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Alicken hue Tidal Treasures

Alicken hue" is a Vancouver Island acoustic, multi-instrumental duo writing and performing their original music with a Celtic / Contemporary Roots Fusion interpretation. Drawing inspiration from life on the island and west coast, their songs reflect their lives and their passion to play music. The name Alicken Hue is derived from their names ... Alice Cebuliak (born on the west coast of Vancouver Island) & Kenny Brault (an Albertan). Both  reside in Nanaimo.  Playing and writing together for 17 years, they continue to pursue their musical journey on the Island. Alice (born on the westcoast side of the island)has a strong passionate voice and plays a 6 string, 12 string, and open-tuned guitars, pennywhistle & an Irish/Native Drum.  Kenny's on mandolin and bass. (They pack alot of hardware)

 "Celtic doesn't begin to describe the sweetness of Ali's voice nor the originality of her lyrics"  the Harbour City Star

Alison Vardy

solo celtic harp


Music from the shores of Clayoquot Sound








Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water, The Bottomfeeders have released their inaugural CD, Waterview.
A compilation of lyrical, whimsical, wonderful ballads, Waterview 
has a little something for everyone, from harmonious vocals
to toe-tapping rhythms reminicent of maritime down-home folk.
     For those who enjoy browsing their CD liners while immersed in music, this one will keep you entertained for most of its 50 minutes;
some great photos, words to sing along to, and titles like (My Gal Left Me For A) Geoduck Clam, Spruce Bug, Drunkest Deckhand, and Gooseneck Barnacle Pickers.
    Waterview is the ultimate stocking stuffer for your loved ones. Decorate it with a clam shell and the promise of a clam dinner,and
they'll wonder no longer what mysteries lie at the bottom of the sea.

Marilyn McEwen - The Westerly News


... it's the album's diversity that makes it easily one of the biggest sleeper hits in recent indie memory. Graceful harmonies around Coral Palm in Wait Some More ... the tranquil image you instantly visualize around the traditional Canadian folk ballad The Jealous Lover ... make no mistake about it - these guys and gal are serious musicians, with the craftsmanship one naturally gains with music they love to play.

A fisherman's life couldn't be made out more eloquently, capturing one of the country's few 'roots musics'.   A refreshing splash of originality is just what Canadian music needed and The Bottomfeeders give you that splash - and all the fish tales that come with it. 


After years of harrassment from their fans,
the band entered the studio in the spring of 2001 and recorded their first cd, Waterview.
It was recorded at Sundog Studios, in Ucluelet, BC, except for the guitars and vocal of 'Estevan Reef' which were recorded in  John's living room in Tofino, BC in 1994, and the drum tracks which were recorded at Wireworks Digital, in Parksville, BC.
The recording was produced by The Bottomfeeders and Rob Thoms, who was also the recording engineer.
Mixing and mastering were done by Regan Myers and John Armstrong at Wireworks Digital.
Graphic design was done by Paul Harris and Bill Morrison at Word Works.

Brad Prevedoros
Celtic Moods

Classical guitar arrangements of many of the most well known Celtic folk melodies are combined with the tranquil sounds of ocean surf to create the perfect ambience for meditation and relaxation. Features Scarborough Fair, Danny Boy, Greensleeves, Wild Mountain Thyme, Skye Boat Song and more.

... a wonderful tranquil feeling ...
Wiccan Rede C.D. Review

Carsons .CA

"Celtic-Country" - smokin'fiddles, dynamic voices, young artists...

Welcome to the world of The Carsons, two amazingly talented entertainers. This brother & sister duo has already thrilled audiences worldwide, yet they are only in their teens! In their 8 years of performing, The Carsons have

Performed as official Canadian Ambassadors in Japan.
Performed as official Canadian Ambassadors in Thailand.
Performed on the Jerry Lewis Telethon in Hollywood.
Headlined the annual cultural festival in the Cayman Islands
Performed at '94 Commonwealth Games in Victoria, Canada
Performed at Vancouver, Seattle, Mission and Vancouver Island Folk Festivals, Merritt Mountain Music Festival, International Children's Festival, Calgary Stampede and many more.

