David Essig
DAVID ESSIG was introduced to Canadian audiences in 1971 as a “talented newcomer” at the legendary Mariposa Folk Festival. Now, over 30 years later, he is considered one of Canada’s finest interpreters of original, contemporary folk music. Always paying homage to his roots in Bluegrass and Country Blues, David uses these traditions to create new songs that are both timely and timeless. His intense energy and incisive wit have made him a favourite with audiences around the world.

David is highly respected as a thoughtful and intelligent songwriter, with Canadian folk standards like “Albert’s Cove” and “High Ground” to his credit. His work moves from pieces as contemporary as today’s news, to songs that sound as if they were rediscovered from old country blues 78’s. These are songs that tell stories and paint portraits that will start you laughing and leave you crying.

Equally renowned as an instrumentalist and traditional performer, David is a master of the blues and slide guitar. Whether on the lap-style Weissenborn or the electric Godin guitar, his spontaneous style crosses all the borders between country, blues and the avant-garde. And with his 5/8” socket and a sound that could peel the petunias off your mother’s porcelain, he is considered one of Canada’s great slide guitarists.

In 1986, David became the first Canadian artist to sign with the important Italian label, Appaloosa/IRD, which now issues his recordings world-wide. David’s next CD, Declaration Day, featuring special guests Sacred Steel legends, The Campbell Brothers, will be released Spring of 2002 and will mark his 17th album. IRD is also re-issuing on CD all of David’s original LP recordings - the third volume will also be released in 2002.

David Essig performs solo in concerts and at festivals in Canada and around the globe. He appears frequently in Europe and has toured as well in Australia, Asia, and the USA. He is a master of musical tradition, a songwriter of poetic vision, a unique member of Canada’s cultural community.


David Essig Tremble and Weep

One Used CD Available in excellent condition

Most of these songs contain the thought that over the years, black and white country music have often met on the bridges of material poverty and spiritual redemption. I could not have done this work without the encouragement and support of many. Dedicated to my father, Hal, and my son, Peregrin. (David Essig)

Personnel: David Essig (vocals, guitar, mandolin, bass drum); Chris Whiteley (pedal steel guitar); Dennis Pendrith (bass).

One Used CD Available in good condition. Some surface scratches on cd itself but plays fine.

David Essig A Stone In My Pocket

2 cd set
To celebrate 35 years of songwriting, recording and performing, DAVID invited OLIVER SCHROER (violin) and TOBIN FRANK (bass) into his Watershed Studio on Thetis Island, BC. Together, the trio arranged and recorded brand new versions of 30 of David's original songs - from She Burned Up in the Footlights, written in the late 60's, to the title track, A Stone in My Pocket, composed by David just before the recording sessions.

Here's what DAVID has to say about A STONE IN MY POCKET:

We went through all of the songs that I'd recorded since my career in Canada started in 1971 and picked 30 pieces that have a contemporary ring to them and that, most of all, express a sense of hope and human compassion. It was great to go back and visit some of these old songs again, especially with Oliver and Tobin along for the ride.
Once the trio sessions were completed, I went back into the studio on my own for a couple of months and added over 100 additional parts - mostly on slide guitar and steel. I finally got a chance to lay down some of the tasty licks that I'd been hearing in my head over the years. I'm really pleased with the way that I could 'weave' my parts in around Oliver's fiddle and Tobin's bass. I think we got this one right.

Until recently, David was signed to a European label with his CDs available in Canada as direct imports only. A STONE IN MY POCKET marks David's first made-in-Canada release in over a decade. David adds: We really wanted this CD project to come out in Canada first, to reflect how central this country has been to my songwriting over the years. Working with the Europeans was great, but it's exciting to be on home ground again with this new CD.

David Essig

label: Appaloosa

REDBIRD COUNTRY originally released 1974 as Woodshed WS-001* Produced by David Essig. Recorded 1973, Toronto & Washington, D.C.* Engineers: Phil Sheridan & Jim Hall.
Musicians: David Essig, Pat Godfrey, Bob Lucier, Dennis Pendrith, Bill Usher, Chris Whiteley, Blaine Wikjord, Clayton, Hambrick, Jim Hall, Doug McCash, Gary Schaum and Bob Williams.
©1974 Woodshed Records, 1998 Appaloosa Records.

HIGH GROUND Originally released 1975 as Woodshed WS-002 * Produced by David Essig. Recorded 1974, Kearney, Ontario; Mixed 1974 , Toronto. Engineers: Phil Sheridan, Chris Skene, Dennis Murphy, Richard Thomas.
Musicians: David Essig, Ron Dann, Luke Gibson, Paul Hurdle, Paul Mills, Ben Mink, Dennis Pendrith, Joanne Reisler, Chris Whiteley, Ken Whiteley, Bill Usher, Kim Palmer, Dave Quinn.
© 1975 Peregrin Songs - Woodshed Records ltd., 1998 Appaloosa Records.

David Essig
Into The Lowering Sky


A collection of 10 songs...new, old, blue and borrowed...a Spring Bouquet, dropped and trampled by the clumsy ring-boy...we gather them up again in tears, glaring at the drunken uncle who had tripped him in the aisle...the broken glance of despair...the fragile grip of the weary hopeful.