Henry Locke
Edge of a Dream







BC born singer/songwriter Henry Locke first began strumming the guitar at age six. His first attempt at songwriting came at age 9 when he changed to words to Anne Murray’s hit song ‘Snow Bird’. In high school Henry played lead guitar in his first band, ‘Alter Ego'. Since then he has toured with bands such as Split Second, UROK2, and JC Freeway, winners of the 1982 BC Central Interior Battle of the Bands competition (held in Prince George BC). Henry currently performs live throughout Western Canada both as a solo act and with his band, 'Foul Play'.

Henry’s debut CD, EDGE OF A DREAM (released July 2002) has attracted the attention of listeners in Australia, Netherlands, Illinois, Hawaii, and throughout his home country of Canada. His song 'Rockin' On the Redline' received regular airplay in Illinois on Springfield's #1 talk radio station WTAX 1240 AM morning 'drivetime' show hosted by Don Jackson, aka;'One-Eyed Jack'. EDGE OF A DREAM reached the #2 spot on the CHLY 101.7 FM TOP 50 in August 2002.

Some of Henry's songwriting influences include Don Mclean (American Pie), Eric Clapton, Jim Croce, Van Morrison, Mark Knofler, Valdy, and Glen Fry.

Hugh Fraser/Jean Touissant Quartet
Back to Back

CD (September 1, 1998)
Original Release Date: September 1, 1998
Label: Jazz Focus







Artists: Hugh Fraser (piano, trombone), Jean Toussaint (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone), Arnie Somogyi (bass),Keith Copeland (drums)

Jack Connolly
Open Stage

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Michael Bhatti bass on tracks 4 & 10
Ben Butler guitar-case percussion on “Hoochie Coochie Man”
Bob Campbell drums
Jack Connolly acoustic & electric guitars and vocals
Brent Hutchinson alto sax
David K. bass on all tracks except 4 & 10. National guitar on “Sonny”
Daniel Lapp violin
Scott McCrady harmonica

"I was thoroughly impressed by [Jack Connolly's] lyrical intelligence, musical ability, and . . . stage presence. Connolly's original compositions shine."

Toby Nilsson,Cosmic Debris, April 2002

"The 12-song disk moves seamlessly through [Connolly's] repertoire of stage-tested originals. . . with a pair of covers paying homage to influences Carlos Santana and blues legend Willie Dixon. Weaving his"folky/bluesy" style into what co-producer K. coined "acousti-pop" Connolly proves why he has garnered the kind of attention he has since sharing the stage with folk icon Valdy at the age of 12. The songs range from heart-wrenching ballads like "Sonny" to the straight ahead 12-bar blues number "(Who's Gonna) Clean Up This Mess?" Tunes like "Waiting for the Call" and "A Touch of Grace" show the song-smith's advanced ability to tell a good story delivered with confidence and control."

The Pictorial, 8 July 2001

Jeff Agopsowicz
Silent Partner

An exciting recording by this Victoria-based trombonist. 10 original arrangements by Jeff Agopsowicz and Bruce Hurn.
With Jeff Agopsowicz - trombone, Bruce Hurn - trumpet, Ross Taggart - piano, Mike Herriott - Bass, Bernie Arai - drums, Sandy Gordon - alto sax.

Jeremy Fisher Back Porch Spirituals

Jeremy Fisher grew up in a small Canadian steeltown where music is a tradition carried out late at night in the kitchens and living rooms of its working-class people. His music resonates with the honesty of those roots and the spontaneity of his lifestyle, creating a sound that is at once familiar and unique.

In his early twenties, Jeremy incorporated his fascination with the human condition and love for bicycles and decided to pedal to the end of any road he could find.

Since then he has clocked thousands of miles and kilometers across the U.S. and Canada, spanning the largest white sand beaches, to the smallest prairie towns, to the largest body of fresh water, and back again. His songs tell the stories of the people and places he has come to know along the way.

"Back Porch Spirituals", his solo debut, is a musical collection of his journal writings - a first-hand account of what it is like to trace the cultural outline of the true North American continent along its winding back roads. The recording features guest performances by Laura Veirs, who adds some tasteful 2nd guitar pars and lilting harmony vocals, and by Artis the Spoonman, who empties the kitchen sink to provide his trademark driving rhythm behind one of the album's livelier tracks.

For the most part it is Jeremy Fisher's lone voice, guitar, and harmonica that tell his stories in the tradition of John Prine, Woody Guthrie, and Stompin' Tom Connors, as he takes his place among a culture of troubadours whose music is kept alive in the living rooms, kitchens, and on the back porch steps of homes all across this land.

Jeremy Walsh
Self-Titled Debut

A talented entertainer and songwriter in the tradition of Paxton and Guthrie, Jeremy Walsh draws from many different traditions of folk music including Celtic, Appalacian, French Canadian, Bluegrass, Irish, Maritime and Newfoundland. Produced by High McMillan of "Spirit of the West", "Self Titled Debut" follows Jeremy's successful stint as a key performer, vocalist and writer in the Canadian band "Scruj MacDuhk." While his music ranges from lilting celtic to furious folk rock, all is delivered with passion and a highly infectious energy. It's no wonder he has shared stages with Eileen Ivers, Lunasa, James Keelaghan, Dervish, The Paperboys and Great Big Sea.

Jerry Paquette
walkin' slow

a saltwater cowboy and sea farin' man....owner, operator of Raincoast Studio in Nanaimo, BC

Joe Charron Train Wreck on the Dance Floor

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This Valley tunesmith applies the same passion, commitment and artistry to his music that he does to that finely hewn willow furniture that he fashions in his spare time. Strong vivid lyrics. Sturdy melodies. A robust voice to keep away the rain. They're more than just a good place to visit. Joe Charron builds songs you can live in.

"Joe Charron is a gifted story-teller with a strong clear voice and a worldly-wise view of human nature..."Times Colonist, Victoria B.C.
"...a novelist's eye for detail and the soul of a honky-tonk poet" Country Wave Magazine "Joe Charron show at he Opera House was mesmerizing...the line up for his CD was longer than the one at the bar" The Times, Gravenhurst Ontario
The Somenoes Sessions: Vol.1, 1997
Born in Winter, 1996
Train Wreck on the Dance Floor, 1994

Joe Stanton Passenger Stanton

released in 2004

John Bottomley

John sets fables to music; concise short-stories that evoke a wide range of times, places, and sensual experiences. John Bottomley has a great voice. That stands out throughout this CD. He has a distinctive manner in which he phrases his lyrics. The CD itself is good. A fine mix of folk-rock with pop. Bottomley wears his influences on his sleeve (John Lennon, Neil Young, Dylan). In fact the opening track "The River" borrows heavily from Lennon's "Old Dirt Road." He does manage to use such influences to create his own sound. He writes interesting lyrics that demand attention in a very subtle way. An example of this is heard with the song "You Lose and You Gain" (the clear highlight of the set). Utilizing great production and arrangements, Bottomley makes it sound so real and personal that it is almost uncomfortable for the listener. The song is sheer brilliance (co-written with producer David Kershenbaum). Overall, it is a creative and ambitious album well worth investigating for fans of '70s folk-rock with a '90s sound.