Island Showcase 2004
Various Artists

featuring Gary Fjellgaard, Shari Ulrih,
Doug Cox & Brad Prevedoros

The first release by Island Showcase to commemorate its 7th Annual event. Held in Nanaimo and showcasing Vancouver Island Artists. Contact elly@cdisle.ca for more information about the festival.

Produced by Ric Lafontaine
Recorded at the Bailey Studio
by Jerry Paquette of Raincoast Studio
Mixed and mastered at bLUE eCHO music
cd artwork & design by Ric Lafontaine
Cover photo by Heydemann Art of Photography
Showcase Poster 2004 by B Multimedia

email: elly@islandshowcase.ca
©2005  Island Showcase
SOCAN  All Rights Reserved  Made in Canada

Jack Connolly
Open Stage

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Michael Bhatti bass on tracks 4 & 10
Ben Butler guitar-case percussion on “Hoochie Coochie Man”
Bob Campbell drums
Jack Connolly acoustic & electric guitars and vocals
Brent Hutchinson alto sax
David K. bass on all tracks except 4 & 10. National guitar on “Sonny”
Daniel Lapp violin
Scott McCrady harmonica

"I was thoroughly impressed by [Jack Connolly's] lyrical intelligence, musical ability, and . . . stage presence. Connolly's original compositions shine."

Toby Nilsson,Cosmic Debris, April 2002

"The 12-song disk moves seamlessly through [Connolly's] repertoire of stage-tested originals. . . with a pair of covers paying homage to influences Carlos Santana and blues legend Willie Dixon. Weaving his"folky/bluesy" style into what co-producer K. coined "acousti-pop" Connolly proves why he has garnered the kind of attention he has since sharing the stage with folk icon Valdy at the age of 12. The songs range from heart-wrenching ballads like "Sonny" to the straight ahead 12-bar blues number "(Who's Gonna) Clean Up This Mess?" Tunes like "Waiting for the Call" and "A Touch of Grace" show the song-smith's advanced ability to tell a good story delivered with confidence and control."

The Pictorial, 8 July 2001

Jack n Lefty Tour Of No Regrets

Jack and Lefty celebrate their 10th Anniversary with their release of 'Tour of No Regrets' CD. Every piece is written by Jack (Jeannine Munn) and Lefty(Dan Rudick), both from Saltspring Island.

Jerry Paquette
walkin' slow

a saltwater cowboy and sea farin' man....owner, operator of Raincoast Studio in Nanaimo, BC

Katrina Kadoski

Katrina Kadoski is originally from Fort McMurray Alberta, where she won
the Rotary Music Festival's Best Alberta Vocalist at the age of nine.
She has become a skilled guitarist and also studied piano to accompany
eighteen years of vocal training, which include jazz and opera. Her
voice has been described as powerful, sweet, and unapologetic. She
released Whirlpools in 1998, her first full-length solo CD of original
songs. She has performed in Canada, the USA, Ireland, and England.
Currently she works as a publicist for Pacific Music Marketing.

Sizzling stage presence, and chilling harmonies

Formed in the autumn of 2002 by Victoria singer/songwriter Katrina
Kadoski and fiddler Velle Huscroft, Honeygirl made their debut at the
'M*Power Independent Music Awards' and following gigs at 'Thursdays Pub'
in Victoria and Malaspina College, a ten-day tour of Alberta included
appearances on top-rated local TV shows.
The group is now a five-piece band complete with guitar, fiddle, bass,
djembe, drums, piano, mandolin and three-part harmony

"Three-part harmonies and masterful instrumentals whisk the listener
through the songs, leaving them always wanting more, more, more! This is
a real opportunity to catch up-and-coming stars at the very beginning."
- Sunshine Folkfest





