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Andrews & Lawrence Old Time Gospel

In the harmonizing and gospelizing tradition of the Monroe, Stanley, and Louvin Brothers comes Andrews and Lawrence. They've put together an old time gospel show tailor-made for
your festival stage, theater, church hall or coffeehouse.

You don't have to know a lot about gospel music to get caught
up in the sing-along atmosphere, with enough story-telling to
bring the folk, country, and bluegrass audiences along for the
ride. In addition to the main show, Andrews and Lawrence host a gospel workshop full of opportunities for unison and harmony singing, as well as pointers on musical arranging and historical background to really bring this musical genre to life.

Andy Ruszel sings lead and plays rhythm guitar. His songs have been performed by Juno award winning artists Charlotte Diamond and the Rovers.

Larry Lawrence plays lead guitar and sings tenor. He is also
a well known producer, arranger, and choral singer.

For Andrews and Lawrence, it's about giving each performance their all, and making it a good time had by all. They look forward to seeing you at the show.

"Brothers in song. Andrews and Lawrence transformed the hall into an authentic old time gospel showcase on Friday night.
Andy Ruszel and Larry Lawrence wove their own version of the close-knit vocal harmonies and exacting flat-pick guitar runs that characterize the superlative sound of duos like the Monroe,
Louvin and Stanley Brothers. The audience joined in on renditions of old standards that would have done an Appalachian church
choir proud."

- Gabriola Sounder

Andy Ruszel 'grass

a classic debut album by island songwriter Andy Ruszel

"bluegrass, reggae and other musical traditions blend to make this original cd one of the finer musical products to come from Vancouver Island. One of my all-time favorite songcrafters"
Ric Lafontaine
Cd Isle

Banjo Jim Erkiletian Soulstice Gettin' Down

Jim's band Soulstice and his 1st recording, a rare treat!!!

Darrel De La Ronde & Saskia
Laura's Kitchen

Music to Feed the Soul







Deb Maike Garden Of Love

Mother, wife and grandmother, Deb wears her experiences along with her heart on her sleeve as she probes the hopes, dreams, frustrations and joys of womanhood with intimacy and insight. Steve McKinnon and Nikki Nilsson join Maike's familiar warm vocals with soothing harmonies which refreshed the spirit like a cool breeze on a hot summer afternoon. John Law on lead guitar and mandolin.

Donna Konsorado Skylines

Donna Konsorado has made her home on Vancouver Island since 1988 but she first heard frailing-style banjo in 1972 on the porch of a log cabin in the hills of 100 Mile House, played by some wayfaring stranger. Since that time Donna has done her part to maintain this style, as she incorporates it into her accompaniments of her own and others’ songs. She interchanges her banjo for acoustic guitar during her performances, to suit her repertoire which includes country and folk music with a growing proportion of her original material. In the past, Donna’s musical energy was divided between her own music and her intense involvement in hosting local and visiting acoustic musicians at house concerts and the now-defunct Wild Roots Cafe in Nanaimo. Over the past two years, however, Donna has focused on her own music, to the delight of her audiences who get to see her on stage with her banjo and her guitar much more frequently. Donna plays solo as well as increasingly in tandem with Ken Hamm and occasionally with her husband, Bill Konsorado. Donna has been busy with various recording projects. Her debut album, “Skylines” showcases many of her own compositions. As well, she played banjo with the Wake Up Jacob Band, recording on the Rough But Honest Miner project of Richard Wright and Cathryn Wellner, co-produced by Ken Hamm. She also joined Ken Hamm on back-up vocals and banjo for his most recent recording “Cross the River”, which presents one of Donna’s compositions as the title track. Donna’s musical roots reach back to southern Alberta where she grew up, as well as time spent in Washington state. With a rodeo cowboy for a father she listened to country tunes from him around the house and occasionally at one of the local honkytonks. As part of the Trout Creek Pickers in the 70's, Donna was inspired by her sister Sherry, who crammed her short life full of music and creativity, and her first banjo teacher, Lesley Schatz, who went on to be internationally known in the banjo world. Since that time, Donna has developed her own style of music that incorporates her roots but moves on to new places. Some of her influences along the way have been John McEuen, Emmy Lou Harris , Kate Wolf and Nanci Griffith, as well as those musicians that surround her on Vancouver Island and the west coast.

Flying Accusations
Now Arriving...

Originating from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, The Flying Accusations are the Island's SuperHeros of Torch and Twang! Their combination of Roots, backwoods, newgrass, altcountry and original tunes, will appeal to the most discriminating Hillbilly. They have risen to feature act status at musical events throughout British Columbia. One song may have you in hysterics, while the next one may leave you with a tear in your eye. Yes, this band can, and will, draw out your emotions. They specialize in down-home, full frontal, emotionally charged, in your face music; The less politically correct - the better. Mix in five part vocal harmonies that will raise the small hairs on the back of your neck and you've got the idea. Git ready to start yer toes atappin' and yer hands aclappin' - The Flying Accusations are here. YeeHaw!

Your new favorite Americana, Alt Country, Roots Newgrass band. Great tunes and harmonies. A stellar debut CD from the west coast of Canada.

Produced by David Essig.

Gordon Carter
Rivers & Roads

Gordon’s debut CD "Rivers & Roads" has been a long time coming. The CD, produced by Doug Cox, was released in July 2005, and contains 13 self-penned tracks . It features some of BC’s finest musicians such as Daniel Lapp, Diamond Joe White, Tammy Fassaert and Sue Pyper.

Gordon Carter is a rare breed in this world. He writes from the heart and writes about his local heritage and homeland. He is the kind of songwriter that defies time. In this day of mass-produced music, his work stands up against the classic songwriters of our day. If we had a 2005 Woodstock, Gordon Carter would be there.

Jeremy Walsh
Self-Titled Debut

A talented entertainer and songwriter in the tradition of Paxton and Guthrie, Jeremy Walsh draws from many different traditions of folk music including Celtic, Appalacian, French Canadian, Bluegrass, Irish, Maritime and Newfoundland. Produced by High McMillan of "Spirit of the West", "Self Titled Debut" follows Jeremy's successful stint as a key performer, vocalist and writer in the Canadian band "Scruj MacDuhk." While his music ranges from lilting celtic to furious folk rock, all is delivered with passion and a highly infectious energy. It's no wonder he has shared stages with Eileen Ivers, Lunasa, James Keelaghan, Dervish, The Paperboys and Great Big Sea.

Joe Charron Train Wreck on the Dance Floor

very rare only 2 left in stock

This Valley tunesmith applies the same passion, commitment and artistry to his music that he does to that finely hewn willow furniture that he fashions in his spare time. Strong vivid lyrics. Sturdy melodies. A robust voice to keep away the rain. They're more than just a good place to visit. Joe Charron builds songs you can live in.

"Joe Charron is a gifted story-teller with a strong clear voice and a worldly-wise view of human nature..."Times Colonist, Victoria B.C.
"...a novelist's eye for detail and the soul of a honky-tonk poet" Country Wave Magazine "Joe Charron show at he Opera House was mesmerizing...the line up for his CD was longer than the one at the bar" The Times, Gravenhurst Ontario
The Somenoes Sessions: Vol.1, 1997
Born in Winter, 1996
Train Wreck on the Dance Floor, 1994