Greg Joy
Celtic Secrets

very very rare

Highly decorative "folk-baroque" guitar compositions combined with the beautiful sounds of flutes, dulcimer and viola da Gamba weave a magical spell upon these enchanting traditional Celtic melodies.

Michelle Ross
HeartBody & Soul
Healing, Meditation & Sound

I recorded this CD with the intention of helping people take charge of their healing and growth,  to provide a useful ‘tool’ for experiencing more of what you want, i.e. health, wellness, peace, harmony, joy, & love.  Teaching others how to feel good,  sharing some of what I’ve learned along the way and increasing my own experiences of well-being in the process.

Change and wellness come from within.  I am the source of all that I think, feel and experience,  whether I judge it to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’.   In other words,  I am the source of everything that shows up in my life, (good & bad.)  Everything and everyone else is a mirror, (for me anyways), of what is going on inside of me, (what I am vibrating, i.e. love or fear.)  The best way I know to help make a difference in the world and what I am experiencing, is to get busy ‘feeling good’.  It is through my ‘feeling good’ that I create more of the same around me, rippling ‘feeling good’ out into the world.  It is my desire that everyone who listens to my CD ‘feel good’.  I hope you do too.


With love & gratitude,

Michelle Dianne Ross

Reiki Master –Teacher

HeartBody & Soul Healing Centre


email: heartbody@shaw.ca


Firedance: Songs for Winter Solstice

Celebrate the yearly return of the light with songs full of Celtic soul, poignancy and fire.

This collection of songs celebrating Yule is a fresh alternative to the usual seasonal fare. The album consists of five original songs and five rare traditional tunes. All original pieces and musical arrangements are written by band members.

Jennifer Shires Dreams

Jennifer Shires is a 19 year old Campbell River, BC born and raised artist who sings like an angel. She writes much of her own material and often accompanies herself on the piano.

Jennifer's most recent accomplishment is her recently recorded CD, entitled Dream, now available through Young Hearts Music. Four of the ten songs on the CD are Jennifer's own, while others are cover tunes, revealing her versatility and interpretive ability.
Jennifer's earliest musical influences were from her mom's music library of Reba McIntyre, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion, to name a few. Now, Jennifer especially admires Jann Arden and Jewel as well, although she enjoys all types of music, from light opera to funk.

Her younger siblings (two brothers and one sister) love to listen to her play piano and the flute and like all of her family, are great supporters of her talent. Jennifer graduated from Carihi Senior Secondary School in June, 2000 and will be attending Malaspina University College this fall, participating in their Vocal Jazz program. J

Ken Johnson
piano and nature interludes

Laura Langstaff
Summer Sage

Lesley Baker
Lead The Way

Lori Pappajohn
Celtic Harp Of Dreams

Poetic music inspired by first snow, friendships and loves that could have been, landscapes, ancient Greece and distant shores. "The water is wide, I can't cross o're, neither have I the wings to fly. Build me a boat to carry two and I will row, my love and I."

Louise Eldridge

Mosaic - original compositions with piano, cello, flute and violin

In the Mosaic, Louise shares her complex and soulful compositions - music that was inspired by many moving experiences over the last few years. Louise has not only composed the music for Mosaic but has written the instrumentation as well.

“I hope you may choose this album to be among your favorite CD’s; to listen to while spending some quiet time with yourself or loved ones; in front of a fire, reading a book, sailing on calm seas or in your special warm retreat. Find your favorite place, close your eyes, relax and absorb the strong emotions that are woven into my reflective compilation”. Louise Eldridge

Musicians: S. Stoikva, violin – Ms. Stoikva has performed for numerous symphonies throughout Europe. Her exquisite weaving of melody and harmony enhance the quiet passages of this album. Paula Kiffner, cello - Her supple motions of the bow denote her artistic ability. This Salt Spring, B.C. resident has been a member of many symphonies, including Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria. She is currently the head cellist for the Victoria Conservatory. Paula’s cello may be found on Celine Dion’s latest Christmas album. Alan Cottell, flute - Alan has given this album a unique sound, creating a style reminiscent of light jazz accompaniment. Alan is a resident of Victoria and is a teacher of music, voice and film.

Produced by TC Eldridge Productions

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