Kent Fiddy Dreams & Destiny







Songwriter. Poet. Storyteller of History. These are just some of the words which have been used to describe Kent Douglas Fiddy. There is, today, a phenomenal and burgeoning interest in the history of British Columbia. This is perhaps the result of its newly found maturity, independence and sense of destiny based on the Pacific experience. The music of Kent Douglas Fiddy celebrates an enormously rich but hitherto untapped vein of B.C. cultural heritage. The earliest contact with First Nations peoples, the extraordinary sea voyages of Captains Cook and Vancouver, the courage and determination of immigrant people from Europe and Asia, coal-mining on Vancouver Island, shipwrecks on the West Coast Trail, and the working heroes stationed on lonely, remote lighthouses. These all are part of the thread in the tapestry woven by Kent Douglas Fiddy. Inspired, evocative and compelling, his music has the power to take you on a journey across the curve of time. Kent Douglas Fiddy has worked as a songwriter and performer for many years. His material has been published by Irving/Almo Music(Canada/U.S.A), Chappel Music and Kenny Rogers' Lionshare Music. His recordings have been released internationally. His songs are used in schools for both literacy and music education purposes. Kent has opened for diverse artists as blues legends Sonny Terry Brownie McGee and Valdy, Melanie Doane, Dave Mallett, Jonny Hardy(Old Blind Dogs) and Gavin Marwick(Iron Horse). He has performed at benefits with artists including k.d. lang, Shari Ulrich, Spirit of the West and Don Herron. Recent concert appearances include festivals in both Atlantic and Pacific Canada. These include Festival-By-The-Sea (St. John, NB), the 40th Mirimichi Folk Festival (Mirimichi, NB), The Filberg Festival (B.C.), 17th Orkney Islands Folk Festival(Scotland), 1999 Pan-Am Games(Canada), and The WhaleFestival(B.C.). The CD was produced by David Sinclair, a friend and collaborator of over twenty years, who also performs in concerts with him. David Sinclair is a multi-instrumentalist with an exceptional professional career as a touring and studio musician, record producer, songwriter and composer. He is based in Vancouver and recently completed world tours with Sara MacLachlan (Lilith Fair, 1996-1999, Canada/U.S.A), (Fumbling Toward Ecstasy - 1994/1995), k.d. lang (Ingenue - 1992/1995). He is a Juno Nominee and winner of P.R.O. awards for outstanding air play. David has performed on recordings with k.d. lang, Sara McLachlen, Rita MacNeil, B.T.O., Valdy, Susan Jacks, Gary Fjellgaard, The Rovers and Tears Are Not Enough. He has played live on the Grammy's, David Letterman and the Tonight Show.

Love Beyond Measure

Mosaic A Little Company

very rare cd

Fiona Stuart and Jerry Ellins, a Nanaimo based musical duo, combining melodious harmony with guitar, djembe drum and flute. The pair played together for about 5 years and performed at folk venues in Nanaimo, Gabriola Island, Protection Island, Duncan, Courtney, and Victoria. From the diversity of Toronto's Yorkville scene to Nagana, Japan, Fiona and Jerry combine to bring the audience a 'mosaic'.

        Known for their resonating harmony, Fiona's voice is as strong as that of Joan Baez and as sweet as Judy Collins, while Jerry's is reminiscent of Stephen Stills and Valdy. Both are songwriters and you'll want to sit up and listen to this cd.


Narissa Young
...so far...

Debut Album Now Available!!!

Narissa Young is an adept and talented singer, songwriter and musician who was raised, and continues to explore her creative aspirations, in Nanaimo, BC. She is part of a burgeoning arts scene in this picturesque coastal city that has produced the likes of Juno and Grammy award-winner Diana Krall as well as David Gogo and Allison Crowe. Narissa is carving out her own niche, however, and is now poised to let loose, on discerning music lovers far and wide, her own brand of distinctive artwork 

As an artist, Narissa’s myriad musical talents have been expressed through the saxophone, bass, flute, piano, acoustic guitar and her most prominent talent, her voice. “It’s the most natural for me,” she says. Narissa utilizes her gifted voice to deliver the essence of her own poignant songs.  

