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Papillomas, The

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Only 1 very rare cd available in excellent condition

Corolla is a cool CD. Nanaimo's the Papillomas give us a collection of alterna-pop guitar driven songs about some of those everyday occurrences in life that you might not expect to hear in a song. They sing of flat tires outside of Moose Jaw and pieces of corn on the side of your mouth. The music might remind you a bit of the rough edge of Hardship Post and the poppiness of Lowest of the Low -- and that's a good thing.

The Papillomas let their songs play themselves instead of trying to hide them behind some forced attempt at cool, ultra-hooky chords which seems to be oh-so-popular. They just perform the songs well. Highlights are cool guitar work and Michael Kissinger's unpolished voice, which suits the everyday stories of Corolla.

With the exception of "Ted Nugent's Spine," for the title alone... and for the Guns 'n Roses guitar fade, none of the songs shine over the others because they're all pretty cool and you'll find yourself reaching for the repeat button to hear the disc again.

Test drive Corolla today.

Review by P. Freako

Paul Abgrall
Smooth Sailing

Paul Abgrall is a true islander. Born in Duncan and raised in nearby Youbou. Paul has resided on the Island all his life.

Ric Lafontaine the Wind Gone Mad

Ric Lafontaine has a west coast sound reflecting the free and independent spirit of Vancouver Island. His songs are reminiscent of Cat Stevens but with the flavor of a seasoned fisherman. His music paints pictures of faeries dancing on water and eagles soaring on one wing. Like a weaver, confident of his craft, Ric takes contemporary themes and transforms them into mystical moments. From his minstrel's bag, he pulls out a melody and a word and takes the listener on a magic carpet ride. Skip a stone on the water and then dance to the moon. Take a pilgrimage and spend some moments with this free-spirited storyteller

Robyn Jesson
Bluegrass and Beyond

First reaction…How can someone just 11-years-old hold her own with seasoned musicians through 15 songs in a mix of bluegrass, old time fiddle and Celtic? Robyn Jesson in her first CD does just that and does it with great style. “Bluegrass and Beyond” is a collection of songs that reveals the talent of a rising star on one of the most difficult instruments, the fiddle. This CD is proof that music knows no boundaries such as age or gender…rather desire, talent and persistence are the only requirements.

Robyn teams up with some of the best musicians on the west coast; Craig Korth - banjo and guitar (Craig is a mainstay of Jerusalem Ridge from Edmonton), Rod Backman on bass, (Rod is a veteran bassist from Seattle), John Reischman – mandolinist (songwriter, producer and veteran of many West Coast bands), Robyn’s Dad, Jim Jesson – guitar, (Jim also produced the album)
Recording crew included Michael Donegani from Nanoose Bay near Nanaimo B.C., along with excellent mixing and mastering by Bruce Harvie.

From the opening tune Big Bear to the closing of Wheel Hoss, this is an album to cherish. Big Bear sets the stage…a rollicking fun tune where the musicians cook along in an almost jam session style, lots of innovation and drive. Lead breaks by Robyn, John and Craig are tasty and fun. Sally Anne continues the bluegrass flavour with the musicians getting down and gritty. Ashokan Farewell is a soulful and emotional civil war tune where Robyn’s fiddle delivers passion and emotion. Rod’s bow work on the bass adds a beautiful touch and John’s mandolin is sensitive and supportive. And so it goes…excellent work on each of the 15 well selected tunes, which demonstrates the talent of this rising star.

Being a Canadian fiddler, Robyn is working hard on the old time fiddle which is different style of fiddling than that of American bluegrass fiddling. The first demonstration of her award winning style is heard in the Medley tune and it is easy to understand why Robyn is winning awards in the fiddle contests where ever she competes.

Robyn’s treatment on the Celtic flavored tunes is beautiful. Memories of Shetland and Flowers of Edinborough will stir the hearts of the Scots for sure. Two waltzes get great treatment by Robyn and the band…Tennessee Waltz and Golden Memories.

A strong opening deserves an equally strong finish and this happens with the powerful presentation of the Bill Monroe classic, Wheel Hoss …talk about getting down! Robyn kicks it off with authority and the rest of the band gets up and goes. This tune is hot with gutsy picking from John and Craig. It would make old Bill proud.

Bluegrass and Beyond is a wonderful statement that Canadians are producing good music. This CD is first class, from the music presentation, recording, mixing, album layout and pictures. Robyn Jesson is just 11-years-old and has delivered up a mighty fine project. She is a credit to herself, her family and to the music she plays so well. Thank you Robyn!

by George McKnight - Bluegrass Canada Magazine

Ron Mckee
Sonic Exposure


Born and raised in Nanaimo, B.C., I started playing music at the age of ten.

Playing guitar at 15 and then switching to bass at 19 just so I could join a band. The bass was the perfect fit.
My first gig was at Malaspina College Theater in April '85 with "DRUID"  We were a Mid-Evil Celtic rock band. Dressing in costumes and searching for that Crystal Soul.
The very next week I hit the bar circiut at the Queen's Hotel May '85 with Duffy Frank, Fred Izon & Bruce McCann. We were known as "REVOLVER"
This evolved into "LIGHTNING" with Ron Stewart and Bruce McCann. '87 
Then I was asked to join "BROADSTREET" (formally "Roulette")  Gerry Pool, Don Stevenson, Randy Haug and Ron McKee. We had a successfull 12 year run up and down Vancover Island.
"GYPSY HEART" was the next good band to come along. Theo Massop, Dennis Olsen and Pete Scheibel.
Through all of this I was learing how to write.
Ronsongs 1 1985,   Ronsongs 2  1988,  Ronsongs 3  1992,  Ronsongs 4  1995,  Ronsongs 5 1998,  Ronsongs 6  2001,  Ronsongs 7  2004. 
"Sonic Exposure" is an instrumental project in between RS 7 and RS 8.  
"Frozen Memories" (with Jim Blair),  Hard to Admit, Smack down and Lost One (which won 3rd place in a northern Alberta song writing competition) are among my favorites.
Although sometimes the production value may be in question, I feel the songs all have something to say. They are a result of allowing the music to take over.  PEACE
Ron Mckee
for Ron's complete bio please visit http://www.ronsongs.ca/history.htm

