Ernie Day
Me, Myself, and I

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Geronimo Skull & 'Bones' Bush
The Ballad of Harry Anslinger

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Sandy Jasper and the Westcoast Whistle Co.

Put on the C.D., sit back and take a journey!  Haunting whistle tunes take you deep into the forest where elves and forest creatures play.  Slide out onto the plains with Steve Tozer as he sings an original song "The Buffalo Run"  Take a trip to Ireland or Scotland with one of their lively Celtic Tunes or revisit lost or forgotten love as Sandy Jasper sings one of her original songs.  Each piece is chosen for it's beauty and ability to take you away from the everyday, each piece chosen to take you on a journey, a journey into Elfsong!
Sandy Jasper is a multi-instramentalist who both plays and builds her own Irish Whistles.  She writes her own songs, teaches and writes books.  Steve Tozer is a British born Songwriter, poet and musician.  Together they are members of the Band "The West Coast Whistle Co."  Featuring Original music and Traditional Celtic tunes.  They have performed on T.V. Radio, in Theatres and on tour with Will Millar of the Irish Rovers.  For more information on upcoming events, C.D.'s or their hand made Irish Whistles, check out their web page at:  http://www.angelfire.com/music2/WestCoastWhistleCo/
Or e.mail them at WhistleCompany@Shaw.ca

Terry Boyle

Terry has just returned from his native Ireland where he spent the last three years catching up on tunes, songs and old friends at musical sessions all over the country. His songs reflect the continuing contact with Ireland which he left to come to Canada in 1989.

“ I have come back with basketloads of ideas which I will eventually press into the shape of rough songs. It always takes me a long time to be somewhat satisfied with the final product.”

Terry released a self-titled CD in 1997 which contains a blend of songs written between Ireland and Canada. He is currently working on a second CD of original and Celtic songs.