Darlene Hixson
dangerously deep

Darlene Hixson is a guitar playing singer/songwriter from Victoria, BC. A folk/pop style, influenced by Natalie Merchant and Jewel, yet uniquely her own, rich in melody and lyric. Strong, distinct vocals, a combination of Tori Amos & Dolores O'Riordan {Cranberries}

"Darlene writes songs of unaffected beauty and sings with an honesty that at once startles and soothes, haunts and heals. Her voice is an utterly unique instrument inviting us into mystery, sorrow, laughter,..."
(Mark Buchanan, author, Duncan B.C.)

Darlene grew up in Prince Edward Island, immersed in Island culture, surrounded by music rich in harmony. Mentored by her singing/songwriting mother, Darlene sang in school and church choirs while growing up. After highschool, she attended university in Hawaii and learned to play guitar, and began writing songs.

Darlene has performed at festivals, open stages, folk guilds, & coffee houses.

Her debut CD, "dangerously deep" is a 10 song CD of original material, written in the midst of everyday joys and struggles, a journey of love and emotion, nature and the spirit, produced by Bob Benson, Victoria, BC.

Darrel De La Ronde & Saskia
Laura's Kitchen

Music to Feed the Soul







Dave Kilbank

"Dave belted out his first note on June 15, 1954 in Fort William, Ontario. He was raised by a completely unmusical family who moved around a lot, and then got into the radio business which continued his transient lifestyle - that is, until he arrived on The Wet Coast. 

In Nanaimo, he discovered a very creative community, so he settled in, dabbled in theatre, and did some writing. Eventually, he got tired of producing radio advertising, so now he's left that behind to concentrate on his music, and has never been happier.

Dave McCaig
Forever Fourteen

I have been inspired to record "Forever Fourteen" because:

Music is my passion
I want to honor the lives of my parents and my daughter by living my life and following my dreams
My wife has shown me that this is possible
After beating cancer twice I've been given a third chance at life
Despite my daughter's love for life and regardless of her dreams she was not given even a second chance having passed away from a brain tumor at age 14. I need to live in honor of her. She is my inspiration. She will be 'forever fourteen'.
Through pain and suffering, and having lost the will to live, I have come to realize that there is a God.
God is Love
Love heals
The love I gave to my daughter I need to give away to others
Love heals
When you see the light of God in the eyes of those who are in need you are inspired to help - my daughter's life and her loss has taught me this
I am a far greater person for having known her and I have absolutely been blessed to have been her dad
I want to reach people through my music and help those in need
I want to do this because I love my daughter
Love heals
This is my dream

Deb Maike Garden Of Love

Mother, wife and grandmother, Deb wears her experiences along with her heart on her sleeve as she probes the hopes, dreams, frustrations and joys of womanhood with intimacy and insight. Steve McKinnon and Nikki Nilsson join Maike's familiar warm vocals with soothing harmonies which refreshed the spirit like a cool breeze on a hot summer afternoon. John Law on lead guitar and mandolin.

Dennis Lakusta Suusa's Room

Dennis' fourth C.D., entitled " Suusa's Room ", was released in the fall of 2000.

Ecclestons imbolic to beltane

Eddy Gouchie
Heart of a Vagabond

Guitar Player, Songwriter Eddy Gouchie, born on the east coast, now living in the Cowichan Valley. Started writing as a child on the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick. Eddy has travelled the country many times building a selection of songs that are as traditional as they are contemporary. A dedicated family man of simple truths, complex lies and slight exaggerations.

Eileen McGann Turn It Around

"One of the top ten recordings of the year. Delivered with a beautiful ballad-mezzo, her melodies seem timeless and traditional, but the lyrics are urgently modern. She could be Canada's next big songwriter." -The Boston Globe

Elvira Clare
Daybreak in My Soul

"Daybreak in My Soul is a collection of songs I have written which are descriptive of a spiritual journey Home. To me Home is God, Self, Truth. It is being present to the constant underlying Reality of God's Eternal Love.

"These songs reflect the joys, anguishing moments, and dynamic openings I have experienced over the past 25 years, as I have endeavoured to walk a spiritual path. Looking back, I feel I can best describe this journey as a series of transformations and integrations involving Devotion, Longing, Surrender and Opening - the dawning of Awareness and Peace."

Elvira Clare currently resides at the Forest of Peace Monastery and Community on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. Over the years she has been a proponent of East/West interfaith exchange and study. Her blend of contemplative exercises and spiritual practices include the Christian Mystical Tradition of Mental Prayer, Vedanta Study, Meditation and Self-inquiry.