My first band was The Vinaigrettes. We started as an all-girl foursome from Victoria. The Vinaigrettes recorded six albums, achieving a modest amount of obscurity, and broke up in 1998 due to "nervous indifference"... Exhausted and emotionally crushed by the failure of my first band and the ensuing two year bender, I attempted to find solace in the rehearsal spaces of other bands such as: Hat Head, The Fixin's, The Show Business Giants, The Metronome Cowboys, The Corn Sisters (a duo with label-mate Miss Neko Case), Monster Tweety, and Klugman. But eventually, while hiding under the bed at one of our neverending house parties, I decided to use my own name when I played. So far it's been a good idea - I'm not married to any one style of music, I can play solo or with a band depending on the money or my mood, and it's almost impossible for me to break up with myself.

Vinaigrettes Gross Negligee

Vinegarecords/Incentive Records INC 69

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Victoria's pride, dyed-in-the-wool country-punkers the Vinaigrettes.
Band Members: Scott Henderson Brigette Wilkins Ed Dobek Carolyn Mark

Led by singer Carolyn Mark, the Vinaigrettes play a melange of country, cowpunk, rock, and whatever else seems appropriate. Carolyn sang on Jr.'s Simple Little Wish album, and appears in the Where the Hell Are You video. She's also recently recorded some material with Mike that has yet to be released. Former Jr. drummer Ed Dobek is also a member of the Vinaigrettes. (And the Wheat Chiefs, and the Metronome Cowboys, and....)

Singer/songwriter Carolyn Mark is a former member of popular 90's West Coast bands: The Vinaigrettes, The Fixin's, The Metronome Cowboys and Corn Sister (with Neko Case).

Vinaigrettes, 954 Mason St., Victoria, BC V8T 1A2
Incentive Records, 2944 Carol Ann Place, Victoria, BC V9B 2G2

Copyright Steve Roby, 1997.