Ermter, Ken

Echo Trash







A Heavy Metal experience presenting the worlds people as they are; thrashing the enviroment and our mental attitudes re-positioning the individual existence where ever they exist...

The hard rock album that started well... almost started it all. There is actually one that comes before it but...
good luck finding it#@#$%##
it is very rare





Kenneth W. Ermter was born on the 15 day of July 1969, in the cowboy city of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Ken Ermter began writing songs at the testing age of 16, and produced 2 demo tapes( now available ) . He started his first original band a year later and after many years of hard work and experience became one of the most prolific writers of the new millennium. Ken currently has over 300 completed songs of all different styles available for market: all of which are presented accousticlly on compact disk.
Ermter has written and produced for 5 cd's including PLAYGROUND-ECHOTHRASH(produced by Jerry Wong) and THE 57 MONKEYS GREATEST HITS VOL. 2(engineered by Rick Salt),3 demo cd's, and recently filmed his first music video Playground-"Humpty Dumpty" (produced by Triton films).
Ken continues to write with the wind and is back in the studio for his sixth musical endevor. "Humtpy Dumpty" is now part of the Much Music rotation and his 2nd video is in the works.