Hanson Brothers

Hanson Btothers Sudden death

Released 1996

rare cd SEALED

The biggest problem for a side project that was meant to be a one-off thing is that when you decide to follow up your first release, there is the inevitable sense of letdown. Hanson Brothers' first release, Gross Misconduct, was meant to be a fun little tribute to the Ramones and hockey, yet the side project for Nomeansno became a minor institution and couldn't be put to rest so easily. Four years after the initial album, the Hanson Brothers returned with another album full of odes to hockey, girls and beer brewing called Sudden Death.

Johnny Hanson Presents... Puck Rock Vol. 1

Very Rare and Out of Print Cassette (SEALED)

PUCK ROCK Cassette Johnny Hanson Presents Puck Rock Volume 1
Starts kicking ass with the Hanson Brothers''Hockey Night Tonight' - a compilation that's entirely dedicated to hockey, Puck Rock Vol. 1 pays tribute to the only sport that makes no front teeth look fashionable. Bands like SNFU, Joey Sh*thead and Cub, Huevo Rancheros, D.O.A. and the Smugglers, Jughead, and of course NoMeansNo's alter ego The Hanson Brothers. Out of Print on CD. much more. Fun fun fun.