance on a Cancountry album !!
Larry Delaney, Country Music News

Undertakin' Daddies
Post Atomic Hillbilly

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"The group creates some marvellous country/folk/bluegrass/roots music here, led by Kevin Barr’s crusty vocals, some great acoustic accompaniment and some amazing diversity in the material presented."
Larry Delaney, Country Music News April 2001
"****1/2 The land of the midnight sun is shining bright on one of the most accessible bluegrass/traditional country bands on the market."
Larry Pynn, Vancouver Sun, July 2001

"…a critical hit, pure vintage country music, real country music-dusty and soulful…the Undertakin’ Daddies offer up fun, fast live music that borrows from the past and has fun with the future."
Kennedy Gordon, Sudbury Star, May 2001

The Undertakin’ Daddies are a foursome based in Whitehorse, Yukon. Comprised of Kevin Barr (lead vocals, guitar, and bass), Bob Hamilton (vocals, mandolin, bass), George McConkey (vocals, harmonica/guitar), and Nathan Tinkham (dobro, lap steel).

The group first got together to play at Frostbite 2000 and began recording shortly thereafter. The album Post Atomic Hillbilly includes legendary Calvin Vollrath as guest musician on fiddle.

The Undertakin’ Daddies play music based in country and bluegrass traditions. Post Atomic Hillbilly is filled with material covering mine disasters, hobos living in boxcars, and people perishing in the river. Growing up on radio of the 50’s, fraught with references to the bomb, God, and honkeytonks, the Undertakin’ Daddies write songs that reflect the darker side of life. Even their group name pays homage to the morbid content many of their songs convey, in the tradition of the Appalachian murder ballad.

Kevin Barr comes to hillbilly music through the country side of things, and Bob Hamilton through his love of bluegrass. As principle writers, they have played together with George McConkey in various incarnations in the Whitehorse music scene over the last ten to fifteen years. Nathan Tinkham’s previous musical affiliations include the Great Western Orchestra, and as guitarist for Ian Tyson and Cindy Church. 

Christmas Dream, A Valdy, Gary Fjellgaard, Nathan Tinkham, Saskia Munroe

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A Christmas Dream CD is a unique collaboration featuring 11 original and traditional Christmas songs from legendary Canadian musicians Valdy and Gary Fjellgaard, B.C. singer/songwriters Nathan Tinkham and Saskia Munroe and songwriter Darrel Delaronde. Created to raise money for B.C. food banks, the recording presents a musical feast that is destined to become a Christmas classic.

Nathan Tinkham - guitar, dobro & vocals

Valdy - guitar,bass & vocals

Gary Fjellgaard - guitar & vocals

Saskia Munroe - bass & vocals

Krista Stovel - vocals


Sylvia Tyson, Caitlin Hanford, Cindy Church and Colleen Peterson 

This Super hard to find CD is still in the original shrink wrap in BRAND NEW condition.

Here's the scoop : 14 songs, released on Denon Canada label (yep - the same folks who manufacture media products - wasn't widely distributed originally and it's not widely available now) - Kind of a supergroup from some amazing Canadian folk performers: The members of Quartette are: Sylvia Tyson, Caitlin Hanford, Cindy Church and Gwen Swick (replacing the late Colleen Peterson).
Quartette's debut CD, review - "a 'must listen' for the wonderful blend of voices. Since their first appearance at Toronto's Harbourfront venue in the summer of 1993, Quartette has quickly become one of the most electrifying collaborations on the Canadian music scene. The four women combine formidable individual talents into an astonishing whole. The soaring harmonies and unique arrangements create a musical mosaic with flavours of R& B, swing, Cajun, bluegrass, and gospel, all solidly rooted in traditional country music."