Performed as featured guest artists with the Victoria Symphony Orchestra for numerous concerts playing fiddle and classical music.
Produced two CDs: Fiddle Fire and .CA

The Carsons have also enjoyed the privilege of sharing the stage with famous performers such as Brooks and Dunn, Prairie Oyster, The Irish Rovers, Ashley MacIsaac, Lisa Brokop, Rick Tippe, Sean Hogan, The Chieftans and Adam Gregory.

From performances of Celtic and traditional fiddle music, to new-country and pop hits, The Carsons' shows are magical. They love their audiences and that love is returned tenfold each and every performance. Tyler and Kendel's greatest passion is performing live! However, even through the eye of a camera they keep attracting new fans locally and internationally, as they are viewed on European, American and Canadian television.

"The Carsons' shows are exciting, energetic and fun. They know how to make an audience have a good time."

Celtic Chaos
Chaos in the Kitchen

all proceeds are for the BC Cancer Foundation

Celtic Chaos


 Celtic Chaos is band of traditional musicians from Qualicum Beach area.  The group consists of Dave Barta on accordion, Emma Beaton on cello, Joyce Beaton on fiddle and les pieds,  Jane Good on percussion, Gordon Lafleur on Irish wooden flute and penny whistle, Jayne Lapper on guitar and Thea Stavroff on percussion and vocals.


The band plays energetic reels and jigs from Scotland, Ireland and Cape Breton, mournful Gaelic airs, French-Canadian dance tunes, and Swedish and Appalachian tunes. Vocalist Thea Stavroff, with her powerful vocals, delivers traditional songs from Scotland and Ireland.


Their recently released  debut cd, Chaos in the Kitchen, has been well received. 

The cd sounds great and hats off to Emma (Beaton) for some stellar cello work. Very nice fiddling from Joyce (Beaton) and Trent (Freeman) and……..love Gordon (Lafleur)'s flute playing.” January, 2004.

Rodney Miller, renowned fiddler, composer and violin maker from New England.


"Nice to see a mix of ages...exceptional and unique use of cello with an authentic flavour. The group has a good, rhythmic catchy feel..... in music, "Groove" is everything, and Celtic Chaos has it!"

~ John Capon, Freelance Musician and Conductor  from Gabriola Island, B.C. , Jan 26, 2004.


“Fine fiddling…..hauntingly beautiful flute playing….rich, dark vocals.…highly expressive….a mostly kick-up-your-heels program of music.”

Richard De Candole, Editor, Qualicum Totem, March 2004.


The cd has 10 tracks of Celtic music....reels from Cape Breton, Irish jigs, a slow Gaelic air, French-Canadian tunes, a track featuring  BC fiddle champ, Trent Freeman, percussive cello playing by Emma Beaton, the song Raglan Road and more, and all proceeds are for the BC Cancer Foundation.


