Todd Butler
"I am a guitarist, songwriter, comedian, satirist, entertainer, festival performer, emcee, former Mormon Guy who spent his formative years on a communal farm near Onoway, Alberta and now resides in Courtenay, BC. Consequently, I can milk a cow, write a song about you and make dim sum for my Wife (from scratch), all in the same day!
I believe in Social Justice, Equality, Free Enterprise, Corporate Accountability, Making Fun of Selfish and/or Stupid People, Recycling and UFO's. I use music, comedy and satire to advance these beliefs ( except the UFO's, that's personal! ) and won't stop until things improve for everyone. In the meantime, I enjoy a good laugh!!
"  Todd Butler

Todd Butler Todd Butler Goes Madly Off-Live

2 CD set
I am happy to announce the release of my new 2 CD set, "Todd Butler Goes Madly Off-Live"! This collection of over 100 minutes of songs and standup from my recent stint as host of CBC's Madly Off in All Directions, features: The Car Song, Hockey Talk Woman, The Jean Chretien Legacy Collection, Farm to Fork, The Movie Rant, and the 'road song', "Home" as recorded with Pied Pumpkin, to name a few!! The concerts were taped in Cranbrook, Grande Prairie, Courtenay, Saskatoon, and Sault Ste Marie in 2003, and aired on Madly Off in the fall of 2003 and winter 2004. Thank you for supporting Canadian Comedy!
Todd Butler

Todd Butler A Canadian Loonie

Todd Butler Idle Canadian

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Todd Butler CBC Songs #1


Todd Butler Sole Doubt At The Rose

Doug Cox and Todd Butler Live Blues