Monte Nordstrom

Monte Nordstrom
Sunday Healing Service

Duncan, BC
Monte & the Beaumonts-  Recorded "LIVE!" 02/20/94







"Another bayside attraction" with the Beaumonts at their Best... Full Throttle. Mikey's last show, 3D Horns, special guests + Bonus 1988 Tk. with Wes Kane!
Produced by Monte Nordstrom / Engineered by Jim Kent
Track 8 recorded 1988. Remixed by Jeremy Sagar 1998
Cover Art: Toby Nilsson. Graphics: Barry Newman

"Monte & The Beaumonts":
Monte Nordstrom: Vocals & Guitar
Bill Winter: Keyboards
Steve McKinnon: Bass & Vocals
Mike Harney: Drums
Doug Rhodes: Soprano Sax (Bass Guitar On #6)
Wayne Diggins: Alto Sax & Vocals
Dave Rowse: Baritone & Tenor Sax
Special Guest: Ron Kilian: Keys (track #6)

by Monte Nordstrom

Monte & the Beaumonts' Sunday Healing Service origins are rooted deeply in Maple Bay. I had played my first gig at the old Maple Bay Inn back in the stoned age, when Ray Woollam owned the place & Lou Else managed the lounge. I remember playing my sensitive folky jazz there as Will Julsing choreographed a bullfight with George Weeks & Gerry Thomson. I knew that I had to get some tougher material to compete with that level of chaos, so I started collecting every kind of song that I came across. Three decades later I'm still working on that.

Just prior to this, around the time that the "ptarmigan" album came out, I met Greg Winter & he introduced me to his brother Billy, a talented pianist. Billy Winter & I started playing music together a couple years later. I admired his country-gospel piano style. We worked on Neil Young's "Broken Arrow"; some Hank Williams tunes & a song by Randy Newman called "Guilty". Our first public appearance was at "Bimini's" in Vancouver. We were there with Gregs & his cronies. At his brother's urging we went over (uninvited) to the Grand Piano & turned in a rendition of our specialty song. The song was "Guilty" & we have been ever since.

The origin of the name, "The Beaumonts" is as multi-faceted as a frozen horse turd. Alot of people think it's because we played on beaumont avenue. Others think that we're named after the automobile. In the coon-ass country of east texas, where alot of our musical influences come from, there is the town of Beaumont. I've been through it on the train. It's not very pretty, so it's an appropriate appellation, but not the reason. It could be a narcissistic play on my name & the french word for "beautiful", but I really don't think so.

Perhaps it had something to do with the little known fabrication that way back in the early days of rock there was a group called "the skyliners" lead by a cat named jimmy beaumontà The way the story goes; billy winter, michael harney, doug rhodes & I were enjoying a float in a hot tub after a particularly grueling jam when we discovered that each of us had the lyrics to "since I fell for you" tattooed on the bottom of our right big toes. Turns out we were all the love children of that curly headed devil, jimmy beaumont & fate had brought us together. But that's not the reason either.

We are actually named after the hardware store in the movie "Blue Velvet" & that's the truth of the beaumonts cryptic name..."hmmm"

There have been a (sometimes literally) staggering 30 different beaumonts on stage at the brig & elsewhere. I remember playing a gig at the harbour house on saltspring with the band. Due to a complicated series of substitutions, the next day when I turned to the boys to count in the first number, I realised that not one of the sunday crew had been with me the previous night. That's when I started referring to the group as the "incredible expanding beaumonts orchestra".

Over the years we have been blessed with hundreds of friends & fans who have supported us through the evolution of "the beaumonts". The myriad of talented musicians who have shared the stage with us & contributed to our jams, have enriched us. The owners, managers & event coordinators of the venues that we have performed in have given us the opportunity to bring our music to the people that we love so much. Thank you all.

This recording engineered by Jim Kent represents the Beaumonts at the top of their game in front of a hot audience. A special bonus track featuring the late great Wes Kane singing "Walking the Dog" is included, as well our good friend Michael Trepanier leading "Flip Flop Fly" with the Beaumonts band. & as our pal Spinko says, "Good ladies, evening & gentlemen. We like you hope our songs!"

