Irish Rovers The First of The Irish Rovers

Vinyl LP
DECCA DL 74835

Still in original cellophane in excellent condition


The First of the Irish Rovers recorded live at the Ice House in Pasadena, California.

Read about the group then enjoy their friendly upbeat Irish music as quoted on the album jacket "Close your eyes and you're in Ireland, strolling past a friendly pub, watching the mist rise over the sea. Will Millar himself would say 'Come on in for a minute or two out of the rain and give us a hand on a couple of the choruses."

Enjoy Irish favourites that were their first in what would become a long line of hits.

1.The Irish Rover
2.My Boy Willie
3.The Rattling Bog
4.Coulter's Candy
5.My Old Man's a Dustman
6.Patsy Fagan
7.I Don't Mind If I Do
8.Many Young Men of Twenty
9.Mick Maguire
10.Donald Where's Your Trousers
11.Nancy Whiskey