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Sue Medley

CD (March 19, 1991)
Original Release Date 1991

Rare Out of Print CD Used in mint conditon

Also  Very Rare 1991 Japanese 11-track CD including 1 bonus track.

Long out of print.Very hard to find. Mint Condition


Greatly influenced by Bonnie Raitt, Sue Medley made a noteworthy contribution to roots-rock and pop-rock with this self-titled release. Tunes like "Heart of Mine," "Oh, Atlanta" and "Maybe the Next Time" made it clear that Medley (an expressive, big-voiced singer with a noteworthy range and a bit of a rough edge to her voice) wasn't out to dazzle audiences with how hip or trendy she could be. Medley's unpretentious nature is one of her assets, and her earthiness serves her well on a CD that, although not fabulous, is honest and generally decent. This album should have attracted more attention, but like so many worthwhile albums released by major record companies, Sue Medley seemed to fall between the cracks. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide

Contributing artists:
Ashley Cleveland, Sonny Landreth
Mike Wanchic, Simon Vinestock
Universal Distribution

Album notes
Personnel: Sue Medley (vocals, acoustic guitar); Robbie Steininger (guitar, background vocals); Sonny Landreth (slide guitar); Neil Drinkwater (piano); Steve Todd (piano, synthesizer); John Cascella (organ); Richard Sera (keyboards, background vocals); Bryon House (synthesizer); David Ranson, Steve Pearce, Toby Myers, Blair Depape (bass); Kenneth Blevins (drums); Kenny Aronoff (drums, percussion); Vince Ditrich (drums, background vocals);     Ashley Cleveland, Michael Wanchic (background vocals).
Recorded at The Belmont Mall, Bloomington, Indiana; Le Studio, Morin Heights, Canada; Westside Studios, London, England.

Susan Cogan Space Age Primitives

Swollen Members

I bought the 2nd CD before this one, and I enjoyed it. So I decided to buy this one, "Balance". I must say, it is just as Awesome as the other one...I don't think there is a single song I didn't enjoy listening to! Must buy for Canada music fans!
Submitted by a reviewer in Londesborough, ON, Canada

Tal Bachman Tal Bachman

CD (April 13, 1999)
Original Release Date April 13, 1999
Those who found a lot to like in the New Radicals' update of '70s and '80s pop-rock for '90s ears may find Tal Bachman's debut similarly appealing. Seemingly inspired as much by the widescreen fantasias of Queen and ELO as by the Beatles, the son of former Bachman-Turner Overdrive head Randy offers a series of well-crafted tunes helmed by himself and superstar producer Bob Rock. Craftsmanship, however, is about the limit of Bachman's vision; his songs rarely rise above clich├ęd declarations of (and complaints about) love, with pro forma considerations of maturity ("I Wonder") and generational concerns ("Looks Like Rain") failing to lend much weight. With TV producers (Dawson's Creek, Melrose Place) clamoring to use his melodramas on their soundtracks, Bachman may find commercial--if not artistic--success. --Rickey Wright

Tammy Fassaert
Just Passin; Through

Used in very good + condition

very Rare

Featuring: Scott Nygaard, John Reischman, Sally Van Meter, Barbara Lamb, Mark Schatz and others

Tegan and Sara Under Feet Like Ours

Released: 1999/Re-Released: 2001
Independent: Plunk Records - STCD-001
Compact Disc -Out of Print-

This CD is 'almost impossible to find' and priced for its rarity

These CDs are not the recent reprint with 13 tracks. They are the real gems with the original 12 tracks.

Produced by Tegan and Sara and Jared Kuemper
Engineered and Mixed by Jared Kuemper

Additional Players: Tegan and Sara (guitar and vocals), Aaron Burke (drums), Jara Muzzik (electric guitar), Jeremy Coates (bass), Lilly Penner (cello), Kristian Alexandrov (programming, piano, percussion), Marc Tremblay (bass)

Art Turenne
Thinking Out Loud

Tobin Stokes
Eagle's Song

Sounds and Music from Coastal BC
On Eagle's Songs, Tobin Stokes plays synthesizers, piano, conga and vibraphone as well as small percussion instruments, marimba and clay flute. Woven together with strands of melody and rhythm are the cries of eagles, ravens, oystercatchers and gulls, the power of the ocean, and the enchanting sounds of Canada's west coast forests. This soundscape also features two special guests: Allison Girvan on vocal and Daniel Lapp on trumpet and fiddle.