Acoustic Love
soul shine

Al Beeler Keepin' the Old Cowboy Music Alive







Al was born on a farm near Ridgeville in southern Manitoba, Canada. At 8 years of age he started singing and yodeling Wilf Carter tunes. He learned from listening to old 78’s on a crank gramophone. A year later his dad bought him a guitar for two bucks! During his younger years he played at local community events and dances. Al’s love of music and horses has always been with him.

Al took a 40 year “coffee break” from performing, and in the fall of 1996 he fulfilled a life long dream. He met Shirley Field and joined her for a concert at the O’Keefe Ranch, near Vernon BC, and following that concert he toured with Shirley for a year. He rekindled his interest in performing the old “Cowboy Music” and you can catch Al at various Cowboy Festivals throughout Western Canada.

Alicken hue Tidal Treasures

Alicken hue" is a Vancouver Island acoustic, multi-instrumental duo writing and performing their original music with a Celtic / Contemporary Roots Fusion interpretation. Drawing inspiration from life on the island and west coast, their songs reflect their lives and their passion to play music. The name Alicken Hue is derived from their names ... Alice Cebuliak (born on the west coast of Vancouver Island) & Kenny Brault (an Albertan). Both  reside in Nanaimo.  Playing and writing together for 17 years, they continue to pursue their musical journey on the Island. Alice (born on the westcoast side of the island)has a strong passionate voice and plays a 6 string, 12 string, and open-tuned guitars, pennywhistle & an Irish/Native Drum.  Kenny's on mandolin and bass. (They pack alot of hardware)

 "Celtic doesn't begin to describe the sweetness of Ali's voice nor the originality of her lyrics"  the Harbour City Star

Allison Crowe
Lisa's Song + 6 Songs

Lisa's Song+ 6 Songs. Visit Lisa's Page to learn about Lisa, the inspiration for the first track on this disc. It was recorded live-off-the-floor in April 2003, by Rick Erickson, of Seacoast Sound in Victoria, B.C. The 6 songs that follow "Lisa's Song" were recorded live-off-the-floor one afternoon on two-track analog tape by Larry Anschell, at Turtle Studios in White Rock, B.C. The essential truth of this July 2001session (as the band was on its way to perform in Seattle, WA for Pearl "Jammers") has been captured in these live grooves. (NB there a two, earlier, variations of this disc ~ and which do not contain Lisa's Song ~ titled 6 Songs, and 6 Songs.

Altered Egos Are You In There, Jimmy?

Amoral Minority
Swordfish Cafe







This Rock Band has a 10 year history and evolved into 3 bands, comprising of some of Nanaimo's best musicians.

Andrea Smith Sweet Embrace

With 'Sweet Embrace' Andrea has experienced a surge in popularity and recognition for her songwriting skills, not to mention her fabulous vocal work on the album. The album features the best of west coast musicians including, Phil Dwyer, Pat Coleman, Ken Lister, Pat Steward, Dave Gogo, Todd Sacerty, Rick Salt, Miles Black and Tina Jones.

Andrew Oye
& The Wankin' Family

Andrew Schmidt Movin' On

Banjo Jim Erkiletian The Stoneman Tape

A rare recording of Willie Thrasher and Banjo Jim.
Jim's like an Arlo or a Woody Guthrie. A travellin' minstrel who writes and sings songs the way he sees it. A storyteller.