Dennis Lakusta Suusa's Room

Dennis' fourth C.D., entitled " Suusa's Room ", was released in the fall of 2000.

Donny Gale Roots of Love

Track 1 "These Tears That I Cry" went to the top of the independant charts in Australia in 9 weeks. "I've only walked away from you" and "Throught the years" followed after. All 3 songs have been topping independant charts across Europe, Australia and the USA. "Through the years" was the Caprice records submission for category 37 in the 2003 grammy awards and was published on the list by the AMA.
Donny is also a Canadian A&R rep for Caprice records/international americana. He can sign radio and album deals for Caprice.

"I am now helping solicit Vancouver Island artists out to the world market. Always open for contact." Donny

Doug Cox
Life Is So Peculiar

Doug Cox is known as one of Canada's finest slide steel guitar players.Life Is So Peculiar is a rewarding journey for the listener as Cox moves strongly into a new blues sound and style. The title song features a duet with Blues great Amos Garrett. The single My First Bike exhibits both the strength of Cox's songwriting skills and his ability to "rock" witht he best of them.

Genre - Roots/Blues

Track Listing:

  1. Mother Earth
  2. Life Is So Peculiar
  3. Johnny Too Bad/Blackberry Blossom
  4. My First Bike
  5. Born To Be Blue
  6. Brother Bill
  7. The Sun Sometimes Shines
  8. Black Girl
  9. Rope Strchin' Blues
  10. Wake Up Lisa/Mary Grieg
  11. Further Along/Water Too Wide
  12. The Blues Came To Canada

Doug Folkins Signs Along The Way

Doug Folkins Singer/Songwriter/Performing and Recording Artist
“Folkins is both a rock artist and a folk troubadour.  He follows in the footsteps of east coast artists; but has embraced the more modern aspects of contemporary Canadian roots rock music” –Rachel Jagt - Canadian Bands.com.
Folkins has released 2 independent CDs to date; Black and Brown 2000 and Signs Along The Way 2001.
Listen Loud Publishing BMI from Texas recently signed a publishing deal for 8 of Folkins’ songs
Folkins was one of the winners of the 2002 North Island Talent Hunt contest and preformed at Musicfest on July 6th.
Folkins’ songs have be heard on CBC Radio’s Richardson’s Roundup, On The Island, Main Street, North by North West and Basic Black.
“His lyrics are insightful, simple and poetic; and they are accompanied by solid musical arrangements.  He has what it takes to make his mark on the increasingly diverse Canadian indie market.” – Rambles – a cultural arts magazine, 2001
“He is a real contender in the singer/songwriter folk/pop scene” – Eliot Popkin – The Muse’s Muse.com
“We are impressed with the quality of his material and encourage Doug to send us more” – Jhan Beaupre – Listen Loud Publishing BMI, 2002.
“The lyrics are genuine and sincere.  One of the best indie CDs that I have heard” – Toby Nilsson – Cosmic Debris Magazine, 2002.

Douglas Pashley
Eye of a Hurricane

Born to a musical family, Doug Pashley showed an aptitude for music early in life, beginning 10 years of piano studies at the Royal Conservatory at the age of four. By 16 he was fluently playing many other instruments and was spurred to study composing and conducting at Malispina College of Jazz at the University of Victoria. After that he went on to private studies, in orchestration and composing, with the eminent Cuban composer Sergio Barroso.

After a period of song writing and club/studio playing in Los Angeles, Douglas moved to Japan. He spent the next 6 years as a songwriter/producer/arranger as well as writing for T.V., Radio, and a variety of artists. He recorded for the Fun House Inc. then Japan's fifth largest recording company. It was here that he recorded and released his first album Bite The Bullet. Fun House boasted a healthy sales record for the album in Europe and Asia.

While in Japan he became a member of the Board of Directors of Sam Corporation, a multi-media company. He also hosted radio shows and wrote scores and jingles for many large corporate T.V. shows.

In 1992 Douglas moved to London, England as president of Sam Corp. U.K. and C.E.O of Master Rock Studios Where he collaborated with Gus Dugeon (renown producer of Elton John, XTC, David Bowie, Chris Rea and many others).

In 1995, after 11 productive years honing his skills in the recording industry, Douglas returned to his hometown of Victoria, B.C. to record his latest album of original music on the independent Canadian label, ragged pup records. After co-writing the songs for the album with Wyckham Porteous he gathered around him some of the finest players on the west coast to make the album. The players include many of the regular members of Sara McLachlan's band. At the same time Douglas co-wrote, with David Foster, the Vannessa Williams hit Where Do We Go From Here from the movie Eraser.

Eddy Gouchie
Heart of a Vagabond

Guitar Player, Songwriter Eddy Gouchie, born on the east coast, now living in the Cowichan Valley. Started writing as a child on the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick. Eddy has travelled the country many times building a selection of songs that are as traditional as they are contemporary. A dedicated family man of simple truths, complex lies and slight exaggerations.

