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Spiral Spirit

Keith Baker

Tumbara Bio


Tumbara is music for the soul. Tonally rich earthy grooves mix authentic world drums and percussion with didjeridoo and ethereal flutes. Instruments from Africa, Australia, Tibet, the Middle East, Native and South American unite through tracks that organically blend hypnotic tribal rhythms and meditative, textural sounds into a rich listening experience. Tumbara’s music, alive and infectious, is also humble and healing, great for yoga meditation and movement. Renowned Vinyasa flow yoga instructor, Shiva Rea, includes several selections on her compilation CD Shakti Rhythms and subsequent DVD release called Yoga Shakti. This West Coast inspired music transcends our cultural diversity by celebrating the spiraling one spirit within us all.


Tumbara’s debut album, Spiral Spirit, features Keith Baker on drums and percussion who also takes the creative lead with writing, production and mixing. The album also introduces Sky on flutes, Laurie Keating on didjeridoo and Bob Brown adding more drums and percussion. The sound is open and explorative, a uniting of rhythm and melody inspiring one to surrender to the moment. Its energy is organic and flowing, offering trance tracks like ‘River Zen’ and ‘Sombrio Spirit’, tribal grooves of ‘Duality’ and the spacious tranquility of ‘Om Peace’. Serious enjoyment. 


Hazart Inayat Khan wrote “music is the language of the soul, and for people of different cultures to unite there is no better way than music. For music not only unites people to each other, but people to the one spirit”.  Tumbara’s music aims to inspire our cultural unity through openhearted musical expression, bringing together players and instruments as one spirit….celebrating the diversity.

Mother and Child

Carol Anne Hilton
recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave Vollrath at Living Water Music Studio, Saltspring Island, BC