Dave Barta is a multi-talented musician who has played keyboards most of his life. He particularly enjoys sharing traditional celtic music. His pleasure in playing with the band is obvious to audiences, who can't help but  respond to his infectious joy in the music.
Emma Beaton (14) has been playing traditional cello for 3 years now, having listened to various members of her family playing traditional music at home over the years. She has a distinctive rhythmic style. She has studied in California with well-known cellist, Natalie Haas, has performed with the San Francisco Fiddlers  in their concert series, in May 2004, and has been invited to join them on their Pacific Northwest Tour in Spring 2005.  She is also a member on the Vancouver Island Youth Group, Twisted String, under the direction of Oliver Schroer.
Joyce Beaton has been playing traditional fiddle for 8 years although, having grown up in Scotland, traditional music has been very much part of her life. She has travelled extensively with her fiddle and has performed in Nashville (Tennessee), Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Port Townsend, Lake Tahoe (with the San Francisco fiddlers), Aberdeen (Scotland) and this past summer, on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.  She loves to play on Vancouver Island in a variety of different settings. She is described as having "the gift of the gab" and is the spokesperson for the band.
Trent Freeman (15) is a special guest on this CD.  He is a BC Old Time fiddle champion who lives in Courtenay, and is lots of fun to jam and perform with.  He is also a prolific composer and we have included on the CD,one of his tunes,a reel he composed and dedicated to his dad (Chef Supreme).
Jane Good learned bodhran playing at the Gaelic college on the Isle of Skye, and has been playing traditional music for a few years, most notably in St. Lucia for a year, with the band, Celtic Wind. 
Gordon Lafleur is a skilled player of the wooden Irish flute.  His playing has been described as "haunting".  He is a student of Chris Norman's having attended his Boxwood flute camp in Nova Scotia on several occasions.  He adds a smooth melodic quality to the Celtic Chaos sound.
Jayne Lapper is the guitarist with the band.  She enjoys performing in a variety of settings but loves to play for dances.  She is orginally from Yorkshire and has a strong background in traditional music.
Thea Stavroff is an experienced singer, actress and percussionist.  She has performed with Bard to Broadway and has created children's plays and musicals which she directed.  She runs her own children's theatre company in the summer.  She started her singing career with a blues band and has most recently developed her love for traditional ballads.

Coast String Fiddlers All Strings Considered

Just released recording of your favourite Coast String Fiddler tunes !

The Coast String Fiddlers Association, a non-profit association which is committed to promote the understanding and learning of traditional fiddle music through the support of fiddle instruction and related activities. The School and other activities including concerts, workshops and fiddle clubs are organized by volunteers. We are located in Roberts Creek, B.C.

It all began in 1993 with a group of young fiddlers playing in a park. With the help of Michelle Bruce, a local Suzuki violin teacher, weekly practices began. Soon parents became involved in the accompaniment of the fiddlers on piano, accordion, guitar and bodhran. Cellists and violists joined with highland dancers added and now the group boasts a membership of about 20 players from age 9-18 years.

The group has become so popular on the Sunshine Coast in attracting potential young players, two new fiddle groups at the beginner level "Horsetails" and the "Rosin Racers" were formed in 1999 to provide a stepping stone for youngsters wishing to become Coast String Fiddlers.

Ecclestons imbolic to beltane

Emma & Joyce Beaton
Off The Beaton Track

The Qualicum, British Columbia, mother and daughter team of Joyce and Emma Beaton has just released their second CD entitled Off The Beaton Track. This album is a collection of their favourite tunes all from the Celtic tradition.

The Beaton’s have also just returned from Scotland where no doubt they were busy soaking up more of the Celtic traditional music to add to their repertoire.

In 2004, Joyce and Emma were also part of a another Celtic group called Celtic Chaos and they released an album under that name. When the Beatons record a CD there are also a lot of other people who benefit from the sale of their music.

For instance, the group Celtic Chaos raised over $10,000 for cancer research from the proceeds of their CD sale and 50 percent of the sales from Off The Beaton Track will also go to cancer research, with the other half toward a better cello for Emma.

Tracks on the album are: Thirty Years; Boys of the Lough; P.E.I. Jigs; Hard Dang It. Hard; Les Gros Danseuis; En Timme I Ungein; Heio; Breton Dance; Ora Lee; Strathpeys; I’m Too Sexy for My Djembe; Drakskeppet and Auld Lang Syne. The liner notes on the CD also have a background of each of the tracks.

Off The Beaton Track is instrumental of reflective Celtic listening music that at times has the sounds of East coast kitchen music. The only singing on the album is on Auld Lang Syne, which is beautifully sung by Mairi Campbell.

Greg Joy and Mark Bracken
A Magical Christmas

label:North Star Records


Well-known traditional Christmas carols are delicately and intricately plyed on psaltry, hammer dulcimer, 6 & 12 string guitars, cello, flute and recorder. There is a strong "Olde English" Elizabethan feel to this album.