Papillomas, The

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Only 1 very rare cd available in excellent condition

Corolla is a cool CD. Nanaimo's the Papillomas give us a collection of alterna-pop guitar driven songs about some of those everyday occurrences in life that you might not expect to hear in a song. They sing of flat tires outside of Moose Jaw and pieces of corn on the side of your mouth. The music might remind you a bit of the rough edge of Hardship Post and the poppiness of Lowest of the Low -- and that's a good thing.

The Papillomas let their songs play themselves instead of trying to hide them behind some forced attempt at cool, ultra-hooky chords which seems to be oh-so-popular. They just perform the songs well. Highlights are cool guitar work and Michael Kissinger's unpolished voice, which suits the everyday stories of Corolla.

With the exception of "Ted Nugent's Spine," for the title alone... and for the Guns 'n Roses guitar fade, none of the songs shine over the others because they're all pretty cool and you'll find yourself reaching for the repeat button to hear the disc again.

Test drive Corolla today.

Review by P. Freako

Pigment Vehicle
Independent Women Are So Damned Good

CD (September 10, 1996)

Very Rare and Out of Print

Victoria's Pigment Vehicle were a terrific hardcore unit, that also had releases on the Incentive and Sudden Death labels. Mathrock? Progcore? Just good fun...

R.S. 'Honeybuns' McMillan

With the exception of 1 song, 1 song with one line, and 1 song with lyric-less vocals , this is a primarily instrumental album. The theme revolves around returning to the west coast, to spend time trying to heal my, at this time, very recent back injury. This album features the 11min18sec composition "thirteen variations for feedback". This piece was inspired by a daydream of sounds in late Summer of 1993, and hearing the sounds of outer space being broadcast on tv while (name of spacecraft goes here) passed by the planet Jupiter some time in the early Fall of 1998. Fall of 1998 recording sessions,
first mixed in the spring of 2000.

total running time: 31:44

Hello My Name Is Irrelevant

CD (August 24, 1999)

Very Rare and Out of Print

Instrumental punk rawk? Yowza! No current USA distribution of this great band, touring mates of NoMeansNo. Last heard touring Europe.

Royal Grand Prix
High Performance

CD (October 13, 1998)

Very Rare and Out of Print

The hilarous project featuring former members of Roots RoundUp, Hard Rock Miners, Show Business Giants, and many more great local Vancouver bands, doin rocking songs about their three favorite things -beer, cars and girls!

If Frank Zappa and the Beastie Boys had somehow been constrained by the musical ambitions and abilities of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, they might have made music that sounds something like Royal Grand Prix. Hailing from Vancouver, the "brothers" Romoli (vocalist Rocky, guitarist Robbie, bassist Rosie, and drummer Mac) dropped High Performance -- their debut collection of smart-ass punk rock -- in 1998 for Wrong Records. Upbeat and simple (both conceptually and musically) High Performance fails to get any big laughs, but Royal Grand Prix does exude a colorful (if somewhat forced) personality on the record that, while dopey, has some charm as well. Double entendre on tracks like "Full Service" abound, and while it's all delivered with unbridled enthusiasm, the tired material prevents Royal Grand Prix from firing on all cylinders. Choice cuts like "She Says" and "Do or Die" have a nice punk energy, and a few clever lines delivered with enough raw power to make any stripped-down hard-edged rock & roll throwback jealous. Listeners who crave muscle-car referenced, filling station goof rock with a punk edge might enjoy High Performance. As for everyone else, well, let's just say they might find that Royal Grand Prix simply lacks octane. ~ Vincent Jeffries, All Music Guide

Super Groovy Band
Joy Ride

The Super Groovy Band


Recorded at the Sunporch Studio (Vancouver Island, Canada) on a Roland VS16-80. The drumming occurred during 3 days at the Jazz Vangaurd (courtesy Pedar Long).

Produced, engineered and organized by Gogo.
Mixed by Andre Wahl
Additional mixing (including Spin, Stay happy all day). by Bill Perison and Gogo.
Mastered by Bill Perison

This is a Grant-free production.

Singing, keyboards, percussion

Saxophones, flute, singing

Lance Chalmers
AKA The Road Cree
Drumming, singing

Bass guitar, vocals

There Is No Guitar Player
The gig is offered to Fabio

Instruments used: Lance-Gretch drums, Sabian cymbals. / Pierre- Selmer mk VI (tenor) and Wurlitzer (alto) saxophones, Wilkins model Artley flute. / Moon -Fender bass guitar. / Gogo - Pianos (Steinway 9' and Fender Rhodes), Harpsichords (Baldwin electric and S. Sabathil & Son, model Concerto I ), Synthesizers (Moog source, Arp pro soloist and omni II, prophet IV), Mellotrons (400 violins, flutes mixed choir, and MK V brass), Clavinet on fresh apples, Crumar organ, Optigan on lament, Percussion (dulcimer, violin, glockenspiel, church bell, 8 and 16 mm film projectors, television, whistle, tambourines, cowbells and stuff from his Mom's archives.

All songs © 2004 Sunporch Publishing
Moon appears courtesy Scott Brown
Photography + layout Jason Seale and Gogo
Painting and image projection (kaleidoscope I) and Beautiful Day by Tracy-Lyn LeSire
Gogo endorses Mellotron at http://www.mellotron.com/
Lance endorses Sabian at http://www.sabian.com/
Thank you for listening, hope you have fun.

Uberjazz Quartet

Label:God Records, Victoria
all songs written by Mako, Julian Gosper, Richer, Thiel
Produced by Scott Henderson

Lady Zorro

The purpose of music is not a rarified intellectual distillate, it is life intensified, a brilliant life & light - Wildeve

recorded at Allowed Sound Studio & Nomad Studio on Saltspring Island and at D.K.V. Studio in Penticton, BC

mastered by Paul Brouseau
produced by Wildeve and Ramesh Meyers