Shari Ulrich

UHF Shari Ulrich/Bill Henderson/Forbes

Ulrich, Henderson, Forbes

Produced by UHF & Claire Lawrence
Recorded at Mushroom Studios in Vancouver
Engineered by Rolf Hennemann, assistant Marc L'Espereance
Digital editing by Gary Heald
Supervising producer - Tod Elvidge
Special Thanks to Robert Ouimet, Tod Elvidge, Andre Lariviere

UHF is:
Shari Ulrich
- vocals, violin, piano, mandolin
Bill Henderson -
vocals, guitar, piano
Roy Forbes -
vocals, guitar
When I Sing - Bill Henderson
Holding Out For You - Shari Ulrich
Keep Lightin' That Fire - Roy Forbes
Day By Day - Shari Ulrich
Golan Boys - Bill Henderson
Running Back to Her - Roy Forbes
House Up On the Hill - Shari Ulrich
Can't Go Home - Bill Henderson
When Life Explodes - Roy Forbes
One Step Closer to the Light - Shari Ulrich

Shari Ulrich The Best of


This album is a compilation of favourites off my first three solo albums, Long Nights, One Step Aheadand Talk Around Town, all released between 1980-82 In fact, the represent the best of my early writing

Many of these tunes are ones I still do in concert and as these original recordings are now virtually impossible to find, I thought you might appreciate having them available on one album

And of course this Best Of would not be complete without the Hometown Band's Flying which has long been my signature tune
  -   Shari Ulrich

UHF II Shari Ulrich/Bill Henderson/Forbes

Ulrich, Henderson, Forbes

Produced by Claire Lawrence with Shari, Bill and Roy
Recorded by Rolf hennemann at Mushroom Studios Vancouver
assisted by Blair Calibab and Pete Wosniak
additional recording by David Slagter at Creation Studios
Mixed by David Slagter at Creation Studios
Digital Mastering by Craig Wadell at Gotham City Recording

UHF is:
Shari Ulrich - vocals, violin, piano, mandolin
Bill Henderson -
vocals, guitar, piano
Roy Forbes -
vocals, guitar

Lifting My Heart - Roy Forbes
Watching the River Run - Shari Ulrich
Wild One - Bill Henderson
Don't You Cry - Roy Forbes
There Must be Some Way - Bill Henderson
Changed Forever - Shari Ulrich
Boiling Rier - Bill Henderson
Stand - Shari Ulrich
I'm On the Edge - Roy Forbes
Time Will Take Its Toll - Shari Ulrich
Goodbye - Bill Henderson
Call Up an Old Friend - Roy Forbes

Shari Ulrich The View From Here


Released August 1998

Produced by Shari Ulrich and Claire Lawrence
Advisory Producer: Marc Jordon
Recorded by Shari Ulrich at Ulrich Production

Strings, rhythm section & BG's on "Watching the River Run" recorded by Paul Baker at BakerStreet Studios
Assisted by Mike Rogerson

Mixed by Blair Cilbaba at Bakerstreet Studios
Assisted by Mike Rogerson

Mastered by Craig Wadell at Gotham City Recording

Vocals, violin, dulcimer, mandolin and BG vocals & arrangements: Shari Ulrich
Piano & Synth: Michael Creber
Flute, soprano & tenor saxophones & organ on "The Fisherman's Lamen" : Bill Runge
Guitar, pennywhistle & accordian: Bill Henderson
Drums: Jerry Adolphe
Bass : Brian Newcombe
Hammond organ and accordion on "Watching the River Run" : Dave Kershaw
Tambourine: Blair Calibaba
BG vocals on "Watching the River Run" : Safron Henderson, Brette Wade & Joanie Bye
Harmony vocals on "Turning" : Marc Jordon

Strings arranged by Bill Runge
Violin: Mark Ferris
Violin & Viola: Mark Koenig
Cello: Harold Birston

CD Photography and Art Direction : James O'Mara, O'Mara & Ryan
Cover Photo by Barbara Ulrich

Pied Pumkin Plucking deVine

Selected Recordings 1974-1980

The compilation CD released in conjunction with the Pied Pumkin reunion tour in the Spring of 1998.
The CD features 14 songs from four Pied Pumkin albums made between 1974 and 1980. 


I Believe
Kooteny Bark
De Fiddle Medley
You Can Change the World
People I Love You
There Twas Her Tam
Bless the Kind Heart
Fear of Flying
Yo De Do Do
The Juggler and the Fawn
Doin' the One Time
St. Christopher
Mushroom Madrigal