Monte Nordstrom
"Monte Nordstrom"

"Self-titled" - 1994 Groovedigger Records








Produced by Monte Nordstrom Engineered by Damien Graham at Bagel Boy Studio.
Technical Support: Rick Salt.
Additional recording & Mixing done by Craig Arnatt at Desolation Sound, Vancouver, BC.
Mixing by Craig Arnatt, Monte Nordstrom & Wayne Diggins.
Cover Art by Toby Nilsson, Photography by Paul Fletcher, Layout by Blackbird Graphics

Monte Nordstrom: vocals, guitars, GR1 (Bass on 7, 9, & 10)
Wayne Diggins: Alto Sax & Vocals
Bill Winter: Keyboards
Michael Harney: Drums
Pierre Komen: Tenor Sax
Steve McKinnon: Bass
Damien Graham: Drums (on 7, 8, 9 & 10)

Dedicated to Greg Winter & Dave Attewell

Liner Notes:

Monte Nordstrom is a veteran singer-songwriter with a progressive background. His early work was influenced by the late guitar master, Lenny Breau. Monte's acoustic duo, "ptarmigan" opened for Lenny on a two week stint at "le Hibou" in Ottawa in 1972. Stand-up bass, drums & percussion were added to Monte's 12 string guitar & Glen Dias' recorders when the "ptarmigan" LP was produced by the renowned flautist, Paul Horn for Columbia Records in 1974. (This unusual recording was to be re-released on CD by the progressive California label Synphonic Records" in 1994).

Subsequent to the disbanding of "ptarmigan", Monte formed the publishing company Northstream Music. His writing encompassed an ever-widiening variety of styles over the next few years while he performed & recorded songs for demos and albums for indie release, including "Maelstrom" (AKA "Silhouette of Our Insanity") in 1978, "Wild & Lonely" in 1980, and "Voodoo Rage" in 1983.

In 1986 Monte formed a working band which became "the Beaumonts", a guitar-led quintet with keys, sax and a rhythm section. An album entitled "Nothing More Better" was released in 1992, and over the next two years a fiercely independant campaign was undertaken. Travelling to Austin, Texas for SXSW 93 provided monte an opportunity to network with the majors. This was followed by a train trip to New Orleans where he wrote the song "Grain of Salt" (in a Storyville bar). On by train to Memphis where Monte was inspired to write Long Lonely Night" after recording an instrumental session at the legendary Sun Studio. Monte further investigated his soul & blues roots in the steamy clubs of Beale Street before continuing his jpourney into deepest America with a sojourn of song-pitching on Music Row in Nashville.

By now the bulk of the material for this self-titled album was compiled. A further R'n'R (reggae & recreation) mission occured with an excursion to Jamaica before recording began on this rootsy collection of Soul, Blues, Rock-a-Billy, Reggae and Contemporary Rock.

Monte Nordstrom

Songs and Stories of People and Places







Eclectic semi-acoustic Canadiana. A potpourri of CBC-friendly originals...
In a fit of avuncular nepotism, Monte Nordstrom introduces the lead guitar talents of nephew Kelly. Many special guests include Dave Allen (The Mahones) on fiddle.

Written by Monte Nordstrom (except * by Monte & Kelly Nordstrom)
Produced & Engineered by Monte & Kelly Nordstrom for Helicon Productions.
Mastered at Media Magic, Victoria, BC.
Cover Art by Nenia Schimke
Logo by Monte Nordstrom
Photography by Marlene Dayman at "Stills".
Layout by Kathy Williams
Manufactured by Pacific North - Made in Canada

Special thanks to Rick Woollam, Barry Newman, Dave Spinks at Duncan Music, Lucy, MaryAnn, Vanessa & Mo, Denny Williams, Jeremy Sagar, Paul Ruszel, Andy Ruszel, Nic Leitch, Longevity John, John Law, The Brigantine Inn, The Arlington Inn and Asta Pasta Restaurant

Monte Nordstrom: Vocals, Godin Multiac Nylon String Guitar & GR1 Synth, Bass, Piano on "Sparky's Blues", Harmonica, Mandolin & Bells
Kelly Nordstrom: Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar (Arrangement on "Crisis Line")
Donny McGillivray on Drums
Special Guests:
Bill Winter: Keyboards & Accordian
Rick Woollam: Harmonica on "Never Take the Mountains"
Paul & Andy Ruszel: Chorus on "Doubloon & the Stranger"
Dave Spinks & Nikki Nilsson: vocals on "Street So Mean"
MaryAnn Nordstrom: Tambourine on "Northstream"
Dave Allen: Fiddle on "Doubloon & the Stranger"

Monte Nordstrom
Live at the James Bay Inn

Victoria, BC
Produced/engineered by Monte Nordstrom







Monte presents an extended selection of his material in a solo setting with semi-acoustic guitar, harmonica & guitar synth.
Includes bonus tracks featuring Charlie Wade on drums and congas.