Walker, Graham

Graham Walker CATS' NIGHT OUT

On everyone's list as one of the very best kids CDs available. It's a happy storyland set to jazz, jigs, rock and reggae. Graham's first CD, it has become a big hit with over 50,000 sold.
"A wonderful collection of songs. Your kids will LOVE this album!
... Island Parent Magazine, Victoria B.C.

Graham Walker JUMPETY JUMP






A very lively, upbeat CD that combines original tunes with new versions of some traditional favourites, plus a story. Graham's imagination and friendly voice create a joyful world that kids and adults love to share. "Like a box of musical chocolates ... something yummy in every song!"
Most highly recommended!" ... West Coast Music Review"

Graham Walker Knobbledee Knees

Eleven more of Graham’s imaginative and lively tunes, plus a story. This album features rich production and excellent musicianship that adults will enjoy as much as the kids. (Ages 3 to 8 yrs)

Graham Walker Fiddlesticks

FIDDLESTICKS is Graham's new CD released in 2005