Bill Hilly Band (The Bills)

From Vancouver Island on Canada’s beautiful west coast comes this extraordinary quintet, renowned among folk music fans of all ages for their masterful musicianship, lush vocal arrangements, exuberant live performances, evocative songwriting, and wonderfully innovative interpretations of traditional tunes from around the globe.

In 2002, with the release of their second CD, the award-winning All Day Every Day (under their former name, The Bill Hilly Band), The Bills exploded onto the North American folk scene and are now quickly gaining international recognition as one of roots music’s most inventive and talented acoustic acts.
Drawing inspiration from a melange of European stylings, the rhythms of Latin America, the melodies of the wandering Romany peoples, and traditional styles from musical coast to musical coast of their own continent, The Bills have forged a sophisticated down home style all their own that’s being celebrated enthusiastically by fans and media everywhere.

Since forming in 1996, The Bills (Marc Atkinson, Chris Frye, Adrian Dolan, Glen Manders, and Jeremy Penner) have toured theatres and festivals from Copenhagen to California, thrilling audiences with their breathtaking musical explorations and their natural flair for spontaneous humour and theatrics. Whether entertaining an intimate theatre audience or a festival crowd of 10,000, these five gifted multi-instrumentalists are masters at bridging the gulf between stage and audience, welcoming everyone into the good-time global atmosphere they create with their array of acoustic instruments.

The Bills’ instrumental virtuosity during live shows is legendary for bringing listeners to the edge of their seats, generating irresistible electricity as the band spirals to new heights of spontaneous musical discovery. This improvisational spirit, combined with a refreshing West Coast approach, shimmering vocals, and expertly-crafted songs has helped the band transcend musical boundaries and create a completely unique and exciting musical experience.


Bills, The Let Em Run

Produced by Joby Baker, Marc Atkinson and The Bills. Recorded and mixed by Joby Baker at Baker Studios, Victoria, BC
Mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA