Paperboys , The Dilapidated Beauty

Reminiscent of early Elton John and Van Morrison, the album features one disc of Eagles-laced alt-country, and another of Tower of Power horns and gospel choirs. For this tenured band, Dilapidated Beauty is as much a departure as it is a homecoming.
Describing The Paperboys' sound isn't easy. Never ones to do the same thing twice or rest on their past success, their music is always evolving, yet grounded by the vision of Mexican-Canadian founder Tom Landa. Like Paul Simon, Steve Earle, Los Lobos and the Band before them, The Paperboys redefine their musical style from one album to the next - sometimes even from song to song on one album.
Formed in 1992, the band began as a Celtic Pop outfit, but soon added other musical elements to the mix. Today they slide effortlessly from Americana Country to Latin Groove to Stax influenced Soul tunes or to a ragin Celtic Stomp.
You could call it Latino Celtic Grass or Country Soul. Most describe it as Acoustic-based Roots music. But screw it, just call it good music!
This sound has garnered them rave reviews and industry accolades, including a Juno (the Canadian Grammy). Their impressive performances have brought them to some of the most prestigious theatre and club stages, as well as Pop and Folk Music Festivals in North America and around the world.
Over the last eight years, these hardcore troubadors have toured the US, Canada and Mexico, and for the last two years have added the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Scandinavia to their relentless touring schedule. They have done all this without the aid of major labels or commercial radio support. With four full-length CDs and one greatest hits album behind them, The Paperboys have had numerous TV and radio appearances, and have been featured in two major motion pictures. There is a big buzz about this band, and all who see them become instant fans. They have developed a cult-like following for the last decade that is ready to burst onto the mainstream. It's a transition The Paperboys will make with grace, elegance and tons of musical integrity.
"If you don't believe a jig can shred, listen to The Paperboys"
-Chris Nickson, The Seattle Rocket.
"The mixture of swirling violins, the energy of the banjo, guitar, accordion, drums and more, make it impossible to sit still... But lead singer Tom Landa's voice and songwriting talents are reasons to sit still and listen."
-The Hour, Montreal.

Paperboys , The Tenure

Celtic, bluegrass, Latino stompin' pop.
Tenure was released in the spring of 2002 to mark The Paperboys 10th Anniversary. A greatest hits in a way, but more so an album that samples everything over the past 10 years, including songs recorded for soundtracks and compilations, and puts them in one neat little package. Also an attempt to satisfy one of the most frequent questions asked at a Paperboys show "Which CD should I buy?" This one has a little of everything!

Paperboys , The Postcards

Release Date: Sep 12, 2000
Label: Red House Records
World Music

The Paperboys: Steve Mitchell (vocals, acoustic & electric guitars); Tom Landa (vocals, electric guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, Wurlitzer piano, programming); Geoffrey Kelly (vocals, flute, whistles); Jenny Whiteley, Shelly Campbell (vocals); Danny Greenspan (guitar, dobro); Charlie Hase (pedal steel guitar); Cam Salay (banjo, bass); Chris Quinn (banjo); Steve Dawson (dobro).
Producers: Danny Greenspoon, Tom Landa, John Webster.
Engineers: Danny Greenspoon, Pete Wonsiak, John Webster.
Principally recorded at Mushroom and Hipposonics Studios, Vancouver, Canada.

Here's what critics have to say about this Juno nominated CD. "I am awestruck with the scope of talent in this group. Being able to migrate from Zydeco to Flaminco to NewGrass and Celtic and everything in between (all the while doing it to perfection) is a remarkable achievement... it is damn good." - John Roths, KEOS RADIO, Texas. "Landa is to The Paperboys what Mike Scott is to The Waterboys." - Peter North, Edmonton Journal

Paperboys , The Molinos

Release Date: Oct 21, 1997
Label: Stony Plain (Canada)
World Music
Molinos was produced by John Webster (Tom Cochrane, Pure, Rymes With Orange). A rock producer was an unlikely choice for a Celtic band, yet John’s pop sensibilities allowed for a seamless fusion of contemporary drum loops and electric guitars together with traditional instruments and original songs. Although the celtic flair dominates the album, influences from Spain (the album title is Spanish for windmills), Eastern Europe (Ray’s Ukrainian Wine Cellar Polka) and South Africa (Crashing Down, with guitarist Alpha Yaya Diallo making a guest appearance) can be heard throughout the fourteen songs.
"Boasting at least four potential radio hits, Molinos is a palatable yet challenging masterpiece... One of the best albums of the year." - Mike Devlin, Victoria Times Colonist
The Paperboys combine Celtic, Bluegrass, Ska, Eastern European, Soca, Folk and Pop music in a delicious Rootsy stew. Thier album Molinos won them a Juno award (Canadian Grammy) and garnered them rave reviews from critics and fans alike. England's prestigious FRoots magazine had this to say about the album Molinos.
"The most exuberant record I've heard in ages.....breathtaking"

Paperboys , The Late As Usual

The Paperboys: Tom Landa -McAuliffe (vocals, guitars, bouzouki, mandolin, bodhran, accordion, piano, keyboards, percussion, backing throat); Moritz Behm (fiddle, mandolin, percussion, backing throat); Cam Salay (banjo, bass, backing throat); Neil Burnett (flute, penny whistles, celtic harp, accordion, percussion, backing throat); Paul Lawton (drums, percussion, Everton cheers)

Produced by Colin Nairne and Geoffrey Kelly
Engineers: Danny Greenspoon, Pete Wonsiak, John Webster.
Principally recorded at Mushroom and Hipposonics Studios, Vancouver, Canada.

Their debut album Late As Usual is an indie success story. Nominated for a 1996 Juno Award (the Canadian equivalent of a Grammy), the album was produced by Colin Nairne (Mae Moore, Barney Bentall) and Geoffrey Kelly (Spirit of the West) and features eleven original celtic- folk-pop tunes. Says one critic, "the songs are steeped in Celtic tradition, and that music’s fusion with rock has rarely been so skillfully executed." (The Ottawa Express). Late As Usual was a Top Ten indie seller on charts across Canada in 1995-96, and to date has sold upwards of 20,000 copies.

Paperboys , The
The Road to Ellenside