Joni Mitchell Woman of Heart and Mind: A Life Story

Red Distribution
DVD Release Date: June 3, 2003
Reviewer: from East Coast

If you aren't a fan of Joni Mitchell, you will be after watching this. Chronicles her life from childhood, early roots of her music, to present time. It is wonderful to see her interviewed about her work and to see her perform the songs. I saw the DVD version which has extra shots of concert clips - do not know if the VHS version has this.
Interviews with her contemporaries such as Graham Nash, David Crosby, provide additional insight into her creative process.
Mitchell diiscusses her lyrics and an avid fan of hers all these years, I gained even more insight into her personae and if possible.....appreciate her even more.
One of the great talents of her or anyone else's generation gets the royal treatment with this superb two-hour (with bonus material) documentary. It's all here (via interviews, including conversations past and present with Mitchell herself, photos, generous helpings of concert footage, and more): her Saskatchewan childhood, her lovers, her painting, her reunion with the daughter she had left behind at age 19... and, of course, her music, the songs, recordings, and performances, so intensely personal yet so universally accessible, that comprise one of the most extraordinarily original and significant (if not always wildly popular) bodies of work any artist has ever produced. Even true fanatics are likely to find revelations here; the rest of us can simply rejoice in the life and artistry of Joni Mitchell. The extras are highlighted by complete concert readings of four songs, including "Big Yellow Taxi" and "Woodstock." --Sam Graham

* All I Want * Urge for Going * Little Green * Both Sides Now Night in the City * I Had a King
Greenwich Village/Laurel Canyon (The 60's)
* Cactus * Circle Game * Chelsea Morning * Ladies of the Canyon * Just Like Me * Positively 4th Street (Bob Dylan)
First Record/Carnegie Hall/Woodstock
* Marcie * Conversation * Morning Morgantown * Woodstock
Romance with Graham Nash/Creative Process
* My Old Man * The Agreement * California * Our House (Graham Nash) * Get Together (Graham Nash)
* Blue * A Case For You * For Free * River * For the Roses * I'm a Radio * Raised on Robbery * Same Situation
New Musical Languages/Painting
* Amelia * Hejira * Coyote * Cotton Avenue * Chair in the Sky * Dry Cleaner from Des Moines * Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
Marriage and Divorce/Social Commentary/Honors
* Wild Things Run Fast * Underneath the Streetlight * Come in From the Cold * Dog Eat Dog * Sex Kills * Taming the Tiger
Full Circle
* Stay in Touch * Both Sides Now
Bonus songs
* Big Yellow Taxi * Amelia * Hejira * Woodstock