Rose Reiter
What I Don't Get

Artist description

Rose Reiter - Singer/Songwriter from Vancouver, BC, Canada. She Captures her audience with her passionate edgy blend of pop, soul and rock. She started playing piano by ear at the age of 3 and started lessons at 4. Although her dad had to sell the piano a few years later and couldn't afford lessons, she continued to play and write music any time she could find a piano. Her natural voice and performing instinct grew after many years of exposure to music, theater and dance. She started playing guitar at the age of 16 and continued her vocal lessons.She released her first album, "What I Don't Get" on her own indie label, Lion Records.
*Rose has been aquiring alot of attention on the internet, Liveartists.com featured her and she is recieving many reviews from a growing fan base, check out her reviews at u-g-a.com, ryze.com, audiosurge.com and a great review at www.musicgiveaway.com (favorites)to name a few.

Music style

Musical influences
Sting, Sarah McLachlan, Paula Cole, Annie Lennox

Similar Artists
Paula Cole and Sara McLachlan

Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums and various Percussion Instruments

What I Don't Get

Press reviews:

This Rose, a song on Reiter's debut CD, is catching lots of attention by Paul Andrew, The Pique Magazine.
WHO: Rose Reiter WHERE: AlpenRock House WHEN: Feb.19

Why is it that almost every time a singer/song writer recommends a song of theirs, in order to get a good idea of their talent, it isn't the song you think is the best on the CD?

"If you're out of time, please take a quick listen to tracks 3, 5, 6 and 7..." was the message from Vancouver's Rose Reiter when she e-mailed some additions to an interview I had with her a couple weeks back.

Fortunately, I wasn't out of time and discovered a couple other tracks on the CD that probably impressed AlpenRock's management and confirmed a booking for the 25 year old musician. Not that the songs she mentioned weren't good because most of the 13 trackson Reiter's debut CD, called What I Don't Get, are solid compositions for a debut album. But she may not have heard the pseudo Eastern rhythms in HeavenKnows, the disc's second track, or realized the strong harmonies on 8 of Hearts near the end of the CD.

But like any of the arts, beauty is in the(ear) of the beholder."I basically got the gig at AlpenRock House myself, after Gordon Barkerheard the CD, he called and booked our band, "Reiter said on the phone from Vancouver "So it was footwork, I guess."Perhaps. But a few of the songs on what I Don't Get are much more dance-like and energetic than tunes by some of the young Canadian female crooners looking for a major record label. Heaven help any female singer who relies solely on her voice and good looks to break into the music market. The odds are stacked against them. Reiter uses some edgy arrangements behind her strong vocals to give listeners some variety. As a result, it creates energy and a few good tunes."

I had an opportunity to do this with another band, see the world, that kind of thing. And Gordon (Barker) compared me to Ivana Santili, which is nice. I'm really flattered by that. But song writing is my number one gift - and I write a lot of songs. It's a whole different animal. I really want to get recognized as a song writer. Some people think that female song writers all write their own stuff.. but many depend on other writer's material."Although Reiter's voice isn't as much pop music as someone such as Santili,she should be grateful. Her unpolished pipes, and to an extent gritty contemporary arrangements, distinguish her from a swarm of up and comers who all sound like they were all cast from the same cookie cutter. And people have noticed.

CBC's Coastal Grooves interviewed Reiter on the radio and played a few of her songs, and even the harder edged CFOX radio in Vancouver gave the disc limited spins.Reiter says she's a full-time professional musician who, on the side, "works as a software consultant and trainer" for a few companies in Vancouver.There are much worse positions to be in when trying to make the transition from one lifestyle to another."Plus, I've owned LionEye Records in Vancouver for two years. And my CD is on the label.

"Reiter is no stranger to Whistler but has never performed here. AlpenRockHouse is a large venue for any established band to fill, never mind an upwardly mobile indie artist from the city, but she seems confident about her chances of a good show."I know DJ Morgan at The Beagle and my stuff has been played in there," Reiter said. "Actually, I dropped off the CD at AlpenRock and Gordon said he'd listen to it. "Two days later he said he called me at 9:15 in the morning, said that he listened to it all day, and when could I come up and play in the nightclub."

Sadly Available
Live At Queens

1 used cd available in very good condition

Self Control
Inside Out

Lyrics - Carl Schleppe
Music - Self Control
Produced by Derek Rathy and Self Control
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Rick Salt
Pacific Coast Studios. Nanaimo
Copyright SelfControl(2002)

1 used cd available






Hard rock with swirling emotion of darkness and angst that rises and falls like your last breath.

SelfControl, consisting of Karl Schleppe, Arlen Pelletier, John Bradburne and Casey Rogers have gracefully but painfully completed their debut E.P titled "Inside Out." Formed January of 2002 in Nanaimo, B.C by chief singer and songwriter Karl Schleppe; the band has been practicing relentlessly in a local rehearsal space in preparation for recording. Schleppe, who has been crafting his sound for the last 5 years finds most of his inspiration and influence comes from bands like The Beatles, Nirvana, and AC/DC. Aside from writing and rehearsing new tunes, SelfControl play numerous shows to a wide local fan base that has been growing rapidly since the release of "Inside Out."

Shauna Sedola