Ann Mortifee

Ann Mortifee Serenade At The Doorway







Ann Mortifee's music of exquisite beauty for those wrestling with issues of life and death, as well as anyone in a profound life transition.

The songs on this CD/tape, were created to be a loving support for anyone facing a major transition in life, whether it be the death of a loved one, the death of self, the death of a relationship, a dream, or a way of being. Serenade At The Doorway takes us on a journey that supports us in accepting the emotions that we experience as human beings and at the same time reminds us of the larger vision that brings wisdom, comfort and inspiration. The beauty of Ann Mortifee's voice, coupled with the passion and poetry of her music and words makes this a rare and uplifting recording.

Serenade At The Doorway is being widely appreciated as a powerful resource in the area of hospice care. Hospice and medical personnel have found that the music opens up a depth and poignancy of communication when it is shared by a grieving family or a family dealing with the life-threatening illness of one of its members.

The tape/CD proceeds as a dialogue, with songs alternating between the voice of the personal self, dealing with matters of loss and mortality, and a voice calling to the eternal wisdom that dwells in each of us. This ageless voice provides guidance for working through the core issues stirred by the fact that even though we are mortal, we love, and are wounded. Healing is possible, and occurs, when we are able to see and understand our crises from a larger context.

"We are forever at a doorway, going through endings and beginnings, always being born or dying to a relationship, a dream, a way of being, or to life itself. Those who have gone before us through the doorway must yearn to send word to those of us who linger awhile." Ann Mortifee