Monte Nordstrom
MONTE NORDSTROM is a west-coast Canadian singer/songwriter with a current catalog of 9 original CDs available on his independant label, Groovedigger Records.
The talented multi-instrumentalist & singer began writing his own music in the late 60s & developed a unique & innovative guitar style. In 1970 he was recruited to sing & play 12 string & classical guitar with the Vancouver Island sextet, "Ptarmigan". The group eventually reduced to a duo with Monte & vocalist/recorder player, Glen Dias. From 1971-72 they toured the Canadian coffee house circuit, writing new material while performing at Victoria's QueQueg; Vancouver's Egress; Winnipeg's Ting Tea Room; Toronto's Fiddler's Green and to Ottawa (for 2 weeks alongside the legendary Lenny Breau at le Hibou).
Monte's recording career started in 1972 with the Paul Horn-produced Columbia of Canada LP entitled 'Ptarmigan'. The album was a collaborative effort backed by studio musicians. This unusual album has since become a Prog collectors item & has now been re-released on CD by Groovedigger.
Next Monte formed his own band & continued writing original material, forming his own SOCAN-affiliated publishing company, Northstream Music, which now represents more than 200 Nordstrom titles.
Monte completed production on his first solo project, "Silhouette of Our Insanity" in 1978. The album is now available as part of the Groovedigger "vault series". Several of the original members of that band are contributing to a career-spanning project that is currently under production.
Monte & his wife MaryAnn relocated to Edmonton in 1980 where Monte recorded 'Wild & Lonely', a radio program produced by Pat Stradeski later that year. "Voodoo Rage", a pop/rock album of topical material was also produced by Pat Stradeski for another "Live" radio series in 1983, (the same year Monte's daughter Vanessa was born). These recordings are now available under the latter title from Groovedigger.
In 1986 Monte & family returned to Vancouver Island where a new band was formed. This group became known as "Monte & the Beaumonts" and for over 10 years they hosted a weekly open stage event, featuring original R&B, Soul & Poprock. The popular event occassionally attracted the likes of Eddie Schwartz, Ellen MacIllwaine, Brian MacLeod, Willie P. Bennett and Stephen Fearing as well as a steady stream of talented Island-based musicians & bands.
More albums were produced including '89-'92's "Nothing More Better, '94's "Monte Nordstrom" as well as a live CD entitled "Monte & the Beaumonts' Sunday Healing Service"; all titles on Groovedigger Records. These recordings were promoted at music conferences such as SXSW in Austin Texas & MusicWest in Vancouver as well as with ventures to Los Angeles (Progfest), New Orleans (writing new material), Memphis (recording at Sun Studio) & Nashville (pitching songs on Music Row).
During this time Monte began contributing a series of music-industry columns to Cosmic Debris Musician's Magazine recounting these trips and sharing insider information on the music business with his readers.
In 1996 Monte changed directions acquiring his own mobile recording facility, "Helicon Productions", which soon attracted the attention of Roland Canada (see link). He then recorded the folk/jazz tinged 'Northstream', focusing on material with a distinctly Canadian content. Regional promotional appearances from Winnipeg to Whitehorse (Yukon International Storytelling Festival) were undertaken and this new tack gained support from regional CBC Radio.
In recent months other broadcast activity of the Groovedigger catalog has included FM airplay of selections from 'Ptarmigan' in France & the USA; 'Get What's Mine' in the United Kingdom & 'Sparky's Blues' in Indonesia.
In 1998 Monte released his 8th CD 'Live at the James Bay Inn' and the next year Groovedigger re-released the first album by an outside artist 'Noontide' by Barry Newman. A co-production with Jeremy Sagar is currently in the works which will feature Pat Steward on drums, Barry Newman on bass & guitar, Nick Jarvie on percussion, Tokyo studio musician Keizo Endo, Dave Rowse on wind and Doug Rhodes on keys, wind, standup bass.

Monte Nordstrom
Voodoo Rage








Produced by Pat Stradeski at CKRA Studios, Edmonton, Alberta.
Assisted by Michael Harney, Mixed by Pat Stradeski & Monte Nordstrom
Re-mix & Analog to Digital Tranfer: Jeremy Sagar, Edmonton 1999

Monte Nordstrom
Nothing More Better

Duncan, BC







Produced by Monte Nordstrom.
Engineered by Jim Kent.
Rockin', pop 'n' reggae, blues and soul... live in the studio.
Introducing the 3-D Horns: Diggs, Duck and Doug


Bill Winter: keys, accordion & vocal
Mike Harney: drums
Doug Rhodes: bass, organ, tenor sax, baritone sax
Wayne Diggines: alto sax, clarinet
Will Cardinal: bass, backup vocals
Dave Rowse: baritone sax
Keith Washington: bass
Brent Hutchinson: alto sax
Monte Nordstrom: vocals, guitar