Rocktoria is a local music contest run by 100.3 the Q. Originally conceived in December 1987, this contest gives 4 local bands or musicians a chance to record a few songs for CD release. While a lot of these bands no longer exist in the same form, there was a lot of great music recorded on these albums and a few have gone on to be quite successful.

These albums were limited issue so most are only available by searching used CD and record stores. Also, check the Q and Rocktoria web sites for more info.

Volume I appeared in 1989, it was only available on EP {yeah, vinyl man!} and featured 1 song by each of the 4 bands. On Volumes II - IV bands had 1, 2, 3 or 4 songs on an album depending on their placing in the contest. From Volume V all 4 bands are treated equally, getting to record 3 songs each. With Rocktoria LIVE:2002 the total has reached 154 songs from 56 bands. The Q has embraced the Web with Rocktoria 2001 and Rocktoria LIVE:2002, they have their own Rocktoria web site that includes band info and songs downloadable in .mp3 format.


Rocktoria II

Ultra Rare CD in Excellent Condition
Playground Hero
- Depend On Me
- Everafter
- Great Crusader
- Love This Time

The Hop 'n Barleys
- Cool Lady
- Is it You?
- We All are not the Same

The Persuaders - David Gogo's band
- Baby What's Wrong
- Soul Fever

- Runaway Angel

Rocktoria IV

Rare Collectors Item

Only 1 CD available in like new condition

Spiral Jetty

3D Jesus
The Ownn


Get to You
Still Here

Harris and the Hotheads

Stuck on You
You Don't Know What You're Missing

Northern Junk

Let the Moment Die
Russian Winter

Rocktoria V

Rare Collectors Item

Only 2 used copies available in great condition

John Gogo

I'm Sorry Now
Never Fails
String of Pearls

Kings of the Heap

Every Finger's Pointing at You
Light Up Ahead

Muster'd Punt

Goin' Down to Texas
In the Pocket

Seventh Stone

16 Coaches
Breaking Down

Rocktoria X

Ultra Rare CD in Excellent Condition

Perils of Pauline (Chuck Simms was also in the Rocktoria winning bands The Revolvers and Hairplane)
Blackberry Henry
Aaron Grant