Randy Bachman

1970 American Woman/No Sugar Tonight (RCA)
1970 Hand Me Down World/Runnin Down The Street (RCA)
1970 Share The Land/Bus Rider (RCA)

1971 Rock And Roll Band (Reprise)
1971 Crazy Arms, Crazy Eyes (Reprise)

1972 Never Comin' Home (Reprise)
1972 Dunrobin's Gone (Reprise)

1973 Gimme Your Money Please (Mercury)
1973 Little Candy Dancer (Mercury)
1973 Hold Back The Water (Mercury)
1973 Blue Collar (Mercury)

1974 Let It Ride (Mercury)
1974 Takin' Care Of Business (Mercury)

1975 Roll On Down The Highway/Quick Change Artist (Mercury)
1975 Hey You (Mercury)

1976 Down The Line (Mercury)
1976 Gimme Your Money Please (Mercury)
1976 Lookin' Out For #1 (Mercury)

1977 My Wheels Won't Turn (Mercury)
1977 Life Goes On (I'm Lonely) (Mercury)
1977 Shotgun Rider (Mercury)

1979 Sweet Lui-Louise (Scotti Bros.)
1979 He's A Joker (Scotti Bros.)

1970 Axe (RCA)

1978 Survivor (Mercury/Polygram)



1970 Share the Land (Nimbus 9)
1970 American Woman (Nimbus 9)

197l The Best Of The Guess Who (RCA)

1973 The Best Of The Guess Who [re-issue] (RCA)
1973 The Best Of The Guess Who Vol. II (RCA)


1971 Brave Belt (Reprise)

1972 Brave Belt II (Reprise)

1973 Bachman Turner Overdrive (Mercury)
1973 Bachman Turner Overdrive II (Mercury)

1974 Not Fragile (Mercury)

1975 Four Wheel Drive (Mercury)

1976 Head On (Mercury)

1977 Freeways (Mercury)
1977 BTO Japan Tour Live (Mercury)


1979 Ironhorse (Scoti Bros.)


Bachman Turner Overdrive King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents

Release Date: Jul 16, 2004
Label: King Biscuit Entertainment
Distributor: Musicrama
Full title: King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Greatest Hits Live.Bachman-Turner Overdrive: Randy Bachman (vocals, guitar, bass); Blair Thornton, C.F. Turner (guitar); Robbie Bachman (drums).Recorded live in Chicago, Illinois on March 8, 1974. Includes liner notes by Bruce Pilato.Recorded at the peak of the band's commercial success in 1974, this live set proves that inside the stadium behemoth Bachman-Turner Overdrive had become was a great garage band trying to desperately to get out. Their studio albums may have been slick as any L.A. product of the period, but, as glimpsed here, the band's sloppy but agreeable two guitar attack, and Randy Bachman's endearingly whiney lead vocals, all but scream beer-soaked late night jams at some smoky dive in suburbia.All the hits are here in endearingly ragged versions. The album's highpoint however has to be the intro to the most overtly garage-like song of the set, "Slow Down Boogie," in which while exhorting the audience to raise their hands in the air, make some noise, etc., bassist Fred Turner actually manages to use the word "boogie" seven times. There's also the bonus of a 1998 Bachman interview that provides some droll anecdotes about the genesis of the band.

Guess Who, The All This For A Song

CD (July 22, 1994)
Original Release Date: 1979
Label: Lacindy
This is another example of just how great bands can still be even without the same singers or most famous members in the lineup. It's the spirit that remains in full effect here, as well as the finest Guess Who songs in at least six years that places "All This For A Song" near the very top of the band's impressive canon.

Guess Who The Best of the Guess Who

CD (October 25, 1990)
Original Release Date: 1971
Label: Rca
Reviewer: orangeduke from Cupertino, Ca United States
Every track is a masterpiece. It's the kind of album that I play again and again, and never tire of. It's an album that I take on every road trip, and play every time. Truth be told, although The Guess Who were a great band, most of their albums were uneven. This collection, however, is masterful, all the great tracks from their early albums (most with Randy Bachman) collected together and thus made irresistible. The early Guess Who combined great lyrics, great Who style music and soulful singing. Indeed, Burton Cummings is probably the most underrated vocalist of the rock era, his passionate emotive style makes Joe Cocker sound like Bob Dylan (check out 'No Time'). Best single track is 'No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature'. Without a doubt one of the greatest albums of the era, all fans of sixties music should own it.