John Mann

The other founding member of Spirit of the West. Born in Calgary, grew up in Winnipeg. Learned to skate shortly after he learned to walk. Then wrecked his knees, but had an operation done by Bobby Orr's surgeon. Is responsible for all the expletives in the lyrics.

Unmistakable voice, which is heard as a guest on many albums including those of Mae Moore ("Dragonfly"), Paul Hyde ("Lunch & the Grape Concession"), The Waltons ("Cock's Crow"); and the acme of guest appearances: his moving vocal on Amos Garrett and Gene Taylor's album where he earnestly chants, "I'm drunk!"

Connoisseur of wine but a cheap date, John lives in Vancouver at a secret location with his family: Jill, Harlan, and Hattie.


John Mann Acoustic Kitty

Release Date: 18-Jun-2002
Label Name: EMI
Distributor: EMI Music Canada

1 used cd available in excellent condition