Elvis Costello When I Was Cruel

Release Date: Apr 23, 2002
Record Label: Island Records (USA)
Personnel includes: Elvis Costello (vocals, arranger, electric guitar, Spanish guitar, harmonica, melodica, piano, Fender Rhodes piano, harmonium, bass, cymbals, loops); Steve Nieve (melodica, piano, Clavinet, Hammond B-3 organ, keyboards, vibraphone); Roy Nathanson (alto saxophone); Jay Rodriguez (tenor saxophone); Ku-umba Frank Lacy (trumpet, flugelhorn); Curtis Fowlkes (trombone); Bill Ware (vibraphone); Davey Faragher (bass); Pete Thomas (drums, shaker, tambourine, percussion); Leo Pearson (tabla, programming); Steven Kennedy (background vocals).
Producers include: Elvis Costello, Ciarin Cahill, Leo Pearson, Kieran Lynch.
Recorded at Windmill Lane, Dublin, Ireland; Avatar Studios, New York, New York.
WHEN I WAS CRUEL was nominated for the 2003 Grammy Awards for Best Rock Album. "45" was nominated for the 2003 Grammy Awards for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance.
Though he was involved in worthy collaborations (Burt Bacharach, Anne Sofie Von Otter in the interim, the notoriously prolific Elvis Costello didn't release a proper solo album between 1996's triumph ALL THIS USELESS BEAUTY and this 2002 effort, the longest gap of his career. WHEN I WAS CRUEL is a return to visceral, rock-oriented production and songwriting after the more complex, sophisticated pursuits of his aforementioned collaborative works, and one can feel Costello's joy at getting back to his roots for a while. The maturation of the previous decade isn't invisible here--this is not the sturm und drang of THIS YEAR'S MODEL (or even BLOOD & CHOCOLATE), but this as electric-guitar-based as latter-day EC gets, and the likes of "Tear Off Your Own Head" and "Daddy Can I Turn This" are as hard-hitting as anything he's done.
Two-thirds of the Attractions (occupying the drum and keyboard stools) are on hand to provide that classic sound, but new arrival Davey Farragher impressively emulates disgruntled bassist Bruce Thomas's McCartney-on-speed licks. Tasteful horns add effective coloring to the quartet sound, and Costello's own tremolo-drenched guitar has never been so prevalent. Despite a couple of long, moody songs (the title track and the closing "Radio Silence"), the overwhelming feeling here is one of unbridled energy of the sort Costello hadn't let out for quite a while. "Every Elvis has his army," sings Mr. Costello on "Episode of Blonde," and it appears that his is well trained enough to mobilize effectively even after long periods of rest.

Editorial reviews
Included in Rolling Stone's 50 Best Albums of 2002
Rolling Stone (12/26/2002)

...Costello has blessed us with a motherlode of tunes, concetrating on crafting self-proclaimed rowdy rhythm ballads shaded with subtle textures and vibes...
CMJ (04/29/2002)

6 out of 10 - ...CRUEL is ultimately a welcome return to the office...
Alternative Press (06/01/2002)

6 out of 10 - ...There are reassuringly unhealthy signs of life...
NME (04/20/2002)

Mojo (05/01/2002)

3 out of 5 stars - ...Raw and lengthy....the veins at Costello's temples are throbbing again...
Q (04/01/2002)

7 out of 10 - ...The professor [has] his groove back....46-year-old Elvis sneers, snipes, and snaps like it's '77....the music-ranging from twangy jazzisms...to raucous blues rock...lets Costello honor his roots...
Spin (05/01/2002)

4 out of 5 stars - ...Costello still records...with care and creativity....WHEN I WAS CRUEL is a collection of tough tunes and textures that recalls-but doesn't recycle-the records that endeared him to his earliest admirers...
Rolling Stone (05/09/2002)

Ranked #4 on CMJ's Top 10 of 2002
CMJ (12/30/2002)

Ranked #2 on EW's list of 2002's Albums of the Year - ...Packed with bristling spews, noir soundscapes, and cutting autobiographical sketches that reveal a man grappling with the onset of middle age...
Entertainment Weekly

Ranked #33 in Mojo's Best Albums of 2002
Mojo (01/01/2003)

Eric Benson Close the Door

Recently, one of Eric's songs from this CD was picked up by Neil Young  and put on his website "Living With War Today". It's called "Writings of Holy Men".

Shortly after its release in 1997, Eric Benson’s first CD “Close the Door”, gained accolades from veterans in the music world, and received airplay on FM, college radio and AM stations here in BC, and on budding internet radio stations and music sites worldwide. The “Door” is actually a window into the soul of this gifted artist. Eric is known for his ability to put pure emotions onto paper, and capture an audience within the songs striking melodies, and his soothing vocals. He has shared the stage with music icons Amanda Marshall, Ian Tyson, Juice Newton, Valdy, Queen of slide guitars Ellen McIllwain, and Roy Clark, to name a few.

Now, come and experience Eric’s latest mix of truly heartfelt and stirring songs on the “Eric Benson and Urban Legend White Horse” album. Released to an audience of over 200 who braved the only snowstorm of the year in Campbell River to hear not only the new songs, but also the music of his new band, “Urban Legend”. With the sultry vocals of Cathy Kalyniuk on harmony and taking the lead in some songs, and the smooth angelic vocals of back up singer Johanne Abbis, each of Eric’s songs was and continues to be showstoppers. From the medieval settings of both “The Rain God” and “White Horse”, the incredibly beautiful love ballads, “More” and “Just One More Time”, to the haunting reflections of “Angel in Mid Flight”, you will want to play this CD over and over again. Eric’s first appearance in Nanaimo at the Lighthouse Pub Songwriter’s Circle in May was nothing short of electric, and everyone waiting for his return.

Eugene Krauss

Ford Pier

CD (October 6, 1995)

Very Rare and Out of Print

Ford is a western Canadian prodigy, having performed in such bands as Junior Gone Wild and D.O.A., and now a part of the brilliant Veda Hille ensemble and the NoMeansNo side project Show Business Giants. A wildly brilliant and diverse guitarist and singer.