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Elvis Costello When I Was Cruel

Release Date: Apr 23, 2002
Record Label: Island Records (USA)
Personnel includes: Elvis Costello (vocals, arranger, electric guitar, Spanish guitar, harmonica, melodica, piano, Fender Rhodes piano, harmonium, bass, cymbals, loops); Steve Nieve (melodica, piano, Clavinet, Hammond B-3 organ, keyboards, vibraphone); Roy Nathanson (alto saxophone); Jay Rodriguez (tenor saxophone); Ku-umba Frank Lacy (trumpet, flugelhorn); Curtis Fowlkes (trombone); Bill Ware (vibraphone); Davey Faragher (bass); Pete Thomas (drums, shaker, tambourine, percussion); Leo Pearson (tabla, programming); Steven Kennedy (background vocals).
Producers include: Elvis Costello, Ciarin Cahill, Leo Pearson, Kieran Lynch.
Recorded at Windmill Lane, Dublin, Ireland; Avatar Studios, New York, New York.
WHEN I WAS CRUEL was nominated for the 2003 Grammy Awards for Best Rock Album. "45" was nominated for the 2003 Grammy Awards for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance.
Though he was involved in worthy collaborations (Burt Bacharach, Anne Sofie Von Otter in the interim, the notoriously prolific Elvis Costello didn't release a proper solo album between 1996's triumph ALL THIS USELESS BEAUTY and this 2002 effort, the longest gap of his career. WHEN I WAS CRUEL is a return to visceral, rock-oriented production and songwriting after the more complex, sophisticated pursuits of his aforementioned collaborative works, and one can feel Costello's joy at getting back to his roots for a while. The maturation of the previous decade isn't invisible here--this is not the sturm und drang of THIS YEAR'S MODEL (or even BLOOD & CHOCOLATE), but this as electric-guitar-based as latter-day EC gets, and the likes of "Tear Off Your Own Head" and "Daddy Can I Turn This" are as hard-hitting as anything he's done.
Two-thirds of the Attractions (occupying the drum and keyboard stools) are on hand to provide that classic sound, but new arrival Davey Farragher impressively emulates disgruntled bassist Bruce Thomas's McCartney-on-speed licks. Tasteful horns add effective coloring to the quartet sound, and Costello's own tremolo-drenched guitar has never been so prevalent. Despite a couple of long, moody songs (the title track and the closing "Radio Silence"), the overwhelming feeling here is one of unbridled energy of the sort Costello hadn't let out for quite a while. "Every Elvis has his army," sings Mr. Costello on "Episode of Blonde," and it appears that his is well trained enough to mobilize effectively even after long periods of rest.

Editorial reviews
Included in Rolling Stone's 50 Best Albums of 2002
Rolling Stone (12/26/2002)

...Costello has blessed us with a motherlode of tunes, concetrating on crafting self-proclaimed rowdy rhythm ballads shaded with subtle textures and vibes...
CMJ (04/29/2002)

6 out of 10 - ...CRUEL is ultimately a welcome return to the office...
Alternative Press (06/01/2002)

6 out of 10 - ...There are reassuringly unhealthy signs of life...
NME (04/20/2002)

Mojo (05/01/2002)

3 out of 5 stars - ...Raw and lengthy....the veins at Costello's temples are throbbing again...
Q (04/01/2002)

7 out of 10 - ...The professor [has] his groove back....46-year-old Elvis sneers, snipes, and snaps like it's '77....the music-ranging from twangy jazzisms...to raucous blues rock...lets Costello honor his roots...
Spin (05/01/2002)

4 out of 5 stars - ...Costello still records...with care and creativity....WHEN I WAS CRUEL is a collection of tough tunes and textures that recalls-but doesn't recycle-the records that endeared him to his earliest admirers...
Rolling Stone (05/09/2002)

Ranked #4 on CMJ's Top 10 of 2002
CMJ (12/30/2002)

Ranked #2 on EW's list of 2002's Albums of the Year - ...Packed with bristling spews, noir soundscapes, and cutting autobiographical sketches that reveal a man grappling with the onset of middle age...
Entertainment Weekly

Ranked #33 in Mojo's Best Albums of 2002
Mojo (01/01/2003)

Irish Rovers The Best of the Irish Rovers

Released in 2003 by UNIVERSAL MUSIC .

Theo Massop







Theo Massop is a singer / songwriter who has been performing in clubs, pubs, dance halls and festivals around Vancouver Island and the lower mainland for over thirty years. Being the youngest of seven siblings, all of whom were musical performers, he was truly immersed in an environment of love for music and the stage. Under the wings of his older brothers, Theo began performing at the early age of fourteen. His musical journey has taken him from church choirs to dance halls and bars, to festivals and concert venues. Theo released his first recording with the JT Combination band in 1972 and has pursued his passion for recording ever since. 1982 while working as a recording engineer and session player at Ensign Studio, Theo released his first solo effort which garnered a marked interest from the campus / college radio as well as attention from the adult contemporary genre. He has released five singles and one album. The album Voyager achieved three charting singles in Canada, critical acclaim and international radio play.

During the ninety's Theo teamed up with internationally trained classical guitarist Dennis Olsen to form the highly successful band Gypsy Heart, which earned itself a large and dedicated fan base through the band's continual live performances and high standard of work ethic. Gypsy Heart shared billings with artist such as Prairie Oyster, Duane Steel, Gary Fjellgaard and more as a country-rock band. After a short hiatus in 1999 Gypsy Heart returned as a very popular rock band covering top 40 to classics and blues.

As the new millennium came into being, Theo found himself reflecting on how until recent history, essentially all songs began as simple folk songs, acoustic instrument and voice. And how in a world of digital recording, samplers and computer files, performing songs in their most rudimentary form provides a listener with a uniquely human, almost primal experience. Branching out as a solo artist, Theo presents his audiences with uncluttered intriguing arrangements of well known favourites, obscure musical gems and original compositions. His songs are written about life, relationships, spirituality and love. Often thought provoking and always captivating, Theo's songs will sometimes leave the listener with as many questions as answers. He has an uncanny ability to hold an audience spellbound with diversity and musical articulation. His original songs and compositions reflect a modern day minstrel's viewpoint of life set to a variety of musical styles and poetic prose. His performances are filled with unique steel string guitar along with emotionally drenched vocals that will weave a tapestry of music to fit and satisfy a huge range of musical tastes.