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Alison Vardy Island Suite

A Solo Harp Odyssey
Island Suite was recorded in the natural reverberation of an acoustically "live" space with Hugh McMillan Studios in Victoria, BC, Canada. The recording quality of Island Suite is exceptional as all the tracks were recorded live using top quality professional microphones directly to 24/96 digital with tube preamps for additional "warmth".

(18 tracks - 74 minutes playing time - Released July 2003 )

Allison Crowe Secrets

Allison Crowe has been active in 2004, creating her debut full-length album ~ with a hand in engineering, producing, as well as singing, playing piano, guitar, organ, and adding percussive "thumps".

"secrets" ~ a solo, singer-songwriter, collection was officially released in August 2004.

"secrets" contains 'old' fan favourites (some of which are radically redefined), newer songs (including "Whether I'm Wrong", which has been featured by the UNESCO-endorsed New Songs for Peace project), and a couple of Allison's personal picks from other artists: Counting Crows' "Raining in Baltimore" ~ the first song Allison performed when she launched her career as a singer-songwriter; and "Joan of Arc", another exemplar of Leonard Cohen's poetic brilliance.

Allison Crowe's music is iconoclastic not generic, honest and true rather than calculated and formulated.

Poet/dramatist Valentino Assenza, writing for Latchkey.net, a literary and cultural website which has featured Allison this year, says she combines "jazz, rock and blues into a wonderful melodious collage."

There's a good reason Peter Karroll, manager for Bif Naked and other rock acts, has called Crowe "one of the most amazing vocal talents anywhere today." And, Vicki Gabereau, Canada's "Queen of Chat" (tv talk shows), has observed of her: "You don't sound like anybody else, honey. Nobody sounds like you."

Allison Crowe spent much of last year writing and rehearsing, as well as gleaning wisdom from Jack Ponti, the U.S. music industry veteran who, as manager, pivoted acoustic soul artist India.Arie to multiplatinum success and numerous Grammy nominations before forming his own record label.

After returning to Canada from NYC last Fall, she launched her own label, Rubenesque Records Ltd., with support from family, friends and fans. Early in 2004 she recorded the songs for "secrets" with Production and Engineering Assistance from Rainer Willeke of Raindog Productions in Victoria, B.C.

In February 2004, Allison contributed to "It Was 40 Years Ago Today", a Beatles tribute CD featuring Dee Dee Ramone, Sylvain Sylvain, and other punk/DIY acts (released by NYC's ArtMonkey Records). This was a straightforward, fun, way to create music for Allison ~ in a way, getting back to the idea behind the Beatles' "Let It Be: Naked".

Allison Crowe's recordings put the focus back on the songs, and the singer, as was more the spirit in the '60s and '70s.

"Soulful. Alive. Joyous. Grievous. Real, true, music is what I want to make," says Allison.

Here, now, is "secrets".

Andrea Smith Sweet Embrace

With 'Sweet Embrace' Andrea has experienced a surge in popularity and recognition for her songwriting skills, not to mention her fabulous vocal work on the album. The album features the best of west coast musicians including, Phil Dwyer, Pat Coleman, Ken Lister, Pat Steward, Dave Gogo, Todd Sacerty, Rick Salt, Miles Black and Tina Jones.

Becky Bernson Sagebrush and Lilies

When Becky Bernson died of cancer in February of 2000, the community and the world lost a great musician and creative spirit. Becky wrote songs that celebrated the natural world and our relationship with it, and with each other.

Becky's music is being preserved in "Ramblin' Woman", a book that includes all her songs and fiddle music. All this music will also be in a soon-to-be-released CD, which was recorded March 4, 2001 at the Victoria Folk Music Society Coffeehouse.

Songs included in both the songbook and CD are: Sagebrush and Lilies, Tree-Planting Song, Save a Piece of the World for Me, Willamette River Song, Munchkie Rag, Give Yourself Love, Reign of Love, Ramblin' Woman (Backpacking Shanty), Moss on the Ground, This Wild Land, Environmentalist's Shanty, Everything Gonna Be OK, Cowichan River Song, Lady of Light, Violet Jean Waltz, Song For Gordon, and Gaia's Grace.

Becky's original fiddle tunes included are: Denis Donnelly's Favourite, Gene's Rocky Mountain Hornpipe, Buttle Lake Paddle, Over the Glacier, The High Rocky Peaks, Genna's Jig, Wolf Island Waltz, Winter's Turning, and Dance of the Big Trees.

