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Adham Shaikh

Shaikh's music is a blend of many different styles and techniques, fusion, dub, world beat, tech house, ambient, and jazz. Growing up listening to Indian ragas & classical western music he developed an ear for a fusion of sounds from around the world.

Alison Vardy

solo celtic harp

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Bijoux Du Bayou Canajun Pardi Gras

Only 1 used cd available

(Near New) Condition

Put on your dancin' shoes!
Bijoux Du Bayou's high-energy music combines Cajun, Zydeco, Swing, Calypso, and a few other flavors to create a sound that would make the Amish want to do the Bugaloo!
From fast-paced infectious tunes to a slow lovers' waltz, you'll love Bijoux Du Bayou's Canajun Pardi Gras.

Brad Prevedoros

An exciting collection of Latin inspired music featuring nylon string guitar, percussion, bass, piano, mandolin and saxophone. Includes original music in the neo-Flamenco style as well as arrangements of popular compositions such as Girl From Ipanema, Manha De Carnaval, and Meditation. Carnaval is a compilation album consisting of selected pieces from Turn Of The Hand, Windows, Firedance, Look To The Sky and Chasing Time.

Brent Streeper
The Saltspring Sessions #1

Style: Vocal/Instrumental
Released: 2001
Producer: Dave Davies
Recorded: At GSC Records, Salt Spring Island, Canada
Label: GSC Records Inc.

xceptional Piano Playing, and a Beautiful Voice - one of 3 people that Frank Sinatra would allow to sing in his presence. Performed with Frank Sinatra, Dianne Carroll, Vic Damone, and was house pianist for Sonny Bono's nightclub

David Foster Self Titled

CD (October 25, 1990)
Original Release Date: 1986
Label: Atlantic

Diana Krall The Girl In The Other Room

CD (April 27, 2004)
Reviewer: Stefani Ehman from Turlock, CA United States
I was so amazed when I found out that Diana's new album was going to be mostly originals. She gave us all a hint with her addition of "Charmed Life" to The Look of Love that she had writing ability...
With the help of her husband, she has formed new ground with this album. I just listened to it all day at work and this has to be the most personal album she has ever made. If you're looking for the usual jazz standards, exquisite instrumentation, lavish strings...it's not here. Instead her heart is drenched in every song and every note. Her piano playing is reminiscent of her live performances...but the album itself is like sitting in a warm room with her and listening to her play just for you....buy this now

Reviewer: brad from Silver Spring, MD United States
This album is all about transitions. The death of Diana's mother as well as her long term mentor RoseMary Clooney inform these songs with a passionate soulfulness that strikes deep. Elvis and Diana are a tremedous pair. Diana has done stellar work.

The Girl in the Other Room is a major leap forward. 


CD (November 10, 1996)
Original Release Date: November 10, 1996
Saltwater Naomi DeBruyn - Editor, Linear Reflections: www.linearreflections.com Victoria, BC, Canada, 5 / 2002 E.V .

Djolé is pronounced "jo-lay" and it is the word which the Mandinka people of West Africa use to describe the joy of life. This is something that is captured in the music which this wonderfully explorative and innovative group perform. Djolé is comprised of Niel Golden, Joby Baker, Doug Galbraith, Scott Sheerin, Sara Marreiros, and Tobin Stokes. Also joining them for this disc are Michael Baron, Dean Samuel, Stephen Kent, Danuel Tate, and Enrique Rivas. Together they perform some musical magic, wandering through new territory with their "timeless sound interwoven with jazz influences." Each track draws forth something new and unique from the listener's perspective, as well. There are a number of diverse and unique instruments used on this disc, far too many to name here, however you could pretty well travel the world through their use. Sara adds a poignant haunting effect to a number of the tracks with her vocal twinings, and gives greater depth to the already enriching pieces. "Cadboro Bay" is a place which is very familiar to me. I spent many summers there as I was growing up, as it was only a mile or so from my home. The tidal flow is captured with the melody, and Sara's vocals carry you along like a refreshing ocean breeze. It is a track which I found to be both relaxing and invigorating. A light and jazzy refrain is found in "Sutukum," a traditional piece. The soprano saxophone takes center stage, the notes pouring forth from it dancing about and above the melody, with the beat being kept by a Moroccan frame drum. Add in a Fender Rhodes and you have a rather incongruous blend, but it is quite pleasing to both the ears and soul. The final track on this disc is "The Idea of Earth," an original Djolé composition. It incorporates a number of those world wide instruments I mentioned earlier, from the tabla to the didgeridoo, and is a rather playful piece incorporating all of the unique sounds which come from the instruments. What the mind thinks should emerge as no more than a cacophony, is in reality a beautiful piece. Djolé is a group who's music excites and explores new avenues of approach, blending the not so obvious with traditional arrangements. They are to be enjoyed, and listened to repeatedly.

the musicians

Joby Baker (Bass, Drums, Synthesizer & Voice).

Doug Galbraith (Kora, Nylon String Guitar, Electric Guitar, Drums, Clave, Conga, Djembe & Sabar).

Niel Golden (Tabla, Doumbek, Tar, Tambourine, Woodblock & Shaker).

Sara Marreiros (Voice).

Scott Sheerin (Flute, Soprano Saxophone).

Tobin Stokes (Piano & Vibes).

Also featuring performance contributions by:

Michael Baron (Hand Drum & Shaker).

Stephen Kent (Didgeridoo, Click Stick & Shaker).

Enrique Rivas (Surdo & Cuica).

Dean Samuel (Mbira).

Daniel Tate (Electric Piano).

Fiona Stuart Songs For Mona Lisa

Fiona Stuart, originally with the group Mosaic, releases her solo cd.

Gettin' Higher Choir
Live at the Kaleidoscope Theater

Features many songs from the South African Freedom Movement, and several from the African American tradition, as well as six of composer Harold Moses’ Sacred Geometer Canticles.