Dreaming Dragon Polliwog Castle

a musical adventure story
A Tale of Polliwog Castle’ is an original story about Sam Campbell,
a young boy who is first tricked by a frog he is chasing in a local creek.
Next, the King of Polliwog Castle – a crusty old bullfrog -
sentences Sam to rid his kingdom of Nasty Elves,
a heart-stopping challenge Sam undertakes with two animal companions.
But no sooner does Sam complete this task when
he faces an even larger menace – the Luce, a horrific, fire-spitting dragon.
Will Sam overcome the Luce and make it home again?
Listen to Polliwog Castle and find out! Cast of Story Characters Narrator/Sam Campbell/Old Toad - Michael Maser Ferdinand (frog)/Old King (frog) - Lisa Housden Murdoch (mouse) - Kiel Strang Guard - Allan Maser Lisa (muskrat) - Robin Maser Housden Ogella (nasty elf) - Jan Michael Sherman

Graham Walker CATS' NIGHT OUT

On everyone's list as one of the very best kids CDs available. It's a happy storyland set to jazz, jigs, rock and reggae. Graham's first CD, it has become a big hit with over 50,000 sold.
"A wonderful collection of songs. Your kids will LOVE this album!
... Island Parent Magazine, Victoria B.C.

Lowry Olafson
Little Mysteries

1 used cd available in very good condition

Lowry Olafson's 4th CD, it was named as the Number One New Release in CBC broadcaster Jurgen Gothe's 1998 Best Of British Columbia collection. Gothe's Top Twenty also included such renowned recording artists as Colin James, Shari Ulrich, Jim Byrnes, Roy Forbes, John Reischmann and David Essig.

Steve K

HEADSPACE is a soaring ride through 4 acoustic guitar instrumentals and 6 lyrical and poetic songs. This beautifully crafted album was aided by songwriting coaching from Juno award winner Shari Ulrich and excellent accompanying performances by some very talented musicians: Simon Fisk on upright bass, Niel Golden on Tabla, and Sarah Cheevers on backing vocals. Most of the tracks were recorded and produced by Steve K at his Soames Point Studio. The album was mixed by Larry Lawrence and Steve K at 3rd Lake Studio in Victoria, BC. $1 from the sale of each CD will be donated to organizations dedicated to protecting the balance of nature.