Birgit Running With The Wolves

Contemporary Folk singer, Birgit writes songs that touch hearts and souls and she creates melodies that lift spirits. "Birgit's music is pure and honest and thankfully free from cynicism in a world that needs more hope. She writes songs that make you feel glad to be alive", says Juno Award nominee Mae Moore about Birgit's songs. Having starting singing and song writing, just a few short years ago, Birgit has come a long way in a very short time. A two time BC Festival of Arts delegate for songwriters "who show promise for a professional career", Birgit's recordings from her second CD "Running with the Wolves" are part of a soundtrack for a documentary film slated for the 2002 Sun Dance Film Festival. She was invited to sing back up by Chloe Goodchild, artist director of V-Day 2001, held in Madison Square Gardens, New York City. In March she opened for Juno Award Winner and International Recording Artist, Susan Aglukark at the West Coast Women's Music Festival. 

Quotable Quotes “Birgit’s voice touches a deep vein of longing and beauty for the inexpressible which arrests and nourishes the hearts of her listeners. Her singing brings healing balm to the hungry soul” - Chloe Goodchild, singer, musical director and producer Vday 2001, Madison Square Garden, N.Y. “Birgit’s music is pure and honest and thankfully free from cynicism in a world that needs more hope. She writes songs that make you feel glad to be alive.” - Mae Moore, singer, international recording artist and Juno award nominee “This girl has a deadly voice and a way with a lyric that is truly charming” - Ron Hynes, singer, international recording artist and East Coast Music award winner “Birgit’s music fills my space with love and joy” - Ann Mortifee, singer and officer of the Order of Canada “Birgit sings sweetly and plays with intensity. When she sings she opens herself right up. It’s quite awesome because she reveals what a lot of people are afraid to look at and does so with humor and aliveness. Her songs are very catchy and you find yourself humming them. They infiltrate your psyche” - Joanna Finch, music reviewer, The Voice Magazine

Bobbi Schram Terminal Station

Bobbi Schram is a singer/songwriter on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Bobbi's been writing, singing, playing piano and guitar for quite a number of years.

Camille Miller SHE KNOWS

B.C. based Rock/Pop artist Camille Miller has signed a licensing with Synergy Records Inc. of Vancouver, BC Canada. The terms of the deal will allow Synergy Records to manufacture, market, and distribute her debut album "She Knows" worldwide. Synergy will market the album themselves in Canada, and will utilize it's partner labels for releases in other territories around the world.

Camille Miller was born in Germany, and was raised in Victoria, BC Canada. She has performed live for numerous years, and is an accomplished guitar player. She toured Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain for 10 months in 2000, which allowed her to write many songs for "She Knows". She recorded the album at Superpest Studio's in North Vancouver, BC Canada, and it was Produced by Doug Elliott (The ODDS). Musicians that lent their talent to the recording include Nick Haggar with Guitars/Keys, (Camille's co-writer for the album), Doug Elliot on Bass, Tina Jones with Background Vocals/Trumpet/Percussion, Craig Northey with Guitars/Background Vocals, and Pat Steward on Drums (Bryan Adams/Colin James).

Her sound has been compared to artists like Sheryl Crow, K.D. Lang and a female version of Crowded House. A prolific writer, Camille also wrote and recorded 4 songs for the L.A based Electronica group, "Balligomingo" and their album will be released worldwide on BMG/RCA in Jan 2002.

Cathy Miller Living For The Stars

acoustic swing with a whole lot of fun!

Christine Evans Take Me Home (Full Length Album)

release date: 1/25/2005
Christine Evans is the latest young singer/songwriter to emerge from a Vancouver Island music scene that has given the world Nelly Furtado and Diana Krall. After winning the Island Music Award song of the year Christine is ready to release her first full Length Album. The album features 10 new tracks and new versions of "Take Me Home" and "Time Fore Me". The album was produced, engineered and mixed by Tom Hall at Seattle's Earworks Audio. The album also features 4 tracks arranged and conducted by Paul Buckmaster. Christine is an Artist Ambassador to Kids

Colleen Eccleston In Essence

Colleen is 1/3 of the celtic trio "The Ecclestons". In Essence is a collection of Colleen Eccleston songs to provide listeners with a representative cross-section of Colleen's work, which had been either unreleased or in limited production, up to 1997. Recorded and mixed primarily in-house by musician/producer/ husband Hugh McMillan, the styles range from almost prog-rock through to nearly country and on to acoustic folk, and features guest appearances by James Keelaghan (harmony vocal), Oscar Lopez (nylonstring guitar), Vince Ditrich (drums and percussion), Brent Gubbells (acoustic bass), Eugene Oschadsky ('cello and arrangement), and Louise Rose (piano).