Joe Charron

Joe Charron Train Wreck on the Dance Floor

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This Valley tunesmith applies the same passion, commitment and artistry to his music that he does to that finely hewn willow furniture that he fashions in his spare time. Strong vivid lyrics. Sturdy melodies. A robust voice to keep away the rain. They're more than just a good place to visit. Joe Charron builds songs you can live in.

"Joe Charron is a gifted story-teller with a strong clear voice and a worldly-wise view of human nature..."Times Colonist, Victoria B.C.
"...a novelist's eye for detail and the soul of a honky-tonk poet" Country Wave Magazine "Joe Charron show at he Opera House was mesmerizing...the line up for his CD was longer than the one at the bar" The Times, Gravenhurst Ontario
The Somenoes Sessions: Vol.1, 1997
Born in Winter, 1996
Train Wreck on the Dance Floor, 1994

Joe Charron Born In Winter

Joe Charron The Somenos Sessions:Volume1

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