Lynn Redford
You Stop My Heart

Lynn's debut album, entitled "You Stop My Heart," was recorded at Raincoast
Studios in Nanaimo

Mississippi Hippies
self titled

Ode To Benson
A Gathering Of Song


Paul Abgrall
Smooth Sailing

Paul Abgrall is a true islander. Born in Duncan and raised in nearby Youbou. Paul has resided on the Island all his life.

R.S. 'Honeybuns' McMillan

With the exception of 1 song, 1 song with one line, and 1 song with lyric-less vocals , this is a primarily instrumental album. The theme revolves around returning to the west coast, to spend time trying to heal my, at this time, very recent back injury. This album features the 11min18sec composition "thirteen variations for feedback". This piece was inspired by a daydream of sounds in late Summer of 1993, and hearing the sounds of outer space being broadcast on tv while (name of spacecraft goes here) passed by the planet Jupiter some time in the early Fall of 1998. Fall of 1998 recording sessions,
first mixed in the spring of 2000.

total running time: 31:44

Rick Bockner Fret Lizards

Last sealed copy
Fret Lizards is a collection of the new and the old music that still rides around in Rick's head after years of guitar playing. This is a cd that will quietly find a favourite place in your music collection.

Ron Campbell
A Skinny Old White Man Sings The Blues

Songwriter, award-winning recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, teacher, high-energy performer.

Ron Mason
Move The Earth

Diverse, rootsy, blues, bluegrass and folk weave through strong story based songs about real people working in early twentieth centruy factories. Joy, struggle and art connects our lives to those who came before us.

Todd Butler A Canadian Loonie

Tri Continental Lets Play

Here, Madagascar Slim, Bill Bourne and Lester Quitzau have again cooked up a wonderfully universal musical gumbo with many different ingredients. Their unique acoustic/electric style mixes blues, folk, songs, and various world beat strands and they also introduce a special guest: Ramesh Shotham, the Indian percussion master from Cologne. He adds to the "groove" factor of the music in many different ways. This group brings together individual talent and then creates the one quality that is indispensable for every musician — an individual and original sound. Those who have grown to love this sound — and those who want to finally discover it for themselves — will not be disappointed by LET’S PLAY.