An active member of a local songwriter’s circle, Narissa’s original compositions reflect catchy, yet moody sensibilities. Her lyrics draw on personal experiences that convey strong emotional content. With her first CD due out this year, Narissa’s career continues to develop and grow with a more focussed attention on writing and the performance of original material. 

Narissa’s destiny became apparent at an early age…and it’s a path that has had virtually everything to do with music. “I’ve had a love for music all my life,” she says, “And it’s always been there for me”.    

Narissa started her musical career when she joined her Grade 6 band class in school. Fate played a part in the instrument she would ultimately choose…didn’t pass the drum test, arms too short for trombone, saxophone seemed like a good fit. She later went on to learn the electric bass and then develop her voice. “My band teachers were instrumental in fostering my deep appreciation for music which I believe had always existed in me,” she says.  

Jazz is what really inspired Narissa, but rock and the blues were no strangers to her mix of musical preferences either. Playing the bass, she formed her first rock band at the age of 16. She later went on to front several more rock bands during high school, but she craved what formal education could give her, a more promising way to keep playing music. She enrolled in the jazz program at Malaspina College, and following a year of training and a renewed confidence in what she could accomplish, Narissa toured Canada with rock band Tanya Hyde. 

 Narissa’s impact on the Nanaimo music scene is felt not only in her original work and performances as a solo artist and as a duo, but also through her involvement in musical events such as the annual AngelFest (a charity benefit showcasing local female singer/ songwriters). Narissa is excited and optimistic about the future and she continues to write new songs, perform, and record her life’s work.

Norbury & Finch Tease For Two

This charismatic and quirky duo, offer a unique performing style with their evocative and adventurous songs.

Norbury & Finch swing easily through an astonishingly wide range of styles and encompass numbers in a folk tradition bordering on medieval madrigal, a capella, blues, jazz and rock, all delivered in an easy and unselfconscious manner.
The obvious rapport between Judy and Joanna is a reflection of their mutual admiration and affection for each other. One seems to inspire the other to take risks in their music as well as their personal lives. Finch accompanies Norbury's guitar and dulcimer on a variety of instruments - including the almost famous invisible nose-cornet - and Norbury has mastered the art of 'playing her face' to excellent effect. They create a relaxed atmosphere and easy rapport with their audiences, making even the biggest venue seem intimate and friendly.

Born in India and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Judy spent much of early adult life participating in the west-coast music scene. She has played at concerts and folk festivals throughout British Columbia, Canada, primarily on Vancouver Island where she has made her home for the past 25 years. With two albums, and a vast repertoire of original songs ranging from bluegrass to folk-rock, Judy is an established and respected artist throughout Vancouver Island.

Judy Norbury is a blithe spirit that knows no limitations. Through her songs she extols the abundance of love, laughter and whimsy that has propelled her along her journey of life. Judy plays guitar and Appalachian mountain dulcimer and sings, with a voice that is both rich and sweet, songs with humour, melancholy and courage. The lyrics in her songs document her personal experiences in a way that is both powerful and intimate.

Raised in Victoria, BC, Canada, Joanna Finch spent most of her life living in various B.C. coastal villages until she moved to the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island in 1990. A humorist by nature, Joanna enjoys playing with words and vocal mimicry to add a dramatic flair to her compositions. Trained in classical voice at the Victory Conservatory as a child, and in jazz as an adult, Joanna's broad range of styles is reflected in her music.

Inspired by Judy's provocative songs, Joanna first started performing seven years ago as an accompanist to Judy, adding harmony and rhythm with flute, viola, penny whistle, hand drum, and singing some of her own folk compositions. As the duo developed, Joanna's jazz background contributed to the duo's eclectic and unusual style. Her knack for creating harmony and interesting arrangements, coupled with the duo's blending of voices, make them renowned for their a capella songs. With a voice that moves from sultry blues and soothing Celtic, to the nasal whine of her own special nose cornet, Joanna's vocal gymnastics are an intriguing compliment to Judy's sure, clear voice.