Lisa Atkinson & George Kincheloe
Simple As That

recorded at Raincoast Studio in Nanaimo this cd is a mix of romance and politics; strong songwriting, beautiful harmonies with cutting edge acoustic instrumental performances.

It took a couple of gorgeous summers in British Columbia, some marvelous musicians, a small hidden jewel of a studio; and we think you'll enjoy every minute of it.
Simple As That features 14 original songs performed by Lisa and George on guitar, piano, dulcimer and harmonica, backed by an incredible band of studio virtuosos.
Eric Wyatt Walsh: acoustic & electric guitars
Marty Atkinson: guitars, dobro, mandolin, guitarron and harmonies
(Check out Marty Atkinson's CD's on cd baby.)
Jonnie Atkinson: violin
Jerry Pacquette: (legendary Vancouver Island performer/producer): harmonica
These songs reflect a decade of live performances. Some are songs most requested by audiences through the years, some are simply close to our hearts.
Before they met, Lisa and George both traveled the country as solo singer/songwriters. George also toured with his original rock bands (Evening Stage, Hooligan and Boardinghouse Reach). George's solo 1993 CD release Painted Dragon (graced by Lisa's harmonies) received critical acclaim and radio airplay in California, the Northwest and East coasts.
Lisa is also nationally known as a children's/family singer and songwriter. She has four award winning recordings on the independent label A Gentle Wind (www.gentlewind.com) and performs regularly in schools, libraries and festivals. You can also hear her radio program, "Don't Panic It's Just Us Folks" on KKUP FM, 91.5 (Cupertino, CA), totally listener supported radio on Tuesday's from 10am to 1pm. "Don't Panic" has been on the airwaves for 11 years and features national and local singer/songwriters, peace activists and political commentary.
Together, they have shared the stage with Pete Seeger, John Stewart, Leon Rosselson, Tom Rush, Alex DeGrassi and many others

"Simple As That" has clarity and freshness that goes deep to the heart. This folk music journey has all the best elements of the genre. These songs have a lasting impact.
Mike Meyer
Music Director
KRVM, Eugene OR

Lynn Redford
You Stop My Heart

Lynn's debut album, entitled "You Stop My Heart," was recorded at Raincoast
Studios in Nanaimo

m t toom

Melissa Hill
Across and Back

A Vancouver born musician with a Bachelor of music from U.B.C., witha major in piano performance, Melissa is a consummate professional with a style all her own. Already with one successful EP to her credit, and a full length album of original music, she is poised to take the Canadian music scene by storm.
Her music is a blend of standards and originals, largely influenced by the earlier styles of composers such as Gershwin, Porter, Ravel, Evans, Tyner and Hancock, all given a unique modern twist. Her vocal influences range from Holly Cole, to Cassandra Wilson, to Liz Wright, and Sarah McLachlan. She seamlessly weaves old and new to create her distinct sound.
A seasoned performer Melissa has entertained audiences across the globe with her unique blend of Jazz and Pop.
Her seasoned quintet consists of four Montr? based musicians with extensive experience in the music industry. From composing, to arranging, to producing, and with performances at major festivals around Canada, Europe, and Asia, these musicians have done it all. Her new album, "Across and Back" is truly a Pan-Canadian album, reflecting the wonderful diversity of this great nation.
Melissa Hill is a rising talent in the Canadian music scene. A woman destined for greatness, her music can be gentle or powerful, simple or complex, but no matter what, it is always unforgettable.

Merisa Donoghue
Finally Come Home

Michelle Ross
HeartBody & Soul
Healing, Meditation & Sound

I recorded this CD with the intention of helping people take charge of their healing and growth,  to provide a useful ‘tool’ for experiencing more of what you want, i.e. health, wellness, peace, harmony, joy, & love.  Teaching others how to feel good,  sharing some of what I’ve learned along the way and increasing my own experiences of well-being in the process.

Change and wellness come from within.  I am the source of all that I think, feel and experience,  whether I judge it to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’.   In other words,  I am the source of everything that shows up in my life, (good & bad.)  Everything and everyone else is a mirror, (for me anyways), of what is going on inside of me, (what I am vibrating, i.e. love or fear.)  The best way I know to help make a difference in the world and what I am experiencing, is to get busy ‘feeling good’.  It is through my ‘feeling good’ that I create more of the same around me, rippling ‘feeling good’ out into the world.  It is my desire that everyone who listens to my CD ‘feel good’.  I hope you do too.


With love & gratitude,

Michelle Dianne Ross

Reiki Master –Teacher

HeartBody & Soul Healing Centre


email: heartbody@shaw.ca


Love Beyond Measure


Mosaic A Little Company

very rare cd

Fiona Stuart and Jerry Ellins, a Nanaimo based musical duo, combining melodious harmony with guitar, djembe drum and flute. The pair played together for about 5 years and performed at folk venues in Nanaimo, Gabriola Island, Protection Island, Duncan, Courtney, and Victoria. From the diversity of Toronto's Yorkville scene to Nagana, Japan, Fiona and Jerry combine to bring the audience a 'mosaic'.

        Known for their resonating harmony, Fiona's voice is as strong as that of Joan Baez and as sweet as Judy Collins, while Jerry's is reminiscent of Stephen Stills and Valdy. Both are songwriters and you'll want to sit up and listen to this cd.


Narissa Young
...so far...

Debut Album Now Available!!!

Narissa Young is an adept and talented singer, songwriter and musician who was raised, and continues to explore her creative aspirations, in Nanaimo, BC. She is part of a burgeoning arts scene in this picturesque coastal city that has produced the likes of Juno and Grammy award-winner Diana Krall as well as David Gogo and Allison Crowe. Narissa is carving out her own niche, however, and is now poised to let loose, on discerning music lovers far and wide, her own brand of distinctive artwork 

As an artist, Narissa’s myriad musical talents have been expressed through the saxophone, bass, flute, piano, acoustic guitar and her most prominent talent, her voice. “It’s the most natural for me,” she says. Narissa utilizes her gifted voice to deliver the essence of her own poignant songs.  

An active member of a local songwriter’s circle, Narissa’s original compositions reflect catchy, yet moody sensibilities. Her lyrics draw on personal experiences that convey strong emotional content. With her first CD due out this year, Narissa’s career continues to develop and grow with a more focussed attention on writing and the performance of original material. 

Narissa’s destiny became apparent at an early age…and it’s a path that has had virtually everything to do with music. “I’ve had a love for music all my life,” she says, “And it’s always been there for me”.    

Narissa started her musical career when she joined her Grade 6 band class in school. Fate played a part in the instrument she would ultimately choose…didn’t pass the drum test, arms too short for trombone, saxophone seemed like a good fit. She later went on to learn the electric bass and then develop her voice. “My band teachers were instrumental in fostering my deep appreciation for music which I believe had always existed in me,” she says.  

Jazz is what really inspired Narissa, but rock and the blues were no strangers to her mix of musical preferences either. Playing the bass, she formed her first rock band at the age of 16. She later went on to front several more rock bands during high school, but she craved what formal education could give her, a more promising way to keep playing music. She enrolled in the jazz program at Malaspina College, and following a year of training and a renewed confidence in what she could accomplish, Narissa toured Canada with rock band Tanya Hyde. 

 Narissa’s impact on the Nanaimo music scene is felt not only in her original work and performances as a solo artist and as a duo, but also through her involvement in musical events such as the annual AngelFest (a charity benefit showcasing local female singer/ songwriters). Narissa is excited and optimistic about the future and she continues to write new songs, perform, and record her life’s work.