Molly Raher Newman

Artist, Actress, Musician and Performer
Molly Malone of Rig-Jig Celtic Street Band
Molly Plays 14 instruments, covering 6 musical genres: ragtime,dixieland,celtic,
blues,early music,& bluegrass. She is best known for her percussion-playing abilities, performing as special guest in various bands as well as studio musician in recording projects. Molly's energy in performance is matched by a sensitivity to her audiences and what it takes to make them enjoy the show. An international musician, she has played both sides of the border. She hosted several local TV interview shows for over five years, and has been on the local scene as a performer and "music facilitator" for 20 years with special events planning a specialty.
Molly played the famous role of "Diamond Tooth Gertie"in Dawson City Yukon, and since that time she has had a certain sparkle in her smile, and became known around Victoria as "Diamond Tooth Molly" of the Tappin'Toes Jazz Band.
Molly is also a member of the Victoria Mandolin Orchestra, the Island Thyme Morris Dancers, and she hosts an entertainment variety evening at the Blethering Place Restaurant called "Musical Trifle" on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month.


EMILY CARR - Artist& Author Molly has played the role of EMILY CARR for over 4 years, appearing at Emily Carr House, the Royal British Columbia Museum, The Art Gallery of Victoria, and at community functions such as the Moss Street Paint-In, Gorge-On-Art, art gallery openings, street festivals, art fairs. Molly is an artist of 38 years, and yet Molly was inspired to perform in EMILY CARR's character to focus attention on the written works of EMILY CARR - 7 volumes,books Emily's life & schooling in, about early Victoria and what it was like to live in British Columbia in the world for over 6 decades. Emily's anecdotes, thoughts, journals and artist's notes comprise the complete body of her writen works. Molly's broad art training in Europe and in San Francisco set a foundation for her "living" interpretation of Emily Carr's spirit and style - painting "live art", reading from Emily's works, reciting quotations from her books and public addresses and inspiring others to seek their own creativity. Her performances have audiences raving: "It's Emily - It's HER voice!" The Books of EMILY CARR, are now being produced in talking book form, and represents the largest EMILY CARR Audio project ever undertaken: Book of Small, House of Allsorts, Growing Pains, Heart of a Peacock, Pause, Hundreds and Thousands(Journals of an Artist),Klee Wyck

Rig-A-Jig Celtic Street Band







"Enthusiastic Celtic" is what this band personifies - 6 piece ensemble of excellent musicians and tight arrangements makes this CD an all-season, all generations product.
A great Band with roots in the music of the British Isles and Canada
Now at the Blethering Place Restaurant Friday Nights 7-9pm
Rig-A-Jig's fiddle, banjo concertina, guitar, bass and washboard rhythms make it the perfect band for an upbeat, fun time for everyone!
Jigs, reels, waltzes, polkas
combine with songs from the traditional past and from contemporary Canadian songwriters. Sing along, dance, enjoy the music!
Phone 250 384 9046 for booking information. E-mail to mail@rig-a-jig.com or mnewman@netcom.ca for a FREEE
SAMPLE of Rig-A-Jig's music.

Add a dance caller to Rig-A-Jig's merry musicians and you have the perfect formula for a community or school dance!
Everyone dances with everyone as the dance caller gives easy instructions for all to follow. It's all very fun and inclusive of all at the dance - grandmothers dance with their grandchildren, dads with daughters and moms with sons...everyone gets into the act. Phone 384-9046 for more information on community and school functions.e-mail to:
mnewman@netcom.ca or