Cathy Miller

Cathy Miller has long been known as one of Canada's most spectacular singers. Her evocative interpretations get to the heart of any songs she sings. She's an engaging performer who doesn't hesitate to throw in a little humour to good effect, in between the songs about the human quest for love, acceptance and understanding. She has been blessed with a voice that can "ring out across a field", and bring an audience to tears, or laughter. And she is a wonderful storyteller.

Over the last 20+ years of her career, Cathy has performed at many folk festivals, clubs, and concerts from coast to coast in Canada. She is known for her upbeat performances, which have made her a favourite at many events.

In 2000, she was recognized in Australia, where she was awarded a national songwriting Special Merit award by the Australian Heritage Commission. She released this song on a CD single called "Grand Old Duchess". It was named one of Macca's "Top 10 Songs of 2000" in January 2001. She has also toured extensively in North America and Australia to quilting guilds around the country, with her CD "One Stitch at a Time", released in September 2000. In 2002 she released her second CD of quilting songs, and continues an extremely active tour schedule with her husband, John Bunge.

There are seven Cathy Miller recordings currently available


Cathy Miller
Dance Beneath the Moon

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Cathy Miller's third recording (1991) was produced after Cathy moved from Ottawa to Calgary. Produced by (then) CBC producer Les Siemieniuk, it features songs about people: the homeless, the disenfranchised, the abused. The title track is a beautiful "beginning love" song, and has been sung at more than one wedding (including Cathy's). Other songs include: "Living in the Martinique" (written after reading Johnathan Kozol's "Rebecca and Her Children") , "I Had A House" (also written about the Kozol book), "Desert Dancing" (flies and sand and sun, and the importance of rain), "Empty in the Sunrise" (Boy meets girl. Girl falls in love. Boy gets on Greyhound bus and goes far away), "No Point of View" (an attempt to describe how it feels to be trapped in an abusive marriage), "Indian Summer" (dedicated to the Lonefighters of southern Alberta).

Produced by Les Siemieniuk
Cathy Miller - acoustic guitar and vocals
Ron Casat - piano and keyboards
Dave Hamilton - electric and acoustic guitars
Jack Hiles - drums and percussion
John Hyde - electric and acoustic bass
Karl Roth - electric and acoustic violin

All songs by Cathy Miller except "Smith Boys" - Mary Simpson


Cathy Miller Living For The Stars

acoustic swing with a whole lot of fun!