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Acoustic Love
soul shine

Alison Vardy

solo celtic harp

Andrews & Lawrence Old Time Gospel

In the harmonizing and gospelizing tradition of the Monroe, Stanley, and Louvin Brothers comes Andrews and Lawrence. They've put together an old time gospel show tailor-made for
your festival stage, theater, church hall or coffeehouse.

You don't have to know a lot about gospel music to get caught
up in the sing-along atmosphere, with enough story-telling to
bring the folk, country, and bluegrass audiences along for the
ride. In addition to the main show, Andrews and Lawrence host a gospel workshop full of opportunities for unison and harmony singing, as well as pointers on musical arranging and historical background to really bring this musical genre to life.

Andy Ruszel sings lead and plays rhythm guitar. His songs have been performed by Juno award winning artists Charlotte Diamond and the Rovers.

Larry Lawrence plays lead guitar and sings tenor. He is also
a well known producer, arranger, and choral singer.

For Andrews and Lawrence, it's about giving each performance their all, and making it a good time had by all. They look forward to seeing you at the show.

"Brothers in song. Andrews and Lawrence transformed the hall into an authentic old time gospel showcase on Friday night.
Andy Ruszel and Larry Lawrence wove their own version of the close-knit vocal harmonies and exacting flat-pick guitar runs that characterize the superlative sound of duos like the Monroe,
Louvin and Stanley Brothers. The audience joined in on renditions of old standards that would have done an Appalachian church
choir proud."

- Gabriola Sounder

Becky Bernson Ramblin' Women

The Songs and Tunes of Becky Bernson as performed by the members of the Victoria Folk Music community
When Becky Bernson died of cancer in February of 2000, the community and the world lost a great musician and creative spirit. Becky wrote songs that celebrated the natural world and our relationship with it, and with each other.

Becky's music is being preserved in "Ramblin' Woman", a book that includes all her songs and fiddle music. All this music is now available on this CD, which was recorded March 4, 2001 at the Victoria Folk Music Society Coffeehouse.

Songs included in both the songbook and CD are: Sagebrush and Lilies, Tree-Planting Song, Save a Piece of the World for Me, Willamette River Song, Munchkie Rag, Give Yourself Love, Reign of Love, Ramblin' Woman (Backpacking Shanty), Moss on the Ground, This Wild Land, Environmentalist's Shanty, Everything Gonna Be OK, Cowichan River Song, Lady of Light, Violet Jean Waltz, Song For Gordon, and Gaia's Grace.

Becky's original fiddle tunes included are: Denis Donnelly's Favourite, Gene's Rocky Mountain Hornpipe, Buttle Lake Paddle, Over the Glacier, The High Rocky Peaks, Genna's Jig, Wolf Island Waltz, Winter's Turning, and Dance of the Big Trees.

Brad Prevedoros
Celtic Moods

Classical guitar arrangements of many of the most well known Celtic folk melodies are combined with the tranquil sounds of ocean surf to create the perfect ambience for meditation and relaxation. Features Scarborough Fair, Danny Boy, Greensleeves, Wild Mountain Thyme, Skye Boat Song and more.

... a wonderful tranquil feeling ...
Wiccan Rede C.D. Review

Dave McCaig
Forever Fourteen

I have been inspired to record "Forever Fourteen" because:

Music is my passion
I want to honor the lives of my parents and my daughter by living my life and following my dreams
My wife has shown me that this is possible
After beating cancer twice I've been given a third chance at life
Despite my daughter's love for life and regardless of her dreams she was not given even a second chance having passed away from a brain tumor at age 14. I need to live in honor of her. She is my inspiration. She will be 'forever fourteen'.
Through pain and suffering, and having lost the will to live, I have come to realize that there is a God.
God is Love
Love heals
The love I gave to my daughter I need to give away to others
Love heals
When you see the light of God in the eyes of those who are in need you are inspired to help - my daughter's life and her loss has taught me this
I am a far greater person for having known her and I have absolutely been blessed to have been her dad
I want to reach people through my music and help those in need
I want to do this because I love my daughter
Love heals
This is my dream

David Carl Vollrath
Unfailing Love

Style: Christian
Released: 2002
Producer: Ramesh Meyers & David Carl Vollrath
Recorded: On Salt Spring Island







Unfailing Love, a CD of Christian praise and worship, is the first CD by Salt Spring musician David Carl Vollrath. Vollrath wrote all of the CD's music and lyrics, plays acoustic guitar and sings lead vocals on all 12 tracks.

Vollrath and his family worship at the Community Gospel Chapel, where he is involved with the praise and worship music ministry. He has held the same position with the Salt Spring Baptist Church, and wrote the CD's title track for the occasion of his baptism at that church. Vollrath began playing guitar at age 13 and says he "immediately had a desire to write his own music and lyrics." In 1994, two years after "accepting Jesus as his Lord and Saviour," he "began writing songs to glorify the Lord."

Unfailing Love was produced by Vollrath and Ramesh Meyers of Allowed Sound Studio, engineered by Meyers and mastered by Paul Brosseau at Nomad Music. Contributing musicians are Meyers, Marlene Cormack, Laurent Boucher, Paula Vollrath and Susheela Dawne. Before moving to Salt Spring, Vollrath attended the Salvation Army's Highpoint Community Church in Victoria, and before moving to the west coast was also involved with the Salvation Army's Sault Ste. Marie Corp. in Ontario.

As a student of the craft of lyric writing, Vollrath hopes to encourage and assist others in writing original Christian songs for praise and worship by offering songwriting workshops at churches. Unfailing Love is released by Vollrath's own record label called Living Water Music.

Elvira Clare
Daybreak in My Soul

"Daybreak in My Soul is a collection of songs I have written which are descriptive of a spiritual journey Home. To me Home is God, Self, Truth. It is being present to the constant underlying Reality of God's Eternal Love.

"These songs reflect the joys, anguishing moments, and dynamic openings I have experienced over the past 25 years, as I have endeavoured to walk a spiritual path. Looking back, I feel I can best describe this journey as a series of transformations and integrations involving Devotion, Longing, Surrender and Opening - the dawning of Awareness and Peace."

Elvira Clare currently resides at the Forest of Peace Monastery and Community on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. Over the years she has been a proponent of East/West interfaith exchange and study. Her blend of contemplative exercises and spiritual practices include the Christian Mystical Tradition of Mental Prayer, Vedanta Study, Meditation and Self-inquiry.

Ernie Day
Me, Myself, and I

Guitarist extraordinaire!!!

Gettin' Higher Choir

Spans a wide range of musical modes, heightened by the beautiful choral arragements of Denis Donnelly. Featuring Rhada's Song, with guest vocalist Ann Mortifee.